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Booster Juice Richard Azinwi Ravi Brar Nadia Maqbool.

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1 Booster Juice Richard Azinwi Ravi Brar Nadia Maqbool

2 Introduction Fruit smoothies and juices Added Booster Nutritional supplements Meal replacement Convenience Need $200,000 – have $200,000 Equity

3 Operations Location

4 Operations Franchise Costs  Franchise Fee  Turnkey Costs Operating Hours

5 Operations Layout

6 Human Resources Manager Ravi Brar Supervisor morning shift Richard Azinwi Part-time staff morning shift Supervisor evening shift Nadia Maqbool Part-time staff evening shift

7 Marketing Target – Active people, on the go, Price  Controlled by Franchisor  Average $6.00 per drink Place  Location, close to Walmart, Canadian Tire, U of S, growing commercial area.

8 Marketing  Product Fruit Smoothies: Brazilian Thunder, High Impact Acai, Kick Start… etc. Food – Wraps and protien bars Merchandise – T-shirts, Cups, Hats… etc.  Service – Healthy lifestyle with convenience

9 Marketing  Promotion - Local Mail out to S7N U of S Target gyms with other Booster Juices Sponsor local sporting events  Large scale marketing by Franchisor – from royalty agreement

10 Finance  Return on investment 18%  NPV$245,000  Return on Assets 11% (in the third year)  Return on Equity15% (in the third year)  Dividends Policy$20,000 cash in hand

11 Finance  Critical Factors: Number of customers Interest rate  Economic Breakeven 77 customers per day in the first year 11% interest rate  Worst Case Scenario: 60 customers per day and 7% interest rate, $ -48,000 NPV and -6% IRR  Best Case Scenario: 100 customers per day and 5% interest rate $538,000 NPV and 36% IRR

12 Questions

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