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District 1567 Shining Stars New Representative Training.

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1 District 1567 Shining Stars New Representative Training

2 Value of a Beauty Customer Skincare Customer:Color Customer:  Cleanser$10.00Foundation $9.00  Toner$10.00Blush $7.50  Day Cream$24.00Eye Shadow Duo $8.50  Night Cream$24.00Brow Shadow $5.00  Eye Cream$18.00Face Powder $7.50  __________Eyeliner $5.00  Total$86.00Mascara $6.00  Percentage 40 %Lip Liner $5.00  Earnings$34.40Lipstick $7.00 _________  Total $60.50  Percentage 40%  Earnings $24.20

3 Value of a Beauty Customer Daily Needs Product:  Shower Gel $5.00 Earnings Proposition:  Deodorant $.99 Value of One Customer = Approx. $1000 Yearly  Fragrance Body (The typical Customer will buy these products 5 times a year) Cream $10.00  Hand Lotion $1.99 20 Customers = $20,000 (Yearly Sales)  Shampoo $3.49 At a 40% Commission Rate = $8,000 earnings  Conditioner $3.49  Hair Gel $3.99  Hair Spray $3.99  Nail Polish $3.95  Fragrance $22.50 _______________________  Total $59.39  Percentage 40 %  Earnings $23.76

4 Which Salespeople Are Getting The Business?..…Calling Back Does It! 48% of Salespeople make 1 call and quit. 25% of Salespeople make 2 calls and quit. 15% of Salespeople make 3 calls and quit. 88% of all Salespeople quit after 1, 2 or 3 calls. 12% of Salespeople keep calling. The 12% who keep calling are doing 80% of the business. Yet it was discovered that 60% of the merchandise was purchased at the fifth call or after. Moral - Even the most difficult prospect can be sold if called on regularly.

5 Brochures are a Great Investment in your Business Buy 50 Brochures Buy 100 Brochures 50 Brochures$13100 Brochures$19 Demo Products$15Demo Products$15 Samples$ 5Samples$ 5_______________________ Investment$33Investment$39 18 Customers (1/3 of 50)35 Customers (1/3 of 100) X $20 avg.orderX $20 avg. order $360 at 35% earnings = $700 at 40% earnings = $126 in earnings $280 in earnings $126 earnings$280 earnings - $ 33 investment - $ 39 investment $93 in actual earnings $241 in actual earnings

6 Which would you rather earn? Buy 50 brochures = $93.00 earnings OR Buy 100 brochures = $241.00 earnings By spending an extra $6.00 your additional earnings are $148.00. The choice is up to you!!!!!!!!

7 INCREASE CUSTOMERS: Which actions will become part of your plan to increase Customers? ___Ask Customers for referrals. ___Call Back. ___Leave a personal note or letter for potential Customers. ___Use first week of Campaign to find new Customers. ___Call on working Customers on Saturday’s or evenings. ___Re-canvas territory. ___Engage Helpers. ___Sell to businesses. ___Carry a box or bag of products that you can sell for $1.00 (deodorant, lip balms, soaps, hand cream, etc.). ___Host parties. ___Other ideas:

8 Increase how much each Customer buys from you: Which actions will become part of your plan to increase how much you sell to each Customer? ___Increase the number of Beauty Products your Customer Buys. ___Use 3 easy Techniques: - Link Selling: Linking one or more products to each other. - Add on Selling: Suggest related products. - Cross-Category Selling: Bridge customer to other products. ___Create your own bundles. ___Become a Beauty Advisor. ___Leave samples for each person in household. ___Carry demos in a basket to attract attention. ___Host Home Parties. ___Suggest that Customers use their Credit Card to pay for products. ___Order extra products for instant selling. ___Offer Customer discounts or free gifts for large orders. ___Other Ideas:

9 Demo Reinvestment Plan The Demo Reinvestment Plan is based upon selling your demonstration products after using them to encourage sales. Then take the money from the sales and reinvest in future demos. The following is a sample of a single demo investment: DemoResale Price Investment(Brochure Price) 1 st Camp$ 4.17$ 6.97 2 nd Camp$ 6.97$ 11.91 3 rd Camp$ 11.91$ 19.85 4 th Camp$ 19.85$ 33.08 5 th Camp$ 33.08$ 55.13 This will show how much money you will have to reinvest in the following campaign.

10 As you know, the Avon Guarantee is unique in the direct sales industry. You can return products which do not meet your Customer’s satisfaction. You can sell Avon products with full confidence that you (or your Customers) never need to be “stuck” with products. However, there are often more benefits to be gained from keeping and reselling a new, unused product than returning it for credit. You will save the charge for postage and build your earnings. If you are experiencing a high rate of returns in your business, please contact your District Sales Manager for help, as you don’t want to lose your Instant Credit privileges.

11 Here are some creative alternatives to help you Carry a basket of returned items labeled “Special Sale” when delivering orders. Make a list of “Red Tag” items, include the prices, and enclose in every customer’s order. Customer grab bag or surprise pack – select items, place them in an Avon bag, label with category or type of products, seal the bag. Allow customers with a $10 order the chance to buy the bag at one price. Use products for Helpers to demo with Customers. Use products as an enticement for someone to become your helper or as incentives for Helpers who reach a goal. Use the product for a “prize drawing” for customers who place a certain size order (Set your own minimum). Make a “Customer Club” punch card. After eight purchases, the Customer gets a FREE surprise product, or use the card to draw for prizes. Generate more sales by allowing new or potential Customers to use products as a “free at home trial” product.

12 Use the right tools Which actions will become part of your plan to use the right tools? ___Order extra brochures and use them to get new Customers. ___Maximize Demo’s – use the Demo Reinvestment Plan. ___Create Lumpy Brochures. ___Instead of returning products, offer them as super sellers. ___Follow-up on samples left with Customers. ___Give Customers samples in product categories they are not currently using. ___Pursue Fundraising Opportunities. ___Other Ideas:

13 How to use the Buyers Club Card Use with new and established customers – or as a door opener. Easy to use and encourages repeat sales. In the “IF YOU PURCHASE” area, write a dollar amount. Where the card says “YOU ARE ENTITLED TO”, write in any prize, discount or any other motivating idea you may have. Write in the Customers name and expiration date. The Customer must make 10 purchases totaling the Dollar amount you have determined. Write in “Redeemable Through Date”. Try to keep it within a reasonable timeframe. (5-10 campaigns) Let the Customer know that you are keeping track of his or her purchases. Each time you see the Customer, write the amount of his or her purchase in the correct box. Giver your Customer an extra Buyer’s Club Card for a friend

14 Go The Extra Mile Which actions will become part of your plan to go the extra mile? ___Offer an Avon Gift Registry. ___Send personal thank-you notes to new Customers. ___Offer Lay-aways – pay 50% down and the balance in a specified time period. ___Give small products as a birthday gift. ___Offer free gift wrapping. ___Keep records of important dates for your Customers. ___Call and remind your Customers when a favorite product is on special ___Other Ideas:

15 AVON GIFT REGISTRY How the Avon Gift Registry Works: Ask your Customer to give you the names of acquaintances and the occasions they would give them gifts, along with the approximate amount he or she would spend on each. File your Customer’s card under the month in which he or she would need the gift. Representative will then pull the card one month ahead of time and go through current brochure to make suggestions to the Customer. Call your Customer and make suggestions and then follow up for the order. (You might offer free gift-wrapping)

16 Start where you are right now and decide where you want to go! What do you want to achieve: ____ $10,100 President’s Club Goal ____ $20,200 Honor Society ____ $38,000 Rose Circle ____ $66,500 David H. McConnell Club ____ $112,000 President’s Council ____ $280,000 President’s Inner Circle How Can You Make It Happen? Start with a Winning Attitude Set a Goal Create a Plan Use the Right Tools Commit to going the Extra Mile Winning Attitude Believe you can. Take the steps that will get you there and you will achieve! ACHIEVING PRESIDENT’S CLUB

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