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Shoplifting Prevention Training Instructor: DEMO VERSION has 15 of 65 slides.

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1 Shoplifting Prevention Training Instructor: DEMO VERSION has 15 of 65 slides

2 Your Company Logo Shoplifting Prevention Training Instructor: “Your Company Name” Presents

3 Program Objectives Financial Cost Why Should You Care: Job Security Personal Safety Moral and Legal Issues

4 Program Objectives Proper action to take after a shoplifting incident Preventative shoplifting measures Recognizing a potential shoplifting situation Proper action to take during a shoplifting incident

5 Program Objectives The Law & Apprehension Shoplifting Facts Elements Of Shoplifting Who is a Shoplifter What To Look For

6 Facts and Statistics Approximate Retail Shrinkage Year 2012 in %

7 Shoplifting has more than doubled since 2000 Source: “Information and statistics provided by the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) a nonprofit organization providing research-based shoplifting prevention initiatives including education, prevention, justice and rehabilitation programsNational Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) Facts and Statistics

8 Shoplifting is the most costly property crime in North America In the United States more than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retailers each year. Facts and Statistics

9 Approximately 1 in 10 customers is a potential shoplifter Men and Women shoplift about equally as often Facts and Statistics

10 Shoplifters steal from all types of stores Shoplifting is most active in the month of December Facts and Statistics

11 In 2012 it was estimated that shoplifters stole approximately $ 252.00 per incident An estimated 5 – 7 cents of every dollar a store charges is a built in cost to cover shrinkage Facts and Statistics

12 Shoplifting is Stealing and is a Criminal Act Elements of Shoplifting

13 A shoplifter must have the merchandise in his/her possession when being detained for the offense Important Note: Elements of Shoplifting

14 There is no real profile for a shoplifter. Contrary to the stereotype, shoplifters come from all walks of life and range from the well-to-do to the homeless Shoplifter Profile

15 People can be generalized into three major categories Those who will never steal Those who usually will not steal but may be tempted if the opportunity presents itself Those who will steal Shoplifter Profile

16 There are two types of Shoplifters Type A - Impulse Shoplifter - Usually a law abiding citizen who falls prey to human frailty Type B - Chronic Shoplifter Kleptomaniac Chronic Compulsive Thief Professional Shoplifter Shoplifter Profile

17 The Licensed Version of the Shoplifting Prevention Training Program contains all PowerPoint Slides Instructor: DEMO VERSION

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