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POLICY REVIEW & UPDATE – AUGUST 2014 STUDENTORGS.GWU.EDU Student Organization Leadership Training.

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1 POLICY REVIEW & UPDATE – AUGUST 2014 STUDENTORGS.GWU.EDU | @GW_CSE Student Organization Leadership Training

2 11 What is a Staff Advisor? Each student organization has an advisor Advisors are trained and held to high expectations: Hold organizations and its members accountable Connect with orgs on a regular basis Meet with new officers; provide support during officer transition Facilitate connections between students and campus partners Provide a response in a timely manner Stay up to date on polices; educate organizations

3 22 Feeling out of the loop?

4 33 Student Organization Listserv Important updates and reminders are delivered to student organization leaders through the MC427 listserv. Please ensure your officers and contact information are up to date by staying in touch with your advisors! To join the listserv: email

5 44 REFRESHER Scheduling & Events

6 55 Scheduling Spaces on Campus Spaces managed through the Events & Venues office are:  Marvin Center  Outdoor space (Kogan Plaza, University Yard, Square 80, etc)  State Room & City View Room (1957 E Street)  Alumni House (1918 F Street)  Jack Morton Auditorium & MPA 2 nd Floor Lobby  Lisner Auditorium

7 66 Scheduling Each org can have up to 3 schedulers. Only schedulers can request, modify and cancel events. All event forms are located online at http://events- Online request tutorials are also available on the website.http://events- Space can be booked up to 365 days in advance. To add schedulers for your org, email your advisor.

8 77 Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education (CADE) REFRESHER

9 88 What is CADE? Resource Center  Workshops on request  Programming and events  Educational materials Registers student organization events with alcohol  Offers RAM training  Individual members need to sign up. Organization leadership should not be signing up individual people.

10 99 What events require registration? Any event with alcohol that is:  On campus or off campus  Advertised by, promoted by, or planned by a student org  Cosponsored with another organization or business  Anything emailed to member using a listserv or posted on the organization’s social media

11 10 REFRESHER Licensing and Trademarks

12 11 Approval Process Artwork must follow GW’s Trademark Guidelines Must use an Approved GW Licensed Vendor Submit Artwork through the Artwork Approval Form

13 12 Step 1: Trademark Guidelines All merchandise must have the university’s approved name or logo The registration symbol ® must appear in the lower right area of the logo or name For a full list of artwork guidelines, please visit and click on “Trademark Guidelines”

14 13 Step 2: Licensed Vendor Approval Internal vs. External Campus Suppliers Please note, there are two lists of approved vendors: (1) Promotional Merchandise; (2) Resale/Funding Merchandise. Both categories are treated separately. Please make sure to choose from the correct list of vendors.

15 14 Internal Campus Suppliers Approved promotional merchandise vendors. Not for re-sale.  Maryland Athletics & Corporate Supply  Mac Mannes  Grossman Marketing Group  G&G Outfitters  On Sale Promos  Greek 101/Campus T-Shirt * Recommended list. For a complete list, please request via email at

16 15 External Vendor Suppliers Approved re-sale merchandise vendors. Merchandise may be sold as a fundraiser.  GW Bookstore  Coggins Promotional Advertising  Holloway Sportswear Inc.  Fanatic Group LLC  Logo Fit  Top of the World *Recommended. For a complete list, please request via email at

17 16 Quote Request Form If you have merchandise that you or your organization intends to sell or use in a fundraiser, and would like to receive a quote from a licensed vendor through the GW Bookstore, please fill out the Quote Request Form. This form is accessible at

18 17 Step 3: Submit Artwork for Approval

19 18 Submit Artwork for Print Once artwork is reviewed and approved by the Licensing & Trademarks office, the student will receive an email from stating that the artwork has been approved and the order may be placed to the approved vendor. Your EAF to pay for/order merchandise MUST be accompanied by this approval email

20 19 Driving and Traveling: Update

21 20 Driver Authorization & Travel: Policy Update Updates to Driver Policy:  21+ to drive a University owned, rented, or leased vehicle – must be an authorized driver  Under 21 may drive their personal vehicle – must be an authorized driver Register ALL travel with your advisor  If you’re traveling on organization business, register your travel with the CSE using the Travel Registration Forms  Travel Participation Form – signatures of everyone traveling  Travel Registration & Emergency Contact Form

22 21 Driving/Travel Fill out travel registration forms (2) To book travel, fill out the appropriate request form (air, hotel, vehicle) Submit travel request form + EAF to advisor for signature Meet with Orlando (DSA Financial Services) to book travel with signed EAF Connect with advisor before departure to review itinerary, provide updated forms Check out the Quick Guide to Travel on the website

23 22 SA EAF: Update

24 23 SA EAFs Update SA EAFs will now require your CSE Advisor’s signature SA EAFs also now require you to note the specific line item of the cost, as allocated in the budget you submitted to the SA Complete SA EAF w/ line item Get advisor’s signature Turn into 427 for SA signature

25 24 Important Dates & Reminders August 30: Welcome Week Org Fair Sept 9-18: Org Registration for 2014-15 School Year Oct 13-24: Fall Audit by SA REQUIRED Jan 11: Spring Student Org Training -- REQUIRED Jan 15: Spring Org Fair Feb 23-March 23: Org Registration for 2015-16 school yr - REQUIRED March 23: Budget requests for 2015- 2016 due to SA via SOMA April 10: Co- sponsorship application deadline for 2015 school year April 27: 2015-16 allocations released

26 25 Welcome Week for the full schedule!  Student Performance Showcase - Monday  Club Sports Fair & Librarypalooza – Tuesday  Tom De Luca’s Hypnotist performance with special guests [insert here] and reCeSs – Tuesday  MSSC Block Party – Friday  Student Org Fair – Saturday  Fall Fest - Saturday

27 26 Welcome Week Volunteers Program Board needs your help! Volunteers are needed on the day of the concert to set up the stage and make sure everything is ready for the artists to perform.  Fall Fest tank top  Priority access to University Yard when the concert begins. Go to to volunteer

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