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Flashcards Chapter 7: Colonial and Revolutionary America OPERATION PUSH.

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1 Flashcards Chapter 7: Colonial and Revolutionary America OPERATION PUSH

2 Directions Odd Numbered Slides –Term has been provided –Insert Picture to accompany word Find Pictures by searching Google Images –Right mouse click on the picture and click copy –Return to powerpoint, right mouse click on the clip art Icon »Paste the image »You may need to resize the image Even Numbered Slides –Provide SHORT, typed description of the term NOTE: Do not copy and paste. If you type the information, you force your mind to THINK about the information

3 Prime Meridian Example

4 Divides world into hemispheres Zero degrees longitude Example

5 Christopher Columbus

6 First European to discover the __________.

7 Pilgrims & Puritans

8 Founded the __________ h Colony and the ____________ Bay Colony to practice their __________ without interference from the royal government in England.

9 Indentured Servant

10 a colonial landowner paid for their passage, and they promised to __________ on the landowner’s plantation or farm, usually for __________ years.

11 Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

12 Starting in the 1500s- ship captains sailed to west __________ to buy captured Africans and take them across the __________ ocean to the Americas as slaves.

13 New England

14 Self-sufficient farms clustered around __________; center of town was a church; sailors shipbuilders, fishermen.

15 Middle Colonies

16 __________ was a major occupation; small and large farms; diverse religious beliefs; Quakers located in __________.

17 Southern Colonies

18 Chartered companies formed by English nobles; plantations; produced __________, __________, __________ ; labor force indentured servants and __________.

19 Magna Carta

20 1215- English king promised not to take away __________ or to imprison his nobles or townspeople excepts according to the laws of the land.

21 Mayflower Compact

22 1620-document written by the Pilgrims, established a colonial __________ deriving power from the consent of the governed.

23 Mercantilism

24 English trade with the colonies was regulated to benefit the “Mother __________” __________ more than you import

25 Triangular Trade

26 Trade primarily between __________, __________, and __________

27 Stamp Act

28 British parliament imposed tax on __________, __________, __________

29 Boston Tea Party

30 Group of protesters threw tea off a British ship in the __________ __________

31 Intolerable Acts

32 __________ government passed these acts and __________ Boston Harbor until tea that was destroyed was __________ for.

33 Common Sense (Thomas Paine)

34 Stated that it was ridiculous for the American colonies to be __________by Great Britain.

35 Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson)

36 Main ideas were taken from Social Contract written by __________. Primary writer was __________ __________. It gave everyone three rights- __________, __________, and ___________________

37 July 4, 1776

38 Second Continental Congress adopted the __________ of __________in Philadelphia on this day.

39 George Washington

40 Became commander of __________ army.

41 “Unalienable Rights”

42 __________, __________, and __________.

43 Articles of Confederation

44 Agreement in 1781 which became the first __________ __________.

45 Northwest Ordinance

46 Provided a system for governing the __________ territories.

47 Constitution

48 Document outlining the basic __________ and __________ of government.

49 The Great Compromise (Virginia Plan vs. New Jersey Plan)

50 Virginia Plan – each state represented according to __________. New Jersey Plan – each state has __________ of representatives. Compromise – Congress split into __________.

51 Three-fifths Compromise

52 Three fifths of the __________ population in a state would be counted for __________ and taxation.

53 Anti-Federalist

54 Claimed the new constitution made the government ____ __________.

55 Federalist

56 Claimed that a __________ __________ was needed to protect against rebellion or foreign attack.

57 Bill of Rights

58 Protects individual __________ such as freedom of religion, speech, and freedom of the press.

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