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Lesson 1 – Charting Your Course Part A. Course! YOUR Charting.

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1 Lesson 1 – Charting Your Course Part A


3 Course! YOUR Charting


5 IndustryLocal BusinessesDemand Careers AreasAverage Wages Diversified Health Care Pays 29% higher  Redwood Memorial Hospital  Asti Chiropractic  Theracon Physical Therapy  Jade Dragon Medicinal Spa  Visiting Angels  Timber Ridge Assisted Living  Barnes Family Drug Store Nursing Lab Technician Office Management Physical Therapy Dental Care Marriage & Family Therapy RN: $72,083 PT Asst: $50,116 Dental Lab Tech: $ 37,791 Dental Hygienist: $ 91,881 Social Worker: $ 40,188 Pharmacist: $126,695 Building & Systems Construc- tion Pays 29% higher  DANCO Builders  Alchemy Construction  Fox Farm Soil Company  Recology  Maples Service Heating & Plumbing Carpenters Construction Managers Environmental Engineers Electricians Carpenters: $46,496 Const. Manager: $89,509 Financial Analyst: $71,334 Waste Treatment: $46,792 Surveyor: $52,432 Electrician: $55,912 Mechanic: $50,101 TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY Slide 1.1B

6 What Are You Planning?

7 Navigator Login Instructions 1. Go to website: 2. Type in User Name & Password. 3. If new to Navigator, click on New Users Register Here! to create new account. (See your instructor.) 4.To update their old account: Login using User Name and Password, Click Edit Button left hand side of page, Select Current Status, Change Grade Level using drop down menu, Enter your school’s Activation Code in the box provided, and click Save. Slide 1.2A

8 Money & Lifestyle Choice Activity 1.Return to Navigator home page: 2.Scroll to link: Find out how much you’ll need to live your lifestyle. (Career Zone California website) 3.Click on Budget How Much Money You’ll Need. 4.Work through section to discover minimum level of income needed to support your lifestyle choices. 5.Print this Budget Summary. (upper right of screen) 6.Return to previous screen and Save this information in Navigator Note Taker by highlighting the screen, right clicking and copy. 7.Return to Navigator home page, go to Note Taker and click on GO. (bottom right corner) 8.Click on Add New Note. In Note Title, write “Income Salary.” In Note Text, Paste Monthly Income Summary details. Click Save and exit. Slide 1.2.C

9 Slide 1.2.D

10 Jobs & Salaries That Don’t Require Advanced Training Job Without Advanced Education Median Annual Salary Job Duties Education Required 1 Stock Clerk +1% job growth $23,060  Receive, price, stock and arrange merchandise.  Clean merchandise area and take inventory.  Help customers and be friendly High School Diploma or GED 2 Waitress/Waiter +9% job growth $18,720  Greet patrons and prepare tables.  Clean and sterilize dishes and equipment.  Take and deliver food orders. High School Diploma or GED 3 Landscape Worker +21% job growth $24,740  Landscape and maintain grounds.  Mow, mulch, water, fertilize and patch lawn.  Plant, trim, water, and fertilize plants and trees. High School Diploma or GED 4 Meat Trimmer +16% job growth $22,830  Clean, trim, cut and trim meat, poultry, and fish.  Produce hamburger meat and meat trimmings.  Prepare, weigh and price meat for packaging. High School Diploma or GED 5 Building Cleaner Worker 0% job growth $40,320  Clean buildings and offices after hours.  Remove trash and discarded items.  Secure the premises at all times. High School Diploma or GED Slide 1.3A

11 Exploring Occupations: 1. Log into your Navigator account: 2. Go to Explore Occupations. (top red bar) 3. Select Title Search. 4. Select All Education Levels in drop-down box. 5. Type in selected occupation, then click Search. 6. Check out Education & Experience required. 7. Look up Median Annual Salary. 8. Click Star button to Save your favorite occupations to My Portfolio. Slide 1.3B

12 Targets of OpportunityHOMEWORK Select Two Occupations from the Handout

13 Lesson 1 – Charting Your Course Part B


15 Course! YOUR Charting

16 Exploring Education/Advanced Training 1. Log into your Navigator account: 2. Click on My Portfolio (top red bar). 3. Go to Review My Favorites; click on Clusters, Pathways & Careers. 4. Scroll down to My Favorite Occupations. 5. Click on an Occupation. 6. Click on Education & Experience (far right). 7. Review education information > scroll down to bottom, then select Suggested College & Post Secondary Majors or Suggested Instructional Programs. 8. Select an option to see the list of schools offered in that major or program of study. Slide 1.4A

17 What is Financial Aid? GIFT AID:SELF HELP: ~ Scholarships ~ Savings ~ Grants ~ Work ~ Federal ~ Loans ~ State Some based on need. ~ Institutional Based on need and/or merit. Slide 1.5A

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