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Flower shop displays Mrs. Hendrix Principles and Elements of Floral Design.

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1 Flower shop displays Mrs. Hendrix Principles and Elements of Floral Design

2 Terms to know Artistic Display Buying Up Display Display Elements Impulse Buying Product-Oriented Displays Theme Displays Visual Merchandising

3 Introduction The goal of a florist is to sell products/services –To do so, customers must be attracted to store Known as “Visual Merchandising” –Building design –Store layout –Lights –Signs –Fixtures –Displays –General store decorations Focus here will be displays

4 Displays Visual and artistic aspect of presenting a product to customers –Make store seem unique –Use advertisement to get them there, use displays to keep them there Customers make judgments based on the way a store looks –Attractive, well maintained with easy to read signs –Adequate parking with easy access to store entrance

5 Primary purpose Motivate customers to make purchases –To work, florist must understand visual merchandising Attract attention Arouse interest Create desire Initiate buying

6 Attract attention Causes people to look –Color –Contrast –Light –Motion Turntables Fountains Fans Flashers –Fabric (if used properly)

7 Arouse interest Must hold viewer’s attention long enough to develop interest in merchandise Must have a focal point Movement through the display should be encouraged

8 Create desire Viewer should become enthusiastic about buying the merchandise Show products in everyday settings –Helps customer envision how to use it at home Show products in glamorous/fantastic settings –Helps customer become part of the “fantasy”

9 Initiate buying If first three steps are accomplished the result should be a sale Information like price and/or availability should be accessible to customer

10 Secondary purpose Impulse buying Buying up Multiple sales Create store image Showcasing products Reinforce advertising Educate customers Encourage future sales

11 Artistic displays Designed to stop traffic and focus attention Doesn’t sale directly Used to –Pull customers through store –Draw people to “dead” area –Stop shoppers at important section –Create an image

12 Theme Displays Based on specific subject or topic –Holidays Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter –Seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter –Life events Weddings, Graduations, Proms –Commemorations Veterans Day, Secretaries’ Day –Community Celebrations Local fairs, civic projects, political and cultural events

13 Suggested display planner January –Winter Seasonal, Valentine’s Day February –Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, National FFA Week March –Spring Seasonal, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter April –Spring, Easter, Secretaries’ Week

14 Suggested display calendar May –Mother’s Day, Summer Seasonal, Memorial Day, Commencement June –Summer Seasonal, Father’s Day July –Summer Seasonal, Independence Day August –Summer Seasonal, Back to School

15 Suggested display calendar September –Labor Day, Grandparent’s Day October –Autumn Seasonal, Halloween, Sweetest Day, Bosses’ Day November –Autumn Seasonal, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving December –Winter Seasonal, Christmas

16 Product-oriented display Focus on direct promotion of merchandise –Single Item Display –Line-of-goods Display Single type –Related Merchandise Display Collection of items used together or similar –Variety Displays Unrelated merchandise, common color or price

17 Designing display Display elements –Components used in assembling display –Can be mixed in many combinations –Includes merchandise, fixtures, props Repetition Step Zigzag Pyramid Radiation

18 Repetition Simple in form Achieves effect through repeated use of similar items All same: –Height –Spacing –Direction

19 Step Varied size merchandise in progression from smallest to largest Easy for eye to follow All same –Height –Face same direction

20 ZigZag Leads eye back and forth and up and down Interesting and continuous line for eye to follow Columns and pedestals can be used to achieve height desired

21 Pyramid Triangular arrangement of products with broad base rising to center peak Formal arrangement Effective with most merchandise –Potted plants and flowers

22 radiation Merchandise appears to radiate from central point Columns and pedestals display at appropriate heights to create fanlike arrangement or complete circle

23 review Identify as theme-oriented or product- oriented –Valentine’s Day –Wedding –New Line of Vases –Cultural Event –Display of cut flowers –Secretaries’ Day –Display of potted plants, pots, growing medium –Display of balloons

24 Review Illustrate following display arrangements –Zigzag –Step –Radiation –Repetition –Pyramid

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