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Texas A&M University - Commerce Touchnet Marketplace

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1 Texas A&M University - Commerce Touchnet Marketplace

2 What is Marketplace ? Marketplace is a set of tools to design, build, and maintain online shopping. Marketplace consists of two components: uPay Sites Payment only sites that are linked to existing or custom payment pages. uStores Complete self-contained online stores Part of an online mall that contains all the uStores

3 uPay Sites Texas A&M University – Commerce currently has 18 uPay (payment only) sites collecting payments. Last year, our uPay sites processed 4,435 transactions for $334,366.00, but no Marketplace stores sales. Since launch on Nov 20, 2013, our Marketplace stores have processed 454 transactions for $14,

4 uPay Site Payment Information
uPay sites use a front end form to collect payment information The front end forms are developed and maintained by I.T. Payment information (amount) is passed to Touchnet to process payment

5 Touchnet Marketplace

6 Touchnet Marketplace
The Touchnet Marketplace is a “Shopping Mall”, made up of many online stores. Online stores, “uStores”, can either be in the shopping mall or standalone. We are currently on Touchnet Marketplace version 6.0, and scheduled to update to version 6.5.

7 Marketplace Stores

8 Marketplace Stores Inventory is added into a shopping cart.

9 Marketplace Stores The shopping cart can be updated.
The Marketplace has a single checkout process for all purchases.

10 Marketplace Stores - Payment

11 Order Fulfillment notification of placed orders are sent to store manager Orders can be “auto-fulfilled” or manually fulfilled.

12 Marketplace Stores Features
Provides an easy, user-configurable online site for sale of goods and services Reduces dependence on IT resources Supports a wide variety of online commerce activities including tickets, events, donations, merchandise, summer camps, banquets, fundraisers, mailing lists, and more…. Provides secure, PA-DSS compliant payment processing. (Touchnet handles all payments) Funds are deposited directly into the designated FAMIS account.

13 Marketplace Stores Features
Tracks Inventory – Restrict Sales to Inventory Allows for recurring payments Reports downloadable in Excel Refunds directly from Marketplace Products can be enabled or disabled, also by calendar dates Products can be grouped by store and product categories No COST to your area !!! Cash transactions at TAMUC are going away

14 How Do I Get Started? Request a Store -
Financial Services will create a Marketplace Store site for you to use. Each area will be responsible for placing inventory and processing orders in the store. Link to the mall and your store from your TAMUC web pages. Start collecting payments.

15 Questions? Jon Puttonen, Business Technical Services Coordinator x3137
Rose Moreno, State and Treasury Accountant x5042 Sameer Vitvekar, GA (Marketplace admin) x3107

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