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2 Stroke - Diagnosis 1 Stroke is diagnosed through several techniques: a neurological examination (such as the NIHSS), CT scans (most often without contrast enhancements) or MRI scans, Doppler ultrasound, and arteriography

3 NIH stroke scale 1 The individual scores from each item are summed in order to calculate a patient's total NIHSS score

4 NIH stroke scale - Performing the scale 1 Throughout the NIHSS it is important that the examiner does not coach or help with the assigned task. The examiner may demonstrate the commands to patients that are unable to comprehend

5 NIH stroke scale - Usage 1 Clinical research use of the NIHSS typically involves obtaining a baseline NIHSS score as soon as possible after onset of Stroke#Signs and symptoms|stroke symptoms Clark WM, Wissman S, Albers GW, Jhamandas JH, Madden KP, Hamilton S, for the ATLANTIS Study Investigators

6 NIH stroke scale - Usage 1 The NIHSS is then repeated at regular intervals or after significant changes in patient condition

7 NIH stroke scale - NIHSS use in tPA eligibility 1 Minimum and maximum NIHSS scores have been set for multiple treatment options in order to assist physicians in choosing an appropriate treatment plan.Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is currently the only proven treatment for acute ischemic strokes

8 NIH stroke scale - NIHSS use in tPA eligibility 1 Some hospitals use an NIHSS of less than 5 to exclude patients from tPA treatment, however the American Heart Association urges against NIHSS scores being used as the sole reason for declaring a patient as ineligible for tPA treatment.Fink JN, Selim MH, Kumar S, et al: Is the association of National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale scores and acute magnetic resonance imaging stroke volume equal for pa- tients with right- and left-hemisphere ischemic stroke? Stroke 2002;33:954–8

9 NIH stroke scale - NIHSS structure 1 The NIHSS assesses each of these specific functions by the stroke scale item listed in the chart below.Lyden P, Lu M, Jackson C, Marler J Kothari R, Brott T, Zivin J, for the NINDS tPA Stroke Trial Investigators

10 NIH stroke scale - Accuracy 1 NIHSS scores have been found to be reliable predictors of damaged brain volume, with a smaller NIHSS score indicating a smaller lesion volumeGlymour M, Berkman L, Ertel K, Fay M, Glass T, Furie K

11 NIH stroke scale - Effect of stroke location on NIHSS prediction of stroke severity 1 Due to the NIHSS’s focus on cortical function, patients suffering from a cortical stroke tend to have higher (worse) baseline scores.

12 NIH stroke scale - Effect of stroke location on NIHSS prediction of stroke severity 1 Due to this emphasis, the NIHSS is a better predictor of lesion volume in the strokes occurring within the left cerebral hemisphere.

13 NIH stroke scale - NIHSS as predictor of patient outcomes 1 However, correlation between functional recovery and NIHSS scores was weaker when the stroke was isolated to the cortex.

14 Public hospital - India 1 All patients visiting government health care institutions are provided all essential drugs, surgical and sutures at free of cost under the chief minister flagship scheme named Mukhyamantri Nihshulk Dava Yojna MNDY

15 Fire ant - Invasive species 1 In Australia, an intensive program costing A$175 million had reportedly by February 2007 eradicated 99% of fire ants from the sole infestation occurring in south-east Queensland, however by July 2013 multiple sites west of Brisbane were confirmed, including the Lockyer Valley, Muirlea and Goodna[ mayors-warn-fire-ants-are-dominating-in- south-east-queensland-as-infestations- double/story-fnihsrk2-1226684502123] Courier Mail Article July 2013

16 Frances Xavier Cabrini - Manhattan, New York City 1 It closed June 30, 2014 after 115 years of educational service to women.[ Mother Cabrini High School, New York]

17 Universal usability - Examples 1 * [ NIH Senior Health] features one-click text adjustment, contrast control, and text-to-speech technology.

18 British Pharmacopoeia - Related publications 1 There are equivalents in many other countries, such as the United States (United States Pharmacopoeia|USP)[] and Japan [], and the World Health Organization maintains The International Pharmacopoeia [ pharmacopoeia/overview/en/].

19 Benjamin Britten - Lowestoft 1 It was the first significant piece of modern music he had ever encountered,[ =y2e7SMzssGACpg=PA215lpg=PA215dq=frank+b ridge+%22the+sea%22source=blots=lbrV3etYydsi g=CrTj05hnihsJDPthqAp0Vck_oRkhl=ensa=Xei= OQUlUoicNuH6iQfT8oGQBAved=0CFMQ6AEwBj go#v=onepageq=frank%20bridge%20%22the%20 sea%22f=false Lara Feigel, Alexandra Harris eds, Modernism on Sea: Art and Culture at the British Seaside]; accessed 3 September 2013 and he was, in his own phrase, knocked sideways.Carpenter, pp

20 Mukti 1 In some schools of Indian religions, moksha is considered equivalent to and used interchangeably with other terms such as vimoksha, vimukti, kaivalya, apavarga, mukti, nihsreyasa and nirvana.The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism: Vimoksha [ 解脱 ] (Skt.; Jpn

21 Mukti 1 Chatterjea (2003), Knowledge and Freedom in Indian Philosophy, ISBN 978- 0739106921, pp 89; Quote - In different philosophical systems moksa appears in different names, such as apavarga, nihsreyasa, nirvana, kaivalya, mukti, etc

22 Mukti - Hinduism 1 For example, Keval jnana or kaivalya (state of Absolute), Apavarga, Nihsreyasa, Paramapada, Brahmabhava, Brahmajnana and Brahmi sthiti

23 My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean - History 1 [ Gm- rjsCpg=PA231dq=%22Bring+Back+My+B onnie+to+Me%22+pratthl=enei=ynNuTviO KKbI0AHb0NmZBQsa=Xoi=book_resultct =resultresnum=1ved=0CC4Q6AEwAA#v= onepageq=%22Bring%20Back%20My%20 Bonnie%20to%20Me%22%20prattf=false 500 best-loved song lyrics], p

24 Dutch Jews - Jewish media 1 Another Jewish magazine published in the Netherlands is the Hakehillot Magazine,[ ge.asp?articleid=43057:44001token= Hakehillot Magazine]

25 Anosy Region - French control of Anosy (1896–1960) 1 * Fort Dauphin Resident underwent a atihena (blood brotherhood) ceremony with King Malay of Manambaro and his two brothers, Simanihsa and Zahalo.

26 Lakshana - Religious and ethical implication 1 The two goals of man’s individual and collective existence signified by the words abhyudaya ('prosperity') and nihsreyasa ('necessaries') are attained by following a two-fold dharma – 1) Pravritti Lakshana Dharma ('religion of action') that is characterized by action and 2) Nivritti Lakshana Dharma ('religion of renunciation') which is characterized by freedom from action.

27 Nick Willis - 2014 1 This 1500m time came on the Stade Louis II|same track he'd set national records on in 2011 and 2012, and made Willis the 27th man to beat the 3m30s barrier. He placed seventh in an uncommonly fast race – the four runners who finihsed 4th– 7th all set the quickest ever times for their place in the field.

28 H.O.T. - Disbandment and post-H.O.T. 1 A few years after forming JTL, Tony An released a solo album, created his own entertainment company, Tn Entertainment, a successful school uniforms company, 'Skoolooks' and an undergarment company, 'Shinenihs'. In September 2010, Tony completed his 2-year army duty and released a new song, Going To Meet You Now.

29 Wuhan–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway - Line 1 On December 9, 2009, a train achieved a top speed of and took 02h55m to travel from Guangzhou South to Wuhan during a test run.[ _cF2Snihs Video of trial run. View of speedometer at 1m22s ]

30 Mechanical watch - 'Jewel inflation' 1 In 1974, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in collaboration with the Swiss watch industry standards organization NIHS: Normes de l'Industrie Horlogère Suisse published a standard, ISO 1112, which prohibited manufacturers from including such nonfunctional jewels in the jewel counts in advertising and sales literature

31 Ginsenoside - Rd 1 For the primary outcome, Rd-treated patients showed significant better NIHSS scores at 15 days than placebo group

32 Ginsenoside - Rd 1 For the secondary outcome, Rd also improved NIHSS scores at day 15

33 Kāhala, Hawaii - Education 1 * Kalani High School serves high school students in Kahala [].

34 Campbell Newman - Newman Government 1 Newman responded by describing opponents of the law as apologists for sex offenders and pedophiles.[ ws/queensland/premier-campbell-newman- says-people-against-new-laws-on-sex- offenders-are-apologists-for- paedophiles/story-fnihsrf2-1226745236777 Premier Campbell Newman says people against new laws on sex offenders are 'apologists for paedophiles']. The Courier- Mail. Retrieved 10 December 2013.

35 Campbell Newman - Newman Government 1 In addition to targeting sex offenders, other legislation aims to imprison members and associates of outlaw motorcycle clubs, naming 26 clubs.Sarah Vogler, Robyn Ironside (October 16, 2013) [ and/premier-campbell-newman-releases-list- of-bikie-gangs-to-be-declared-as-criminal- organisations-under-tough-new-laws/story- fnihsrf2-1226740604485 Premier Campbell Newman releases list of bikie gangs to be declared as criminal organisations under tough new laws]

36 For More Information, Visit: m/itil-2011-foundation- complete-certification-kit- fourth-edition-study-guide- ebook-and-online-course.html m/itil-2011-foundation- complete-certification-kit- fourth-edition-study-guide- ebook-and-online-course.html The Art of Service

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