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Welcome Back! 2007 – 2008 Adjunct Faculty On-Line Orientation.

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1 Welcome Back! 2007 – 2008 Adjunct Faculty On-Line Orientation

2 Orientation Process 1. Review slide presentation 2. Orientation checklist – cover topics with your supervisor as needed 3. Review Adjunct Faculty Handbook Review Adjunct Faculty Handbook 4. Complete online “Preventing Workplace Harassment” module accessed at id3616.aspx id3616.aspx 5. Required reading: CUI Student Handbook, Class Schedule and Class Roster, Catalog 6. Print out, sign and return Appendix D, of the Adjunct Faculty Handbook, to acknowledge completion of orientation

3 CUI Facts  Accredited through Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC)  2200 enrolled students  Five Schools  Adult Studies  Arts and Sciences  Business  Christ College  Theology  Offers bachelor of arts, master of arts, master of education and master of business administration degrees

4 Concordia Expects Ethical behavior Performance excellence Adherence to policies and procedures Commitment to CUI Mission, Targets and student success

5 Concordia University Mission Statement: Concordia University Irvine, guided by the Great Commission of Christ Jesus and the Lutheran Confessions, empowers students through the liberal arts and professional studies for lives of learning, service and leadership.

6 CUI Targets and Goals Systematic Inquiry GOAL: Students will acquire and continue to use systematic skills for encountering knowledge. They will articulate a problem, structure an investigation, gather suitable resources, organize and manipulate qualitative or quantitative data, and think critically to reach appropriate conclusions.

7 CUI Targets and Goals Clear Communication GOAL: Students will acquire and continue to use knowledge and skills for sharing thoughts, data, and feelings through writing, speaking, selected technical media and information management.

8 CUI Targets and Goals Health and Well-Being GOAL: Students will acquire and continue to use knowledge and skills which enhance their physical, economic, psychological, and spiritual well-being and environment, laying the groundwork for satisfying and responsible leisure as well as vigorous and purposeful work.

9 CUI Targets and Goals Sociocultural Responsiveness GOAL: Students will acquire and continue to use knowledge and skills for effective, respectful and positive interaction with the variety of the world's peoples, cultures, societies and traditions.

10 CUI Targets and Goals Aesthetic Responsiveness GOAL: Students will acquire and continue to use knowledge and skills for perceiving the elements of human feeling, their synthesis and their expression in artistic media. Students will shape their own affective response through selected media including writing, drama, music and visual arts.

11 CUI Targets and Goals Christian Literacy and Life GOAL: Students will acquire knowledge of and appreciation for Christian faith, biblical and confessional principles, God's creation, God's redemption, Christian witness and humanitarian service.

12 CUI Targets and Goals Servant Leadership GOAL: Students will acquire and continue to use knowledge and skills to perceive the need of others, stimulate a vision for positive response, and collaborate within communities to achieve the desired result.

13 Adjunct Faculty Handbook Highlights COURSE SYLLABUS Templates for course syllabi are available:  Click here for templates Click here for templates Your syllabus should contain your attendance policy and a statement on academic honesty (included with your contract). You are required to distribute the syllabus and any other course outline materials at the first class meeting

14 Highlights (cont.) CLASS ROSTER(S) Class rosters for the course(s) you will be teaching are to be accessed through BannerWeb. The class roster is unofficial during the first two weeks of the semester. After the census date (the end of the second full week) your rosters are considered official. Any discrepancies between the official roster and your own records should be corrected immediately at the Registrar’s Office (Admin. 200).

15 Highlights (cont.) Adds and Drops Please check with your dean or division chair for School procedures on adding students to your class. Please review and familiarize with the university’s add/drop policy. All adds and drops require proper documentation. Final Exams All instructors are expected to give some type of final exam and meet during finals week. See the CUI website for the final exam schedule.

16 Highlights (cont.) Academic Warnings Concordia prides itself on maintaining effective communication with its students. Academic warnings provide a means for instructor communication with students having academic difficulties in their class. Forms are available in the Alpha and Beta workrooms, Admin. 308, or the Registrar’s Office.

17 Student Services  Financial Aid  Academic and personal counseling provided  Disability Support Services  Note takers, additional time, etc  Student Job Placement  Assists with employment; provides testing  Library  linked to multiple on-line research sources  Reference librarian  Library tours  Guest lectures on library services

18 CUI Home Page

19 Registrar’s Home Page

20 CUI BannerWeb BannerWeb is CUI’s administrative software system. View schedule and room assignment(s) Official class roster  Note: Only the BannerWeb roster is considered official, no other rosters may be used. Look up contact information for your students Submit final grades

21 BannerWeb Login Screen

22 BannerWeb Information What do I need to use the BannerWeb system? You account is the same as past semesters An ID number Your PIN Your security question answer if you forgot your PIN

23 BannerWeb Information (cont.) Where can I go to receive assistance? Registrar’s Office staff can assist you with the BannerWeb system I do not have a computer to print my rosters or submit grades, what do I do? Several offices have computers for adjunct faculty use Alpha and Beta workrooms, Library and the Registrar’s Office

24 Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) View the FERPA Video Click here! Covers student privacy rights Student’s personal information Student’s academic information Student’s medical information Under no circumstances are grades allowed to be posted and graded projects left in a public area for student pickup.

25 Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (CELT) CELT is both a virtual and a physical resource aimed at facilitating the creation and support of diverse learner-centered teaching environments. CELT resources are available for students and faculty. You are welcome to explore both areas.

26 CELT Webpage

27 What Can You Do at CELT? Access all University systems BannerWeb, Blackboard, WebCT, library databases Request AV equipment Request a Blackboard site Numerous resource materials Use the CELT Center to:  Make video clips from DVD or videotapes  Create PDFs  Scan documents and pictures  Burn CDs and more

28 Safety and Security  CUI Security – (949) 854-8002 ext. 1101  Escorts available  Committed to a safe work environment

29 Worker’s Compensation  Covers all employees while working  Notify supervisor if injured and complete form  Report within 24 hours

30 FAQ  If I get injured on the job, am I covered under Worker’s Compensation?  Yes, report any injury to supervisor immediately  What do I do if I can’t make it to work?  If absent for any reason;  Call 949-854-8002 ext. 1350 to request your absence be posted  How do I get a mailbox?  Mailboxes are available through the Copy Center.  If you are teaching in the School of Education, you can pick up you mail in Admin. 320.

31 Wrapping up…  Complete the “Preventing Workplace Harassment” module within 30 days of hire.  Review your checklist and meet your dean or division chair if you have further questions.  Tour the campus: Bookstore Library Advising and Student Services Registrar’s Office  Print out, sign and return Appendix D, from the Adjunct Faculty Handbook, to Admin 304.

32 Welcome Back! At CUI, we are all educators. Directly or indirectly, what YOU do each day influences the lives of our students. What an opportunity to make a difference! We’re glad you’re here!

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