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Increasing Sales with Improved Displays & Customer Service Techniques Pam Rye Area Small Farm Specialist.

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1 Increasing Sales with Improved Displays & Customer Service Techniques Pam Rye Area Small Farm Specialist

2 Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s)  Product  Variety, Quantity, Features…  Price  Retail Price, Wholesale Price, Discounts…  Place  Supply Chain, Logistics, Assortments, Locations…  Promotion  Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations…

3 Composing an Attractive Display  Foundation  Signage  Preservation of Produce  Seasonal Interest  Whimsical Touches

4 Foundation

5 Signage  Allows you to stand out in crowded farmers market.  Simple & inexpensive  How to attach?:  Use large clamp on each side of table and wood scraps with braces to stabilize the sign.

6 Signage  Label Products  List Prices  Offer Suggestions, entice  Keep it Consistent!  Use re-useable blackboard or plastic signs for prices

7 Preserving Your Produce  Higher quality = longer life  Shade, shade, shade  Keep delicate fruits, perishable items on ice or in coolers  In transit  On display if possible  Flowers in fresh water at all times

8 Produce That Can Be Iced  Artichokes Asparagus Beets Broccoli Cantaloupes Carrots Cauliflower Endive Green Onions Leafy Greens Radishes Spinach Sweet corn Watermelon

9 Produce Damaged by Direct Contact w/ Ice  Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries Tomatoes Squash Green Beans Cucumbers Garlic Okra Bulb onions Romaine Lettuce Herbs

10 Seasonal Interest Masses of color or product are very effective at grabbing attention

11 Seasonal Display  Change colors and hues to reflect the season.  Blues & yellows in summer. Lavender and sage in spring. Fall use golds, oranges, reds, earthy colors.  Keep storage items and trash in truck to avoid clutter, etc.

12 A Bit of Whimsy  Add whimsical touches that are also functional  wagons, decorative baskets, cute and also help transfer items from truck and use in the display  Attention getters  Windchimes  Fresh flowers  Relaxing music  Water feature

13 Whimsical Touches


15 Things to Know about Customers  Customers rebel against  Pressure  Surveillance  Lack of Trust  Stupid Questions  20% of sales lost due to a “Turn Off”

16 Timing  Learn the flow of the sale  1. Advance  Greet quickly with meaningful dialogue  2. Retreat  Be patient, Wait for the sale (“permission”) **Stay busy, but attentive**

17 Meaningful Dialogue  Learn the power of YES and YOU  Remove the Negative  Avoid questions that get negative answers  Avoid “HAVE TO”, “NEED TO”, (even on signs)  Don’t answer DEVIL QUESTIONS  Give them reasons to buy instead

18 Meaningful Dialogue  Learn ‘One Liners’ to shut them up or close a sale  Take compliments!  Tell them what you want: Them to tell other people

19 Meaningful Dialogue  Once you have “permission” CRANK UP THE VOLUME”, b/c Everyone is listening  NEVER say “thank you” until you get the $$$  Say you appreciate it and why, but not “thanks”

20 It Takes the Whole Package  Product  Price  Story

21 Catch Them in Your Web  Encourage people to use their senses  If they touch it they’re 4 times as likely to buy it  Pleasant sounds, tastes, etc, enticed to linger  Demonstrations, recipes, etc

22 Seeing is Believing  Create Effective Displays  The Zone  the belt buckle to 6” above eyes  Make it Bright  Improve or enhance light

23 The Story  Take an active role in the sales process  Learn to talk about your products and articulate their benefits  Features about the product  Benefits on how it improves/enhances their lives  Helps to up-sale or get a 2 nd sale  Project energy and enthusiasm about your work or business

24 Respect & Patience  Make and maintain eye contact  Believable, sincere, and the head nod  Treat your customers as individuals  Be patient and help them make up their minds

25 Men, women, & children  Men: side to side  Women: face to face  Children: Set limits w/o offending

26 Energy Sells  Project positive body language (aura)  If you can’t, hire someone who can!  Use your hands in the selling process  Avoid the Change Rattler Syndrome  Sellers: take it out of the pockets  Buyers: give them something to do, eat, etc.

27 No, No’s  Don’t Sit  Don’t Read  Don’t Talk on the Phone  Don’t Open late or Close early  Negative talk

28 Practice Makes Perfect  Practice salesmanship like it is a musical instrument  Be willing to evolve  Concentrate on what works & have fun!

29 Pam Rye Area Small Farm Specialist 1030 Cumberland Heights Rd. Clarksville, TN 37040

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