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Pace University Union of Adjunct Faculty Contract Provisions.

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1 Pace University Union of Adjunct Faculty Contract Provisions

2 Objectives Correct past inequities Raise salaries Provide benefits Gain some measure of job security Develop fair transparent standards for evaluation

3 How did we do? The new contract— 2007-2008average Pace salary -- $850. 2008-2009 minimum Pace salary— $850.

4 Salaries Minimum Adjunct Salaries: Instructor/Lecturer$850. Assistant Professor$925. Associate Professor$1025. Professor$1200.

5 Salaries—back years 2006-20072.5%, lump sum payment 2007-20082% for all Adjuncts making less than $850.

6 Salary increases 2008-20093% 2009-200103% 10010-20113% Half--guaranteed Remainder-- merit pay with fair transparent standards

7 New Salary Category Senior Adjunct Professor Eligibility—25 years of service and the rank of Professor Recommendation of the Department Chair 2 Peer Recommendations Salary increase; $150. per credit

8 Benefits—Access to the following Commuter Reimbursement Accounts Pre-tax health care reimbursement accounts $25,000 pool to support health insurance for Adjuncts Life Insurance Long Term Care Insurance

9 Benefits--continued Employee Assistance Program NY College Savings program Credit Union Supplemental Retirement accounts Email, Blackboard, listing in on-line directory,

10 Benefits--continued Tuition Waivers Library privileges Inter-campus transportation Photocopying

11 Benefits--continued Bereavement leave Child-care leave Jury duty leave Sick leave Grievance procedure

12 Evaluation Standards

13 Workload Maximum class sizes “Lab Prep” personnel 9 credit schedule

14 Job Security Notification 6 weeks before the start of the semester Full year appointments Multi-year appointments Payment for cancelled classes Protection for Adjuncts who develop new courses

15 How did we do? We have achieved- higher salaries greater benefits job security fair standards for evaluation

16 What now? Review the contract Ask questions Vote—YES! Wait for the check!

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