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Dick’s Sporting Goods – Vendor Direct Overview

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1 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Vendor Direct Overview

2 Topics What is Vendor Direct? What are the Benefits of Vendor Direct?
What is Required? What are the Next Steps? Checkout redesign is another key opportunity for the business, where our focus is to streamline the process to avoid the current high rate of cart abandonment that is occurring on the site. Primary areas of focus in checkout redesign are reducing the number of steps, enhancing user experience through some important adjustments to the pages of checkout. For example, move Scorecard to another page. Also, when a field is not completed properly, an error message occurs within the page before you move onto the next page. Simple fixes like this improve considerably experience on the page. We have the customer ready to make a purchase, don’t lose them here! A third example is around required login versus guest login. Data we’ve gathered shows that online visitors who sign in as a guest check out at a higher rate. Key takeaway: Improved user-friendliness on the page will yield higher conversions. 2

3 What is Vendor Direct? Vendor Direct is also commonly referred to as drop-ship, direct to consumer or direct vendor ship. It allows Dick’s Sporting Goods (also referred to as DSG) to offer an expanded assortment of your products to meet our mutual customer’s expectations. eBay Enterprise, our eCommerce partner, will electronically send Dick’s Sporting Goods orders directly to you. You will then fulfill from your current inventory and ship the merchandise directly to our customers. Orders are shipped directly to the customer using a Dick’s Sporting Goods branded packing slip, creating a seamless experience for the customer. Customers should not be aware that the merchandise shipped from you directly, as the branding and experience should be the same as shipments from our DC. Dick’s Sporting Goods now manages Buying & Merchandising for our eCommerce site in- house. eBay Enterprise (formerly known as GSI Commerce) no longer provides those services for DSG, as they have in the past. Vendor Direct with DSG gives you a way to continue/start doing business with us and potentially expand your assortment. 3

4 What are the Benefits of Vendor Direct?
Marketing Presence: Increased marketing exposure through the website (we receive millions of customer page views weekly) as well as marketing channels that include expanded search, affiliate marketing, brand shops, promotions, s, etc. MORE Kiosk Sales: Increased in-store exposure through the MORE (Associate Ordering) System, utilizing on-floor kiosks in our 500+ stores. If the customer can’t find what they want in-store, our associates can place an order online and ship items directly to customers, usually for free. Brick & Mortar Expansion: Improved visibility to the items that are selling well online for potential in-store expansion. (This analysis provides details around both online and in-store demand.) Inventory Management: Existing inventory can be leveraged, increasing sales while reducing markdowns and RTVs. Faster to Market = Faster Sales: Shipments directly from you means the lead time is reduced and items can be live for sale on our site as soon as you have inventory. Shipping Costs: All parcel shipments are sent via 3rd party UPS, meaning you do not incur shipping costs. 4

5 What is Required? Accepting electronic orders and sending the applicable documents either using a direct EDI integration or a web-based user interface. Maps will be provided after contracts are in place. We require: 850 Purchase Order receipt Advance Ship Notice 997 Functional Acknowledgement Invoice 846 Inventory or 855 Cancellation Shipping orders quickly, typically in 1-2 days, including a Dick’s branded packing slip and properly packaging orders for individual shipment. Shipping via a 3rd party UPS account for parcel shipments and utilizing the DSG guidelines for shipments. Invoicing eBay Enterprise, our implementation partner for payment. Sending at least one full inventory feed daily, including UPC, DSG cost, and quantity. Providing item set up information, including images and copy. 5

6 What are the Next Steps? Complete the Vendor Direct Agreement (see page 11) Participate in the Vendor Direct Kick-Off Conference Call with DSG and eBay Enterprise to discuss account setup and shipping requirements, and to ask any questions Submit your items for setup Complete EDI testing Upload inventory Go Live!

7 Appendix Vendor Checklist Vendor FAQs Vendor Agreements
Product Setup Sheet Image & Video Requirements Order Processing and Shipping Guidelines Pack Slip Template

8 Vendor Checklist

9 Frequently Asked Questions
Answers What are the benefits of getting set up for Vendor Direct with Dick's Sporting Goods? You will gain increased marketing exposure on our site thereby strengthening consumer awareness of your brand. We know that many customers shop and review products online prior to purchasing in-store, so the more presence you have online, the more online and in store sales potential. Also, Dick's has an AOS ordering system available in all stores, so if the customer can't find your item in store, they can still find it online and we both capture the sale. We are also closely watching online sales for insight on items to add to the Store's assortment. What is eBay Enterprise’s role in DSG’s Vendor Direct program? eBay Enterprise—formerly known as GSI Commerce—is Dick’s Sporting Goods’ eCommerce platform provider and transaction partner. The business relationship will be managed directly through Dick's. All transactions will be confidential but be transacted through eBay Enterprise. You will bill eBay Enterprise on behalf of Dick's Sporting Goods. What EDI documents are required? Ability to accept: 850 Purchase Order and 997 Functional Acknowledgements, Ability to send: 997 Functional Acknowledgements, 856 Advance Ship Notice, 810 Invoice, and 855 or 870 Purchase Order Acknowledgement for use in cancelling orders. What if I don't have an in-house EDI application? VendorNet offers a Web solution that will allow you to go online to receive orders and submit shipment and billing information. Why do I have to get set up for EDI with Dick's Sporting Goods directly and with the eBay Enterprise/VendorNet solution? When you set up EDI directly with Dick's Sporting Goods, that is to support ordering for the Store. eBay Enterprise is our eCommerce partner and handles order management for our website orders, and VendorNet is the EDI provider for eBay Enterprise. So, even though you may have already set up EDI directly with Dick's Sporting Goods to support the Stores/Brick & Mortar ordering, you will still need to set up EDI with eBay Enterprise’s EDI provider, VendorNet. Why are we billing eBay Enterprise? eBay Enterprise is our broker in the payment process. All transaction details will remain confidential. What is the billing address? All billing should be sent via an 810 Invoice. However, if you need a billing address for your systems, please use: Dick’s Sporting Goods at eBay Enterprise, 935 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA How soon do we need to be live? Our goal is to be live as quickly as possible. The process start to finish is largely dependent on how quickly you can return the appropriate agreements, submit item files, and test EDI connectivity with VendorNet. Ideally, this process will take less than 2 weeks.

10 Frequently Asked Questions continued…
What information do we need to send on the inventory file and how do we send this? Your inventory files should include the UPC, DSG item cost, and current on-hand inventory levels. We require a full feed of all items on a daily basis. If you are out of stock on an item, it should still be included on the file with a 0 value. We are flexible in how you relay this information. You may choose to send an EDI 846, upload a file to our FTP site, or update inventory manually in VendorNet. How often should we send inventory files? A full inventory feed must be sent daily, and we can accept delta feeds as often as every 20 minutes throughout the day. It is optimal to send as many inventory feeds as possible. Active inventory controls website availability and either helps to help drive sales or avoid out-of-stock situations. Do I have to set up a separate customer account in our system for eBay? You don't have to set up a separate account; however, many vendors have found it helpful to keep transactions accurate. What shipping and freight accounts should I use? You should continue to use the eBay Enterprise 3rd Party UPS Billing Account (Y2X172) for parcel shipments. If you are shipping LTL, you should continue to use your selected carrier and bill us for the cost. If you are shipping LTL, please send your current freight rates to DSG eCom Vendor Direct Do I have to have a Dick's Sporting Goods branded pack slip? Yes, all pack slips must be in the Dick's Sporting Goods format. Pack slips can be printed from VendorNet. Alternatively, you can produce a custom pack slip in house. A template to create the pack slip internally is included in this onboarding guide (see page 15). All custom pack slips require testing and approval prior to production. Who is VendorNet and why are they involved? VendorNet is the eBay Enterprise-owned group who provides EDI services for eBay Enterprise. VendorNet is responsible for all of the EDI testing and set up work. Do I need to do any special packaging of the items? Items should be packaged for individual shipment and shipped in containers that can withstand direct-to-customer shipments. A Dick's Sporting Goods branded pack slip must be included. All items should include a UPC. It would be helpful to include the DSG item number, but it is not a requirement. If you are an apparel vendor, you should not include hangers.

11 Vendor Agreements Complete the eCommerce section of your 2013 DSG Vendor Agreement By clicking “yes,” you will be able to adjust the terms. Please be sure to fill out all sections. If for some reason the eCommerce portion of your 2013 DSG Vendor Agreement was not completed before the contract was finalized, complete the Vendor Direct Addendum  sign, scan, and the Vendor Direct Addendum to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc, Domestic Vendor Agreement back to your DSG buyer and Vendor Direct contacts

12 Product Set Up Sheet Vendor must provide complete information for each Vendor Direct item in the form provided on this page (yellow columns only) Items in the assortment should be in agreement with your DSG buyer. Please take care when listing the short and long item descriptions; this information will appear on the website as you provide it and will used by customers to make a purchase decision. The image column should contain both the correct image file name and where the image can be found. Images can be sent via CD, flash drive, or via a SFTP site (login information provided upon request) Additional information for completing the fields can be found within the form by hovering over each field name in yellow at the top.

13 Image Requirements Complete image and copy requirements can be found here: Images should be a minimum of 1500 x 1500 pixel image size Acceptable file type: JPEG Product image must be on plain white background Clipping path must be present Items must be out of their packaging Multiple angles, close-ups, in-use (lifestyle) images are acceptable as secondary images We can accept short videos if they are relevant to the product Up to 5MB and 1:30 minutes max 450 x 380 is the optimal file size Acceptable file types include QuickTime, .MOV, or Flv We cannot accept multiple files per one SKU or files with phone numbers and links to other websites Vendor must load video following the specifications above to DSG’s SFTP site Please have file named as style # and item category Please save the file under a folder titled with your Vendor Name (login information provided upon request) 13

14 DSG Order Processing and Shipping Guidelines
All orders should start to be processed on the day received, shipped as quickly as possible, and shipped within your specified ship window. All shipments should be confirmed with an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) on the same day the shipment leaves your facility. Any delays in sending the ASN means the customer cannot track the shipment, the customer may get a delayed notification of shipment, and it may delay on- time payments to you. Shipments should be sent in plain and new packaging. Boxes should be securely taped and contain sufficient dunnage including the least amount of extra space required. All items should contain a UPC. Exterior UPS label must list the return address as: Dick’s Sporting Goods, 7603 Trade Port Drive, Louisville, KY 40258 Instructions on how to set this up can be found in the World Ship document here: All shipments should include the DSG approved branded pack slip.

15 DSG Branded Pack Slip All pack slips should include the DSG logo and required shipment information. Pack slips can be printed on line from the VendorNet website or designed in house. If you chose to implement the pack slip in house, please use the template and mapping within this file. Any customized/in house pack slips require approval by DSG prior to launch:

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