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MR FEHRENBACH JUNE 2014 What can we learn from the teachings of human Gurus?

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1 MR FEHRENBACH JUNE 2014 What can we learn from the teachings of human Gurus?

2 Learning Objectives To make links between some events and teachings of Sikh Gurus and issues today To express their own ideas using a variety of media about the value of society today

3 Key Teachings to Investigate Teachings on Wealth Teachings on Honesty, Rich and Poor Teachings on Equality and Service Teachings on Standing against Oppression and Injustice Teaching on Commitment and Self Sacrifice Teaching on Commitment and Brotherhood

4 Starter question on wealth If you won the lottery (the biggest ever win is £), what would you do with the money?

5 Sikh Teaching on Wealth Read the story of Duni Chand and the Needle. “Accursed is the life which is lived only to fatten oneself” Read and discuss the story in groups of four. There are three characters and a narrator. BLACK- Narrator BROWN- God GREEN- Rich Man BLUE- Rich Man`s Wife What is the moral of the story?

6 Who are these people?

7 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “We seek to unlock the possibility inside every individual. We see equal value in all lives. And so we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals around the world. From the education of students in Chicago, to the health of young mothers in Nigeria, we are a catalyst of human promise everywhere”

8 The Foundation works with partner organisations worldwide to tackle critical problems in four programme areas: 1.The Global Development Division works to help the worlds poorest people out of hunger and poverty 2.The Global Health Division aims to harness advances in science and technology to save lives in developing countries 3.The United States Division works to improve US high school and post secondary education and support vulnerable children and families in Washington State 4.The Global Policy and Advocacy Division seeks to build strategic relationships and promote policies that will help advance our work. Our approach to grant making in all four areas emphasises collaboration, innovation, risk taking and most importantly results

9 Your View Write a letter to Bill Gates saying what you think should be our priority over the next 15 years. To eradicate extreme poverty and hungerextreme poverty and hunger To achieve universal primary educationuniversal primary education To promote gender equality and empower womengender equality To reduce child mortalitychild mortality To improve maternal healthmaternal health To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseasesHIV/AIDSmalaria To ensure environmental sustainabilitysustainability To develop a global partnership for development [1] [1]

10 Writing Frame for Letter- Homework Dear Mr and Mrs Gates, In our RE lessons at school we have been discussing the importance of the rich sharing wealth with the poor. In my view the money we have in rich countries should be used for …. The reason I think this is the most important is because ….. In our class we had a vote for the most important Millennium Goal was ….. I hope all the governments and people of the world will work towards these aims. Yours Sincerely,

11 Homework Complete your letter

12 Teaching on honesty, rich and poor Read carefully the story of Malik Bhago and Lalo Produce a storyboard using 6 key facts to explain the moral.

13 Teaching Equality and Service (Sewa) Guru Amar Das continued the work of spreading the message of Sikhism. He stressed the importance of equality between men and women and ask women to preach He began also the custom of everyone eating together. On one occasion the Emperor came to see him and Guru Amar insisted that he too should sit with everyone else to share a meal. All Gurdwaras continue this tradition in the Langar

14 Equality and Service Design a T-shirt which includes a logo to illustrate the importance of this message.

15 Teachings on standing against Oppression and Injustice What do each of these people have in common? Nelson Mandela, Terry Waite, Aung San Suu Kyi and Guru Har Gobind. They were all Political Prisoners

16 Key Words Political Prisoners- people imprisoned for their political beliefs and actions Injustice- violation of the rights of others Justice- moral righteousness Altruism- selfless care and concern for others

17 Guru Har Gobind (1606-44) Became Guru after his father's murder. He decided that Sikhs needed to fight against the many injustices that his father had experienced He believed that Sikhs should fight for the rights of others and also recognize that they have a responsibility to support those in need Guru Har Gobind was put into prison for 2 years along with a number of other political prisoners. In side prison he shared his food and prayed with them to keep their spirits up He said “ you can imprison my body but not my mind”

18 continued When he was eventually freed he insisted that all other prisoners were released with him To limit the number of other prisoners who were released the Emperor agreed he could take with him all who could grasp his robe When the gates were open all 52 prisoners were released as Guru Gobind had sewn separate strings into his clothing for them to hold

19 United Sikhs United Sikhs is an International UN associated Charity that works to transform communities and individuals into vibrant members of society through actions, education and personal development programmes

20 Research Task Produce a fact file on one of the following: Nelson Mandela Terry Waite Aung San Suu Kyi Identify their key beliefs and why they were imprisoned.

21 Learning Outcomes I can show understanding of the impact for a Sikh of believing that God made all humans equal(AT1 L4) I can comment respectfully on different viewpoints on a contemporary issue, explaining clearly who holds these views and the views I hold myself (AT1 L5) I can explain how religious sources are used to provide authorities answers to ethical issues (AT1 L5)

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