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Habitat for Humanity ’ s RESALE STORE Helping to fund the homebuilding mission of Habitat for Humanity.

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1 Habitat for Humanity ’ s RESALE STORE Helping to fund the homebuilding mission of Habitat for Humanity

2 What is HOMEWORKS? HOMEWORKS is Habitat for Humanity ’ s 9,000 square foot resale store in downtown Champaign. HOMEWORKS sells traditional resale items such as furniture and housewares, but also offers building materials such as sinks, cabinets, light fixtures, doors and windows. HOMEWORKS does not sell clothing. The store opened in 2003 to help fund Habitat ’ s homebuilding projects. It is open to the public. This year, sales are projected at over $150,000!

3 HOMEWORKS ’ mission is three-fold: To raise money to support Habitat ’ s homebuilding projects; To keep valuable materials out of the landfill; and To offer reusable materials to the public at very affordable prices.

4 Where do you get 9,000 square feet of merchandise? ALL HOMEWORKS merchandise is donated. We do not purchase any items. Merchandise, which is both new and used, is donated by community residents and local businesses. All merchandise donated must be in clean, usable condition.

5 What Does HOMEWORKS Sell? Housewares – small appliances, knick-knacks, glass/cookware, books, pictures, lamps … Furniture – sofas, dressers, tables, chairs, shelves, end tables, hutches, desks … Gardening Supplies – pots, planters, outdoor/patio furniture, tools … Building Materials – doors, windows, lumber, tools, vanities, paint, plumbing, electrical … Appliances – refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves …

6 Merchandise at HOMEWORKS is sold at least 50% off retail prices. All merchandise is in good, reusable condition. All purchases at HOMEWORKS benefit Habitat for Humanity ’ s homebuilding projects. WHY SHOP HOMEWORKS?

7 Habitat for Humanity of Champaign & Piatt Counties Founded in 1991 by a group of local citizens, Habitat for Humanity has built 36 houses in the area, providing homes to 162 people in need, including over 100 local children.

8 PICK-Ups … So, I have some merchandise to donate, but I have a VW bug. Will HOMEWORKS pick up my stuff? YES! This service is available in Champaign-Urbana only, and there is a $5 requested donation for pick-ups to help offset costs.

9 … & DROP-OFFs So, I found a great sofa and table at HOMEWORKS, but I drive a Fiero. Does HOMEWORKS deliver? YES! This service is available in Champaign-Urbana only, and there is a $10 delivery fee for drop-offs to help offset costs.

10 HOMEWORKS is run primarily by volunteers. About 30 volunteers donate over 150 hours a week help to run the 9,000 square foot store. 3 staff members – a full-time store manager, Angela Miller, a full time Assistant Manager, Lauri Smith, and 22 hr/week Store Assistant, Laura Fitch – also help coordinate sales, donations, marketing, merchandising, and advertising for the store. VOLUNTEERS: The Heart & Soul of HOMEWORKS

11 WHERE IS HOMEWORKS? In the heart of downtown Champaign at 40 E. University. In the old Champaign Surplus building, HOMEWORKS is just north of Illinois Terminal and just west of the railroad viaduct. Parking is plentiful across the street to the south of the building, and spots are available along Market Street as well.

12 WHEN IS HOMEWORKS OPEN? Tuesday/Wednesday 12 – 7PM Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10AM – 5PM Sunday 1 – 5PM

13 Do most Habitat affiliates have a resale store? HOMEWORKS is not unique to your local Habitat, though the name is. A growing number of Habitat affiliates have opened resale stores, often called “ ReStores or Habitat Re-Use Centers ” to raise money to support homebuilding projects. There are about 200 Habitat Re-Stores nationwide. There are 5 in Illinois, and another one is underway.

14 Sinks, washers and dryers, plates, books, lamps and lights, tables, kitchen counters, doors, couches, lumber, hutches, tile, paint, refrigerators, chairs, electrical supplies, stoves, glassware, desks, vanities, cookware, kitchen cabinets, gardening supplies, pots and pans, entertainment centers, shutters, exercise equipment, filing cabinets, holiday items, windows, power tools, small appliances, dishwashers, mirrors, microwaves, knick- knacks, wall art, bookshelves, finished glass, and much, much more!

15 For SHOPPING and DROP-OFFS, head to Habitat for Humanity’s HOMEWORKS resale store! 40 E. University, downtown Champaign Open: Tuesday/Wednesday 12-7pm Thursday/Friday/Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 1-5pm help build houses for families in need

16 Who shops at HOMEWORKS? There is no way to know for sure, but here ’ s my best estimation: 50% low to lower-middle income 20% contractors/property owners 10% students 20% general public, people looking for a good deal or fairly priced antiques

17 How do we advertise? Word of mouth Flyers Radio Newspaper Community events TV Magnets, balloons, giveaways List serve, Habitat newsletter, website Brochures

18 Word of mouth Probably our best way to advertise Customers love our store, and freely tell others FREE!

19 Flyers Brightly colored flyers are put up on community bulletin boards across town and on campus by volunteers Have put up about 300 in the last 2 months

20 Radio PSAs (public service announcements) on WEFT and WDWS Commercials on WEFT, WKIO, and WWHP, generally $7-10 each Radio speaking engagements – WDWS, WBGL, WEFT

21 Newspaper Display ads – Thrifty Nickel, the Hub (1/16 th page filler ad for free) Classified ads – News-Gazette, Thrifty Nickel (garage sale or furniture section) News articles – News-Gazette, DI

22 Community events Sweetcorn Festival – booth Taste of Champaign – booth Quad Day Farmer ’ s Market – weekly April – November Student sale – annual sale in Frat Park

23 Television News coverage of hours expansion on Channel 3 & 15 Coldwell Banker donated 100 commercials to Habitat for Humanity on WCIA 50 will be used for HOMEWORKS Filming was March 7 th Tape will be given to us to use on other stations, possibly as a PSA

24 Magnets, balloons, giveaways House-shaped magnets given to customers & donors, also given away at community events and speaking engagements T-shirts given to volunteers, sold in store and at Farmer ’ s Market Balloons decorated the store for our grand re- opening and will be used at community events

25 Habitat advertising Website – HOMEWORKS page on Habitat newsletter – sent quarterly to over 4,000 residents & donors List serve – weekly e-newsletters sent to over 400 people

26 Brochures HOMEWORKS Brochures – sent to local businesses along with a letter asking for donations Also given to individual donors requesting additional information

27 Now what? Goal for this project: To find low- or no-cost marketing, advertising, and outreach options to attract the following groups: Customers – homeowners, apartment dwellers, low income residents, students, contractors, property managers, artistic/creative, rural/surrounding communities Donors – individuals, contractors, local businesses, manufacturer ’ s rep groups, corporate sponsors

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