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Unit 4: Lesson 3 Kids Did It! in Business

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1 Unit 4: Lesson 3 Kids Did It! in Business
By, Judith E. Rinard Hp://

2 Word Knowledge Line 1: newspaper software worldwide microwave
Line 2: succeed success successful compute computer computation Line 3: educate education educational Line 4: make play paid cake drain mail Line 5: it’s she’s what’s I’m can’t

3 Sentences Sent 1: Adam, who lives in Newton, Massachusetts, has been catching those pesky “bugs,” mistakes or glitches in computer software programs that can make computers malfunction. Sent 2: But, Adam who started testing when he was eight, may be the youngest. Sent 3: The best part of the business? “Being able to do things like take my mom on a vacation to Walt Disney World,” says Marc. Sent 4: It’s true that ostriches can’t fly high in the air.

4 Phonics & Fluency Line 1: hay play daily free
Line 2: sea season pea beacon Line 3: lie vie cocoa Joe Line 4: hue quiet trailer degree Sent 1: Hot cocoa by a fire is a nice treat. Sent 2: When the radio is too loud, the dog barks. Sent 3: All day long they follow the swan boats and eat peanuts.

5 Selection Vocabulary 1. malfunction- no longer works correctly; fail to operate.

6 2. profitable- gaining money after all the costs of doing business have been paid.

7 3. merchandise- goods that are bought and sold in business.

8 4. earnings- money that is paid for doing a job.

9 5. donates- gives money or objects as a

10 6. charity- a group that provides help to those in need.

11 Match the words with the definition
malfunction A group that provides help. profitable No longer works correctly. merchandise Money paid for doing a job. earnings Goods bought and sold in business. donates Gaining money after all costs paid. charity Gives money or objects as gifts.

12 Vocabulary Practice malfunction profitable merchandise
earnings donates charity Ebony plans to use her ___________for college. He donates 10 percent of his profits to a children’s _________. All of the _______ in the store costs less because there was a sale. The captain was afraid that the ship’s radio might __________ due to the storm. We sold lots of lemonade at our sidewalk stand, and our little business was very _________. He ________ 10 percent of his profits to a children’s charity.

13 Have you ever….. Worked and earned money?
Ever come up with a business idea? Ever dreamed you had your own business? Read stories about kids making money?

14 Build Background The story you are about to read is expository text like you might find in a magazine. Expository texts give readers factual information that is interesting. In this story, 4 children and the business they created are profiled. A profile is a short, written sketch of a person.

15 Preview and Prepare Let’s browse through our story, “Kids Did It! In business” and look for clues about the story, problems you may have while reading the story, and wonderings you have about the story.

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