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Lesson 7.05 Silk Road and the Han Dynasty

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1 Lesson 7.05 Silk Road and the Han Dynasty

2 Borders expand, trade routes expand
Han Dynasty Chin Dynasty

3 Emperors of the Han Dynasty
Liu Pang rose to power. This is the beginning of the Han dynasty. Under the Han emperors, there was a system of meritocracy. People were given jobs based on their abilities.. Government leaders followed the teaching of Confucius. These officials were supposed to be well-educated gentlemen with manners. Knowledge of history, music, and poetry was important. Emperor Wu-Ti brought change. Trade, education, and government thrived. He improved the economy by repairing and building canals and roads. With better canals and roads, people could travel easier. Goods could be delivered faster. Trade improved. Wu-Ti ordered that granaries be built across the empire. As they moved up the ladder to more important jobs, they might be given tests to prove their knowledge

4 What was the Silk Road? Begun by Emperor Wu-Ti of the Han Dynasty
4000 miles of trade routes, not just one road Carried foods like grapes, figs, cucumbers and walnuts Furs, Muslin, glass, silk Exchange of ideas, religions, technology Used by merchants, migrants, pilgrims and soldiers Plagues and diseases traveled the route too! Land and sea routes to and from China Merchants became wealthy and powerful because of their valuable services.

5 Where was the Silk Road? Linked China to the Middle East and Europe. The Silk Road covered many different types of terrain, including deserts, hills, mountain passes, rivers, streams, oceans, and more. Merchants might cross snowy mountains, windy plains, and hot deserts on their trips. Camels traveled over parts. Mountains were barrier unless there was a mountain pass.

6 Lots of sea routes! Notice a lot of routes are sea routes. If mountains did not have a mountain pass, it would be difficult to create a route. Why would a huge desert area be difficult?

7 What purpose did the Silk Road serve?
For example- It linked civilizations with each other. Add: merchandise traveled both ways, silk to Europe, figs to china.

8 Contributions of the Han Dynasty
Plow—a farm tool that increased food production Wheelbarrow Rudder Suspension bridges Seismograph Paper Buddhism spreads across China More food produced, the more trade

9 Why were these built?

10 Assignment 7_05 Complete sense chart using template on announcement page. list at least three details for each of the five senses include one image for each of the five categories include factual information from the lesson to support what you are sensing or experiencing

11 See I would see camels carrying merchandise from China to Europe! I would see men trading textiles in the market place to use for clothing. I would also see the vast ocean during my travel along the sea trade routes of the Silk Road

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