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GreenPlan Downtown Jamestown Options for the Future.

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1 GreenPlan Downtown Jamestown Options for the Future

2 Issues affecting Downtown Merchants 1)Business clustering and mix 2) Physical design 3)Lack of a pleasant pedestrian environment. 4)Traffic uses Main Street as a thoroughfare instead of a place where people stop and shop. 5)Increasing competition for retail sales Connection to Land Development Ordinance

3 Greenberg Development Services Report Recommendations Recommendation 1- Establish a downtown organization to guide future improvement activities. Recommendation 2- Monitor and communicate downtown’s changing market opportunities with local businesses and investors. Recommendation 3- Develop a stronger promotional program to promote downtown businesses within the region. Recommendation 4- Promote downtown changing image by focuses on emerging specialty retail and restaurant cluster. Recommendation 5- Develop a Jamestown business assistance program to strengthen downtown businesses. Recommendation 6- Work with City to continue efforts to improve downtown’s pedestrian accessibility and physical appearance. Recommendation 7- Encourage downtown development through redevelopment and infill construction. Connection to Land Development Ordinance

4 Boutique or Service Businesses? Boutique businesses are typically small independent shops selling specialty items –Clientele typically not meeting basic needs –Cater to both local and out of town market –Merchandise often higher end items Service businesses meet basic needs of the community –Can be franchise or chain –Cater largely to the local market –Can be anchors for the area

5 Both Service and Boutique Businesses Create a Complete Downtown Service businesses bring people to downtown Boutiques can draw from service business customers Need uniform design and operation standards Pleasant pedestrian environment











16 Without a plan someone else makes decisions for you.

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