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Wynne Barton Dollar General.

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1 Wynne Barton Dollar General

2 Why Dollar General?

3 DG Timeline 1939- J.L. Turner and Cal Turner Sr. opened J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale in Scottsville, KY 1955- Springfield, KY Turner’s Department Store was converted into the first Dollar General Store 1967- Exceeded the $1 million net income mark 1968- DG goes public 1973- New warehouse and office built in Scottsville, KY 1976- $100 million sales mark 1983- Acquires 280 stores from P.N. Hirsh Division of Interco Inc. 1985- Acquires 206 stores and a warehouse from Eagle Family Discount Stores 1987- Launches GED/Learn to Read Program

4 DG Timeline 1988- Ronald Reagan honors DG for its literacy program 1989- 50 th anniversary 1,300 Stores in 23 states; 7,000 employees 1995- Opens new distribution center in Ardmore, OK 1996- Exceeds $2 Billion sales and $100 Million net income 1997- 3,000 store mark; 25,000 employees. New distribution center in South Boston, VA 1998- New distribution center Indianola, MS. Sales over $3B 1999- New distribution center in Fulton, MO 2000- GHQ moves to Goodlettsville. New DC in Alachua, FL 2001- 5,000 store mark. Exceeds $5 Billion in sales. Opened new DC in Zanesville, OH

5 DG Timeline 2002- 6,000 th store and $6B in sales 2003- David Perdue named chairman and CEO 2005- 8 th distribution center in Jonesville, SC. $8B in sales 2006- 8,000 store mark. New DC in Marion, Ind. $9B sales 2007- DG goes private after being acquired by PE firm 2008- Rick Dreiling is named CEO 2009- DG goes public 2010- 9,000 th store in Fountain Run, KY 2011- Launches Ecommerce website 2012- 10,000 store mark and 2 more distribution centers

6 DG- Where are they now?

7 A Typical Dollar General Store Is roughly 7,200sf Freestanding stores (63%) as well as strip mall stores (37%) 10k-12k SKU per store

8 Dollar General Store: Key to Success “Convenience, quality brands and low prices…” -Dollar General 10-K 2012 Only the most popular brands and sizes Procter and Gambler, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Kellogg’s, General Mills, and Nabisco

9 Business Model “Providing a broad base of customers with their basic everyday and household needs, supplemented with a variety of general merchandise items, at everyday low prices in conveniently located, small-box stores.” - Dollar General- 10-K Report

10 Business Model Convenient Locations- 70% serving communities with populations of less than 20,000. Majority of customers live within three to five miles. Time-Saving Shopping Experience- Product offering includes most necessities. Convenient hours and broad merchandise offering allow customers to fulfill their routine shopping requirements and minimize their need to shop elsewhere. Everyday Low Prices on Quality Merchandise. Low prices on quality merchandise Low-cost operating structure Maintain a limited number of SKUs per category Maintain strong purchasing power.

11 Measuring Success Lean expense structure is the foundation YE2012 expenses as a percentage of sales were 21.66% Walmart expenses as a percentage of sales YE2012: 19.21% Average DG does $1.5M in annual sales: break it down… 20 customers per hour for 12 hours per day spending an average of $17.12… $4,109/day… $28,846/week… $1.5M/year Stock Price: up 138% today since November 2009

12 Sources 746913003283/a2213303z10-k.htm 746913003283/a2213303z10-k.htm ollar_General_2012.pdf ollar_General_2012.pdf

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