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Red Hot Achievements FieldAchievementsImportance Exploring space Genetic research Computer engineering Medical science.

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2 Red Hot Achievements FieldAchievementsImportance Exploring space Genetic research Computer engineering Medical science

3 Red Hot Achievements FieldAchievementsImportance Exploring space Long March rocket series Safe,send satellites prepare for manned space fight

4 Red Hot Achievements FieldAchievementsImportance Genetic research hybrid rice increase production mapped out …… the international human genome project prove Chinese scientists are among the world’s best

5 Red Hot Achievements FieldAchievementsImportance Computer engineering launched a new high-speed broadband network ∕ supercomputer Shenwei the world’s 48th fastest humanoid robotthe nation’s first

6 Red Hot Achievements FieldAchievementsImportance Medical science created a chemical element that can fight cancer cells gives hope to cancer patients all over the world makes China one of the world leaders in the battle against cancer

7 Other Achievements

8 National Development committee (国家发展委员 会) will come to Ningbo. They will give $100,000,000 to the scientists to complete their projects. They know all the projects are very important to the whole society but they cannot decide which field of science should be given the money to. A: the team working on a cure for aids B: the team working about cloning and using new methods to cure the diseases C: the team working for the new food grown in the places with little water D: the team working on sending a manned spaceship to mars writing

9 Word formation Grammar

10 构词法 派生法 ( Derivation ) 合成法 (Compounding) 转化法 ( Conversion ) 缩略法 ( Abbreviation ) able unable; teach teacher space + ship spaceship visit v. visit n. Do it yourself. DIY

11 英语构词法在高考中的应用 1. 各类词性的正确使用及转化 2. 运用构词法知识猜测语境中词的语义 3. 通过理解和掌握构词法扩大词汇量

12 一、派生法 ( Derivation ) 由词根 (root) 加前缀( prefix )或后缀 ( suffix )构成新词。

13 1. 表示否定意义的前缀 a. 表示纯粹的否定: dis- dishonest, dislike in-, ig-, il, im, ir, incapable, inability, ignoble, impossible, immoral, illegal, irregular ne-, n-, none, neither, never non-, nonsense neg-, neglect un- unable, unemployment

14 b. 表示错误的意义 male-, mal-, malfunction, maladjustment( 失调 ) mis-, mistake, mislead pseudo-, pseudonym( 假名 ), pseudoscience

15 c. 表示反动作的意思 de-, defend, demodulation( 解调 ) dis-, disarm, disconnect un-, unload, uncover

16 2. 表示空间位置,方向关系的前缀 1) pre-, 表示 " 在前 ” 在前面 ” prefix, preface, preposition 2) post-, 表示 " 向后,在后边,次 ” postscript( 附言 ) , postwar 3) fore- 表示 “ 在前面 ” forehead, forearm 4) sub-, 表示 “ 在下面,下 ” subway, submarine, 5) under-, 表示 “ 在 ….. 下面,下的 ” underline, underground, underwater

17 6) inter-, intel-, 表示 “ 在 …… 间,相互 ” international, interaction, internet 7) out-, 表示 “ 在上面,在外部,在外 ” outside, outward 8) over-, 表示 “ 在上面,在外部,向上 ” overlook, overhead, overboard 9) up-, 表示 “ 向上,向上面,在上 ” upward, uphold, uphill( 上坡 ) 10) trans-, 表示 “ 移上,转上,在那一边 ” translate, transform, transoceanic 、

18 Some important suffixes: ①名词后缀 -or actor sailor -ist scientist -ment achievement movement -(a)tion preparation exception -y difficulty discovery

19 ②形容词后缀 -ful useful cheerful -able comfortable enjoyable -ed manned cultured -less careless fearless -ive active decisive -an European Indian ③动词后缀 -ize realize modernize -en widen strengthen

20 ④副词后缀 -ly really extremely -ward backward eastward ⑤数词后缀 -teen fourteen fifteen -ty forty fifty -th ninth twelfth

21 With their shining brown eyes, wagging tails, and unconditional love, dogs can provide the nonjudgmental listeners needed for a beginning reader to gain confidence. (2003NMET) unconditional: nonjudgmental: 无条件的,绝对的 没有判断力的

22 二、合成法 ( Compounding ) highway waiting-room kind-hearted 把两个或两个以上独立的词合成 一个新词。

23 For them, playing well and winning are often life- and-death affairs. 生死攸关的 Down-to-earth spirit is a necessity. Sharp words from a teacher can usually bring a day-dreaming student down-to-earth. honest or practical 实事求是,脚踏实地

24 三、转化法 ( Conversion ) 由一种词性转化为另一种词性的词。 He is a man with broad shoulders. We will shoulder the responsibilities at any time. n. v. take/bear

25 Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

26 四、缩略法 ( Abbreviation ) DV MVP SOS WWW Digital Video Most Valuable Player Save Our Ship World Wide Web

27 BTW BRB FTF IC ICQ RUOK THX TTUL IOY VIP by the way be right back face to face I see I seek you. 我找你. Are you OK? thanks talk to you later I owe you very important people

28 1… It would be easy for someone to mispresent himself on line because you can’t see him. Thus someone who says that “she is a 12-year-old girl.”could really be an old man. What does the word “mispresent ” mean? A.Making a wrong judgment about B.Understanding somebody wrongly C.Giving a wrong description of D.Forming a wrong opinion about mis- sth. is done wrong or badly present vt. describe

29 2….The computer also counts the loads and gives a signal by phone when the box is full. And a special piece of equipment breaks up the nonrecyclables. The word “nonrecyclables” probably means? A.nonrecycling papers B.things that can not be recycled C.anything can be recycled D.recyclable things recycle v. 使再循环,回收利用 recyclable adj. 可回收利用的 nonrecyclable n. 不能回收利用的东西

30 3…. Another myth about eyes is that they can be transplanted. It is quite difficult to connect an eyeball to a new brain… The word “transplant” probably means? A.To transport from one place to another B.To translate from one part to another C.To move from one part of the body to another D.To change one form to another. trans- change transplant 移植 transport 运输,交通

31 4 …. My teenage son Karl became withdrawn after his father died. As a single parent, I tried to do my best to talk to him, but the more I tried, the more he pulled away.(2004 NMET) By saying “Karl became withdrawn”, the author means that the boy changed entirely and _________. A.preferred to stay alone at home B.lost interest in his studies C.refused to talk to others D.began to dislike his mother with- draw back withdrawn 退缩,(在社交场合或 情绪方面)变得冷漠

32 When we deal with the problems in reading comprehension, we can use Word Formation to help us, but the context ( 上下文,语境 ) is also very important.

33 EXERCISE This text was taken from "The Picture of Dorian Gray " by Oscar Wilde. In the centre of the room, stood the full-length portrait of a young man of _____(ordinary) personal beauty, and in front of it, some little _____(distant) away, was sitting the artist himself, Basil Hallward, whose sudden _____(appear) some years ago caused, at the time, such public ______ (excite), and gave rise to so many strange conjectures (guesses). As the painter looked at the ______ (grace) and comely form he had so _______ (skill) mirrored in his art, a smile of ______ (please) passed across his face, and seemed about to linger there. But he ______(sudden) started up, and, closing his eyes, placed his fingers upon the lids, as though he sought( tried ) to _______(prison) within his brain some curious dream from which he feared he might awake. Keys: extraordinary, distance, disappearance, excitement, gracious, skillfully, pleasure, suddenly, imprison( 监禁,禁锢 )

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