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The Family 《家》, 1933 Spring 《春》, 1938 Autumn 《秋》, 1940 BY Sandy.

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1 The Family 《家》, 1933 Spring 《春》, 1938 Autumn 《秋》, 1940 BY Sandy

2 About the Author: Ba Jin 巴金 Li Yaotang 李尧棠 (November 25, 1904 – October 17, 2005) one of the most important and widely-read Chinese writers of the 20th century.

3 Notable works: Turbulent Stream: Family, Spring, and Autumn Love Trilogy: Fog, Rain, and Lightning

4 Awards 1982 Italian international Dante Prize 意大利但丁国际奖 1983: Legion of Honour 法国荣誉军团勋章

5 Family It tells the story of an upper- class family in the city of Chengdu in the early 1920s. Focuses on three brothers from the Gao family and their struggles with the oppressive autocracy of their feudalistic family.

6 The idealistic rash the youngest brother (the main protagonist) And he is frequently contrasted with the weak eldest brother,who gives in to the demands from his grandfather and carries on living a life he does not want to live.

7 Subject matter and themes Generational conflict and contradiction: "Cheh-hui gazed at his grandfather.... It seemed to him that the person lying in the cane reclining chair was not his grandfather but the representative of an entire generation. He knew that the old man and he -- the representative of the grandson's generation -- could never see eye to eye".

8 A conflict between external structures (physical and social) and self: "You can lock up a person physically, but you cannot imprison his heart.’’ The challenges faced by women, whether the rich Chin, who wants to be allowed to attend school, or the servant Ming-feng, who is essentially a slave in the mansion.

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