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Dr. Beatty ENG 301.  Inductive Approach  Why?  Listen  Prep  Avoid  De-emphasize  Positive/Ongoing.

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1 Dr. Beatty ENG 301

2  Inductive Approach  Why?  Listen  Prep  Avoid  De-emphasize  Positive/Ongoing

3  Repeated Response  Insignificant  R.I.I.U.  Authority  Longstanding, good relationship

4  Neutral Statement Example: Your application was reviewed separately by two loan officers. Example: You are to be commended for your commitment to restore Naperville’s historical downtown shopping district.

5  Our company has thrived by taking advantage of international business opportunities.  Effective March 3, we will relocate our plant to Franklin, Tennessee.

6  Situation 1: Someone else has been selected for the promotion.  Situation 2: The proposal for a new employee recreation center has been turned down.

7  Facts, Analysis, Reasons  Bad News  Positive tone  De-emphasis techniques  Alternative  Your Turn: Someone else chosen for promotion

8  The success of this project depends upon a good project director.  Creating an employee computer lounge would be a complex and expensive project due to a lack of available space and funding for additional computers.

9  The HighFly skis you stocked this past season are skillfully crafted and made from the most innovative materials available.  Your message questioning the re-stocking charge on your statement has been received.

10  Our refund policies provide you the opportunity to keep a fully stocked inventory at the lowest possible cost.  Each of the order forms you have completed states that the returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge.

11  You receive full refunds for merchandise returned within 10 days of receipt. For unsold merchandise returned after the primary selling season, a modest 15 percent restocking fee is charged to cover our costs of holding this merchandise until next season.

12  While relaxing from another great skiing season, take a look at our new HighFly skis and other items available in the enclosed catalog for next season. You can save 10 percent by ordering premium products before May 10 th.

13  Although our current personnel shortage prevents us from lending you an executive, we do want to support your worthy project. Kevin Denny, our VP of Marketing, has a keen interest in historical preservation, having served on a very similar project in Vermont. He would be happy to share his experience; you can contact him at 555-8712.

14  Situation: Julie Simmons, the IT specialist for the consulting firm you’ve hired is constantly accepting text messages even when in project meetings. People have to continually repeat things to her because she is distracted and not paying attention in our meetings. She is extremely knowledgeable and has good ideas, but it is very frustrating to work with her.  Audience: Consulting firm  Purpose: Informative

15  Format?  Decision Factors:  Internal vs. External  Formal vs. Informal  Example Example

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