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Welcome to Basic Training Part One. Welcome to the American Heritage Girls! A ministry for girls Glorifies God Leads to a Godly relationship.

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1 Welcome to Basic Training Part One

2 Welcome to the American Heritage Girls! A ministry for girls Glorifies God Leads to a Godly relationship

3 AHG Presentation

4 Introductions

5 About AHG

6 American Heritage Girls History Founded in 1995 West Chester, Ohio

7 What is AHG all about? Christ-centered, non-profit character development ministry Dedicated to mission Six program emphases Non-denominational AHG partners to accomplish its mission

8 The Oath I promise to love God, Cherish my family, Honor my country, And serve in my community

9 The Creed As an American Heritage Girl, I will be: Compassionate Helpful Honest Loyal Perseverant Pure Resourceful Respectful Responsible Reverent

10 The Mission Statement Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country.

11 Our Vision American Heritage Girls is the premier national character development organization for young women that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement.

12 Our Statement of Faith One Triune God Holy Scriptures are the inspired and authoritative Word of God Each person is created in His image Ministry of the Holy Spirit Love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, soul and strength Live a life of purity, service, stewardship and integrity The AHG Statement of Faith applies to ALL American Heritage Girls’ Charter Organizations, Adult Members and Adult Volunteers.

13 Non-discrimination Policy Girl membership in the organization shall be made available to all without regard to race, color, creed or national origin, under such rules and regulations, not in conflict with the provisions of the AHG Oath: “I promise to love God, cherish my family, honor my country and serve in my community,” and the Purpose and the Basic Policies of AHG.

14 Why is AHG a transforming ministry? Spiritual formation responsibility of parents Church is integral AHG reinforces values taught by family & church through a fun, interactive ministry

15 Program Levels Pathfinder – 5 years old and in kindergarten Tenderheart – 6 years old and in 1 st through 3 rd grade Explorer – 9 years old and in 4 th through 6 th grade Pioneer – 12 years old and in 7 th through 8 th grade Patriot – 14 years old and in 9 th through 12 th grade

16 Organizational Troop Structure Charter Organization Charter Representative Troop Board Tenderheart Unit Pathfinder Unit Explorer Unit Pioneer Unit Patriot Unit

17 Roles of AHG Inc. / Area AHG, Inc. Branding & Marketing Training Development Develops Volunteer Support Tools Develops and Evaluates program Insures Fiscal Responsibility Risk Management Procures, maintains and fulfills merchandise needs Develops Strategic Partnerships Creates Strategies for Future Growth Tracks training, advancement Area Publicity New Troop Start Ups Creates local program opportunities leveraging local resources Implement area volunteer trainings Orchestrates Area wide service projects Provides Troop and volunteer support Manages risk

18 Charter Organization Legal & spiritual authority of the Troop Owns the AHG Program Provides insurance, conflict resolution assistance, performs background checks and provides a meeting place Troop should nurture relationship through communication of activities and their impact on girls.

19 AHG Troop Ministry Team Troop Board Coordinator Vice-Coordinator Treasurer Troop Shepherd Charter Representative Unit Leader (s) Other Positions Leadership Team Unit Leaders Assistant Unit Leaders

20 The Ministry Values of AHG  Each person is a child of God and made in His image. Each person is to be treated respectfully and fairly whether they are a Christian or not. The dignity of each girl and volunteer must be maintained despite her/his background, past experiences or socioeconomic group.  AHG is designed to protect the innocence of children. Media of all types must be chosen with purity, age appropriateness, and God’s glorification in mind.

21 The Ministry Values of AHG  AHG’s program is developmentally appropriate and does not intend to “hurry” a child in mastery but to enjoy the process and learn along the way. The program is progressive in nature encouraging each girl to become competent in a manner which encourages development but not rush it.  AHG believes that one can only lead others to a stronger relationship with Christ if the leader is also maturing in relationship with Christ as evidenced by godly attitudes, behaviors and personal spiritual growth.

22 The Ministry Values of AHG  AHG believes that one’s service to the AHG ministry should be of excellence and that befitting our Lord.  AHG believes that financial stewardship and organizational integrity is of utmost concern and a direct reflection of Christ through His ministry. AHG believes in the importance of godly governance and encourages transparency with the work of its directors.  AHG believes that strategic alliances are important and vital to the success of the ministry. With this in mind, alliances must be carefully chosen and reflective of the Mission, Statement of Faith and the values found in the AHG creed.

23 The Ministry Values of AHG  AHG believes that through a longevity of experience, consistency in messaging and a modeling of Christ’s love through the AHG program, that the culture can be countered, raising up godly women leaders for the coming generations.  AHG believes that each person is created in His image and desires to commune with and seek God’s will for their life. The vocation that God has revealed to each one is of great merit, despite societal messaging, for we are not of this world but in this world.

24 Getting Started

25 Recruiting, Selecting & Approving Adult Volunteers Recruiting Volunteers Selection of Volunteers Approval Process for Volunteers Include screening process – background checks, references & personal interview Training of Volunteers

26 Managing Risk AHG Group Insurance Troop Transportation Registration Health & Safety Adult/Girl Ratio Two Deep Leadership Pathfinder6 girls / 1 Leader Tenderheart6 girls / 1 Leader Explorer8 girls / 1 Leader Pioneer10 girls / 1 Leader Patriot12 girls / 1 Leader Pathfinder6 girls / 1 Leader Tenderheart6 girls / 1 Leader Explorer8 girls / 1 Leader Pioneer10 girls / 1 Leader Patriot12 girls / 1 Leader

27 Program Emphases  Life Skill Enhancement  Girl Leadership  Developing Teamwork and Building Confidence (through Outdoor Skills)  Character Development  Social Development  Spiritual Development

28 Life Skill Enhancement Badge Frontiers Family Living Science & Technology Personal Well – Being The Arts Heritage Outdoor Skills

29 Developing Teamwork and Building Confidence Importance of Teamwork Providing Progressive Outdoor Programming Note: AHG Health and Safety Guidelines should be consulted for specific activity guidelines and procedures.

30 Social Development Special Events Creating Community Note: AHG Health and Safety Guidelines should be consulted when planning social activities.

31 Girl Leadership Girl Leadership at all Levels Girl Leadership should be Progressive

32 Character Development Character Development Progression Circles of Charity o Hands – on Charity o Witnessed Charity o Vicarious Charity o Abstract Charity Instilling Patriotism

33 Spiritual Development AHG encourages each girl to grow in their faith and relationship with God. Troop Shepherd Adult Volunteer Position Spiritual Development Progression AHG Religious Award Programs PRAY Program NFCYM Awards

34 Level Structure Tenderheart Unit Tenderheart Squad

35 Squad Structure Unit Leader Girl Squad Leader Unit Leader Girl

36 Age Group Characteristics

37 Pathfinder Level Girls at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten at time of registration Earn necklace beads Learn four parts of the Oath Receive the Eliza Shirley Award

38 Tenderheart Level Girls at least 6 years old and in grades 1 st through 3 rd Earn badges Receive activity patches Sacagawea Award Service Stars: Blue star = 5 hours service Denomination’s religious awards

39 Explorer Level Girls at least 9 years old and in grades 4 th through 6 th Earn badges Activity patches Lewis and Clark Award Service Stars: Red star = 10 hours service Denomination’s religious award

40 Pioneer Level Girls at least 12 years old and in grades 7 th and 8 th Badges and Activity patches Camp and Event Aides Assist Unit Leaders with planning, organizing and staffing special events Harriet Tubman Award Service Stars: White star = 15 hours of service Denomination’s religious award

41 Patriot Level Girls at least 14 year old and in grades 9 th - 12 th Badges and Activity patches Camp and Event Aides Assist Unit Leaders with planning, organizing and staffing special events Dolley Madison Award Stars And Stripes Award (highest honor available) Service stars: Yellow star = 20 hours of service Denomination’s religious award

42 Working with Girls  Progressive Programming  Girl Development  Girls with Varying Abilities

43 Uniforms Pathfinder

44 Uniforms Tenderheart

45 Uniforms Explorer

46 Uniforms Pioneer

47 Uniforms Patriot

48 Uniforms Leader Uniform

49 AHG Attic Merchandise Ordering & Online Store

50 Troop Finances Income Sources A.Registration Setting Troop/Squad Dues B.Troop Fundraising Activities Allowed 3 fundraisers per year C.Special Event Income D.Merchandise

51 Troop Finances Expense  Charter Fee  Registration  Merchandise  Supplies  Postage/Shipping  Program Support Fee

52 AHG Ministry to Girls

53 Meeting Structure Set Up Opening Sharing/Business Major Activity/Small Group Time Planning Clean Up Closing Resource: Troop Meeting Planning Sheet

54 Level Awards Overview Joining Award Level Awards Pathfinder – Eliza Shirley Tenderheart – Sacagawea Explorer – Lewis and Clark Pioneer – Harriet Tubman Patriot – Dolley Madison Level Award Board of Review

55 Stars & Stripes Award AHG’s Highest Honor Steps include: Badge work Religious award recognition Leadership opportunities 100 hr. service project Requirements & Board of Review must be completed by 18 th birthday

56 Ceremonies Ceremonies should be:  Organized  Timed  Planned  Girl participation in helping plan and implement ceremonies Time of Year:  Joining Award/Dedication  Court of Awards  End of year  Flag Etiquette

57 Nurturing the AHG Troop

58 Spiritual Development of Unit Leadership The spiritual development of AHG ministry Volunteers is integral to the success of the Troop.

59 Succession Planning Select Adult Volunteers based on their gifts and Talents Use a Spiritual Gift Assessment

60 Succession Planning “If you fail to develop a strategy to replace yourself, you will Force talented individuals to remain in the wings. Cause potential volunteers to exit the organization. Stifle needed insight from valuable team members. Hinder your ability to recruit volunteers. Limit the growth of your programs and ministries.” Andy Stanley “Seven Practices of Effective Ministry”

61 Troop Recognitions  Honor Troop  HUGS Patch Program  Annual Family Stewardship  Girl Activity Patches

62 Adult Volunteer Recognitions Recognizing your Volunteers is important for the morale of the Troop and also for improved volunteer retention. Adult Recognitions include: Gem of A Leader Jewel of A Coordinator Troop Volunteer Award

63 Resolving Conflict Steps to Resolving Conflict: Step 1: Seek Biblical guidance Step 2: Understand the uniqueness of each volunteer Step 3: Honor the feelings of each volunteer Step 4: Retrace the loop Step 5: Deal with conflict in a timely manner Step 6: Do not let the conflict steal your joy of serving

64 Growing Your AHG Ministry

65 Recruiting Adults  Recruiting is an “Ongoing Process”  Welcome new families  Personal Invitations for help  Mentor Families  Provide recognition

66 Recruiting Girls  Develop an annual recruitment plan Bring a friend event

67 Promoting AHG In Your Community Publicity and public relations play a vital role in the growth and health of the AHG ministry Resource: AHG Publicity Guide

68 Working with Other Troops To enhance the AHG experience, it is beneficial to connect with other Troops in the area or in a nearby state.

69 Each One Grow One Campaign To assist in AHG Ministry Expansion, current Troops are challenged to mentor a new Troop every year Special recognition

70 Using AHG as an Outreach Ministry Inviting members’ friends and neighbors who do not know Christ to an AHG meeting is encouraged.

71 Break Stay Tuned for Part B Health and Safety

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