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Angels on a Pin Word Formation Word study Idiomatic Expressions Sentence understanding.

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1 Angels on a Pin Word Formation Word study Idiomatic Expressions Sentence understanding

2 Word Formation aid n.aid v. calculate v.calculation n.calculating competence n.competent adj. creative adj.creativity n.create v. impartial adj.impartiality n.partial adj. launch v.launching n. panic n.panic adj.panic v. proportion n.proportionate adj.proportion v. recall v.recall n.recallable adj. resist v.resistance n.resistant adj. select v.selection n.selective adj.

3 solve v.solution n. sophisticated adj.sophistication n. swing v.swing n. temptation n.tempt v.tempting adj. warn v.warning adj.warner n. instructor n. instruction n.instruct v.instructive adj. credit v.creditable, credible, incredible, credulous, incredulous adj.

4 Word study

5 aid, calculate, deserve If you do wrong, you ___ punishment. He has done such a good deed that he ___ to be rewarded. I ___ him in his enterprise. They ___ in solving the problem. With the ___ of his wife, he finished his thesis before the deadline. His brother is really a ___ businessman; he never passes up any opportunity to earn money. The scientists are able to ___ accurately when the spaceship will reach the moon. I ___ that she will arrive at 8 a.m.

6 affixes: -meter, & im-, super- -meter 表示 “ 计量器, 计, 表 ”, 如 : thermometer (温 度计), barometer (气压记), gasometer 表示 “ 米, 公尺 ”, 如 : kilometer, centimeter, milimeter

7 im- 表示 “ 向... 内 ”; “ 在... 上 ”; “ 向...”, 如 : immigrate, imprison, import 表示 “ 否定 ”, 如 : immoral, impatient, immaterial, immobile, immortal(fame), immovable, imperfect, impolite, impersonal, improper

8 super- above; over; upon: 上;上方;在 … 之上: superstructure, superior in size, quality, number, or degree: 超尺寸、质量、数 量或程度上超极的: superfine. 极好的, superpower, superman, supermarket, superintendent exceeding a norm: 超出标准 : supersaturate. 使过饱和, supersonic, supernatural, excessive in degree or intensity: 超过 … 程度或强度上过分的 supersubtle. 过分精细的

9 competence, competent; 有资格的, 主管的, 权限内的 足够的, 充足的; 耐久的 应该的, 被许可的 a competent cook 能干的厨子 competent knowledge 足够的知识 He is competent for the task. 他胜任这项任务。 If you want to learn English, you must first find a competent teacher. 你如要学习英文, 你须先找一位称职的教师。 It was competent to him to refuse. 他拒绝是对的。

10 credit (信誉;信用) ; creditable (可称赞的) ; credible (可信的) ; incredible (另人难以置信的) ; credulous (轻信的), incredulous (不相信的;怀疑 的 ) 1. The student made a ___ effort on the essay. 2. He was too ___ of what other people say, and that was why he was taken in. 3. As a communist, he is ____ of stories about ghosts. 4. -What? You said the man had jumped down from the skyscraper simply to test his courage? That is ____! 5. The mother is a ___ witness to the crime.

11 credit n.& v. You’re credit to your team/family.( 光荣,荣誉) They bought the furniture on credit. (赊帐) You should have no trouble getting the loan if your credit is good. (信誉,信用) Do you expect me to credit that absurd tale? (相 信) We should credit the invention of light bulb to Thomas Edison. (把 … 归于) Please credit $5,000 to my account. ( 把 … 记入贷 方)

12 instructor, panic, recall, swing The crowd ___ at the sound of the guns. Everyone was in a ___ when the war broke out. I have been ___ to wait here until the lecturer arrives. I find these lectures on science ___. The boy ___ on the rope tied to a tree. The pendulum’s ___ is 12 inches. The makers have ___ a lot of unsafe cars. ___ the misery of the past and contrast it with the happiness of today.

13 give way, give away; give out, give off, give in, give up? The bridge gave ___ under the heavy weight. He pretended to be calm, but his eyes gave him ___. The food went bad and gave ___ a bad smell. The candle in the dark room gave ___ a weak light. When would you give __ smoking? My mother is strong willed; she never gives __ in face of difficulties.

14 Idiomatic expressions do somebody a favor at this point be about to do set up a system walk up stairsmark off with the aid of in units bring something upthe beauty of sth. point out to sb.the trouble with sth. have a strong case for/against at a certain level in principle be supposed to work out sth. give sb. a try follows put down a word be fed up with.. excuse oneself for doing.rather than dash off the answerthrow sb. Into a panic lean over the edgeblame sb. For sth.

15 Text Analysis … we must admit the student really had a pretty strong case for full credit.. admit sth. admit (to) doing sth. admit that … admit sb. into some place case: reason or argument Undoubtedly,/It is undeniable that he had good reason to get a high mark.

16 A high grade is supposed to prove competence in the course A high grade should reflect how well one has done in his course. be supposed to do: be intended to do, although in this case it is not so. This medicine is supposed to be good for your heart, but to my surprise it has no effects on your heart. Course: compulsory/optional course

17 He appeared to be thinking hard. He seemed to be thing hard. It looked as if he were thinking hard. He dashed off his answer He wrote his answer very quickly. The beauty of this method is that… The advantage/the good thing about this method is that … The beauty of this project is that it doesn’t cause any pollution.

18 If you prefer a more sophisticated method prefer: prefer A to B I prefer fish to meat. He preferred history to literature. prefer to do sth. I preferred to wear sports shoes. prefer doing sth I prefer going to the Summer Palace to sleeping in the dorm. sophisticated: complicated, more advanced, complex; having acquired worldly knowledge and refinement, lacking natural simplicity or naivety sophisticated weapons/equipment, a sophisticated girl

19 The height of the building can in principle be worked out. in principle: generally In principle, every child has the right to go to school. work out: calculate (but it has not yet been carried out) She could work out the answer quickly on a sheet of paper.

20 …which had been thrown into such a panic by the successful launching of the Russian Sputnik. During the cold war, the successful launching of the Russian Sputnik caused great fear it the US, because it felt that it could no longer depend on the two oceans for its safety. The American general public put the blame on their government, especially their educational system, which they believed had lagged far behind the Russians. To be thrown into panic: to get into a sudden strong feeling of fear and nervousness.

21 Perhaps we should ask ourselves whether we are always asking the right questions. This is a common problem. Many questions are complicated and require careful analysis. We cannot easily give true-or-false or yes-or-no answers. In fact, often the questions are wrong in the first place. Please discuss whether these questions are right: When can we give every Chinese a car? How can we make machines work for us so that we do not have to work at all?

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