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New Adjunct Orientation January 27, 2014. Department Chair Office Bldg. 2 Room 156 Department Chairs Ms. Cindy Puckett (x 5283) Dr. Sasan Kermani (x 5169)

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1 New Adjunct Orientation January 27, 2014

2 Department Chair Office Bldg. 2 Room 156 Department Chairs Ms. Cindy Puckett (x 5283) Dr. Sasan Kermani (x 5169) Ms. Karyn Ott(x 5206) Dr. Xiaodi Chen (x 5269) Mr. Steve Johnson (x 5247) Department Chair Secretaries Ms. Lynne Bumsted (x 5245) Ms. Cathy Holodnak (x 5199)

3 Identification Badge Obtain the ID Authorization Form from Department Chair(DC) Office Take the Form to Security for picture taking Security will put the badge in your mailbox Always wear badge when on campus

4 Parking Complete auto registration request on Titan Web, print form. Security will issue you a parking decal. Put the decal on your left rear bumper or rear window. Park in Faculty and Staff parking rows. Please do not park in guest parking and handicapped parking.

5 Human Resources requirements Must have original transcripts on file in Cocoa. Must have completed the Sexual Harassment Online Training. Must have completed application on file in Cocoa. Must be credentialed based on SACS requirements.

6 Compensation Adjunct faculty compensation rates: Bachelor’s degree $480/credit hr. Master’s degree $535/credit hr. Doctorate degree $600/credit hr.  Your DC will submit your teaching assignment form to payroll and you will start receiving checks about 2-3 weeks after the start of the term.

7 Missed Classes Arrange for a qualified substitute. Notify the DC’s office of the arrangements – your pay will be reduced and your substitute will be paid by the college (they must be BCC employees) In case of emergency – call the DC’s office ext. 5245 or 5199.

8 Work Schedule An electronic work schedule form will be sent to your outlook account. Complete the form, print, initial and return it to the DC’s office for approval by your first week of class. Make sure you include ½ hour per week of advisement time for each class you are teaching.

9 Advisement Time You are required to provide ½ hour per week per class advisement time. Please note your advisement hours on your faculty schedule. You may split this up into 15 minutes before and after class. The best place to conduct advisement is in the classroom – if it is available. If not available – use the Learning Lab (1- 234) or library(2-232).

10 Adjunct Work Rooms Building 1, Room 111 Building 2, Room 161 Building 2, Room 222, copier only Access code to all work rooms– 2220 Scantron machine, telephone, computers, and Scantron are available for your use, Scantron forms are available in the D.C.’s Office

11 Performance Evaluation Classroom Observations – once a year. DC or their designee will contact you before the observation.

12 ANGEL Training You are required to create an ANGEL Companion shell for your class. You must complete ANGEL training in order to set this up. The training is offered on line.

13 BANNER Reporting Requirements You must complete the required Banner Attendance and Final Grades reporting. You will be reminded by email when there is a required reporting date. Failure to complete reporting requirements may be grounds for dismissal.

14 BANNER Reporting Requirements Attendance – 4 times during the term Early Alert – 1 time, not mandatory Final Grades

15 Electronic Communication Use your EFSC Outlook account. Check EFSC Outlook emails often- Dept. Assistants use email for many reminders throughout the semester You may also communicate with students through course companion site in ANGEL Students also have a Titan mail account. Do not use personal email addresses to conduct college business.

16 Final Exams Must be given during the time established by the college-wide exam schedule. The final exam schedule is published in the information pages of the semester schedule of classes.

17 Developmental Education Classes For teachers of MATV 0022, MATV 0028, REAV 0017 and ENCV 0025. Must make students aware of the requirements for passing the class. More instructions will be provided by your DC and program coordinator.

18 Supplies Office and classroom supplies can be obtained from the DC’s office (Bldg. 2 Rm. 156). Limited supplies are available in the adjunct workrooms.

19 Textbooks and other teaching materials Obtain textbooks/teaching materials from your DC’s Office. Check the bookstore prior to start of class. Relay any discrepancies to the DC’s Office. Supplemental materials are available from the publisher– request them through DC’s Office or from the publisher’s representative. Keep in mind that most publishers now offer online access to instructor resources.

20 Room Changes DO NOT move your class without checking with the DC’s office. All room changes must be handled through the DC’s office.

21 Printing / Copying Faculty should use Collegewide Printing Service wherever possible. Printing orders can be made on line and paper forms are available in the DC’s office. The account code for bulk printing will be provided by your DC. On site copiers are available in: Building 1, Room 111 Building 2, Room 156 Building 2, Room 222

22 Mailboxes – Building 1, Room 111 Check your mailbox every time you are on campus.

23 Multimedia Room Usage Training on usage of MM rooms is provided by IT support staff. Contact the Helpdesk (433-7600) to schedule appointment. Keys to multimedia (MM) rooms are obtained through the DC’s office. You will be issued a student account and PW for the MM room computers.

24 Other Forms Incomplete Grade Form Criteria for incomplete grades are in the Faculty Handbook This is submitted electronically in Banner Web when final grades are due. Grade Change Form Electronic Form is in found in Knowledge Tree under student services.

25 Other Important things in the Handbook Important dates –you will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office. No Food or Drink policy Emergencies Grading Policies Withdrawal Policies Support Services Grade Appeals FERPA

26 Technology Support Services College-Wide Help Desk 433 – 7600 Academic Technology Dayla Nolis (x5280) Cherylan Bacheller (x7506) On-Campus Data Services Sean Hasling (x 5930) Peter Kazlowski (x 7475) Dan Ashley (x 5362)

27 Important Phone Extensions 433- Lynne Bumsted (admin divisions 8, 11, 12) 5245 Cathy Holodnak (admin divisions 9, 10) 5199 Cindy Puckett (DC) 5286 Steve Johnson (DC) 5247 Sasan Kermani (DC) 5169 Xiaodi Chen (DC) 5269 Karyn Ott (DC) 5206 Security 5286 Library 5260 Admissions 5175 Wellness Center 5299

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