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Reasons for Imperialism We need natural resources We need to protect our interests (defense) Business opportunities Anglo-Saxonism- belief that we need.

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1 Reasons for Imperialism We need natural resources We need to protect our interests (defense) Business opportunities Anglo-Saxonism- belief that we need to spread our way of life.

2 Yellow Journalism Exaggerated stories “You furnish the pictures and I will furnish the war.” Pushed America towards war with Spain Enquirer, US, Globe etc..

3 Joe Pulitzer/ William Hearst Newspaper owners who competed for business Yellow journalism Helped cause war with Spain and U.S.

4 U.S.S Maine US battleship sunk by Spanish in Havana harbor, Cuba. Started war with Spain and America

5 Rough Riders Group of College athletes and westerners who volunteered in the Spanish- American war. They were led by TR

6 The new “American Empire” We took over Puerto Rico, Guam, Cuba, and the Philippines from Spain We added Hawaii, Alaska, and Samoa. Notice that we now have an empire in the Pacific and in the Caribbean.

7 Puerto Rico and Cuba Puerto Rico- was governed by U.S. then given local control. They have right to petition for statehood. Cuba- Platt amendment gave base to U.S. in Guantanamo Bay Cuba No debt or US will step in.

8 Legal Questions about new empire U.S. acquisition of an overseas empire as a result of the Spanish-American War led to legal questions regarding the citizenship and constitutional rights of the people within the new territories.

9 TR’s Big Stick The US Navy!! Used in Colombia to support revolution We get canal Great white Fleet tours the world!!! Japan takes notes

10 Panama The American government supported a revolution in Panama at the turn of the 20 th century in order to secure the right to build a canal through Central America. Panama broke away from Colombia.

11 Roosevelt Corollary The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine established America’s right to use the U.S. military to protect U.S. interests in Latin America. We became the policeman.

12 TR’s “Big Stick Diplomacy” Roosevelt claimed the U.S. had the right to oppose European actions in the Western Hemisphere (intimidation). Examples: 1903 - support of Panamanian independence 1904 - construction on Panama Canal begins 1904 - Corollary extending Monroe Doctrine 1907 - World Tour of the Great White Fleet

13 TR and the “Square Deal” TR’s domestic program aimed at helping middle class (workers and consumers). Anti-trust laws Arbitration for labor Consumer protection “Fairness”

14 Open Door Policy In 1899, the U.S. declared an Open Door Policy (Open Door Notes) which reflected the belief that all countries should have equal trading rights in China. We were not going to be left out.

15 Dollar Diplomacy Taft’s idea to exert economic influence rather than military force in Latin American countries Dollars for bullets Guaranteeing loans to get what we wanted in Latin America and east Asia Strings attached caused bitterness

16 Moral Diplomacy The U.S. will not recognize any undemocratic or anti-American government. Combination of dollar and Big Stick.

17 Federal Reserve Act It established the Federal reserve system. (The Fed) It regulates the money supply by setting interest rates. It is our central banking system. Wilson makes it happen.

18 NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 1909 Anti-lynching laws End discrimination. All minorities including women

19 Anti Defamation League Formed in 1913 to protect Jews from discrimination

20 Reasons for U.S. involvement in WWI Germany’s insistence upon unrestricted submarine warfare. Zimmerman note to Mexico. Allied propaganda. Moral Diplomacy. Shared culture with allies.

21 Alliances Allied Powers include GB, France, Russia, Serbia, and United States Central Powers include Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

22 Selective Service Act 1917 Passed by Congress – May 18, 1917 Provided Registration for all men 18 – 45 in August of 1919 24 million registered 2.8 million were drafted In all, 4.7 million men served in the military during WWI

23 Bernard Baruch-Mobilizing Industry War industries Board Developed new industries for the war effort Regulated business to eliminate waste Rationing war materials. War Finance Corporation Lent public funds to businesses who manufactured war materials RR Administration Movement of troops and supplies got priority Fuel Administration Encouraged larger outputs of coal and oil`

24 George Creel-American Propaganda Committee on public information Circulated leaflets explaining U.S. war aims Sponsored “Four- Minute Men”

25 Wilson’s 14 points Plan for World after WWI No secret treaties Freedom of seas League of Nations (senate says no)

26 Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1917 and 1918 Penalties and prison terms for anyone who interfered with the war effort. This included any speech that criticized the president or the war. 1,000 convicted

27 Palmer Raids U.S. Attorney General who used ruthless tactics to deport and imprison suspected communists ACLU was created to protect citizens from illegal actions

28 ACLU The violation of people’s civil rights during WWI and the Red Scare, as well as the continuing routine violence against African Americans, led to the creation of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1920.

29 Domestic Results of WWI Great Migration of African Americans to North for War jobs. Huge Boom in economy. Rise in Labor unions Anti-immigrant and Anti-radical sentiment Sacco-Vanzetti case

30 The Red Scare Caused by Russian revolution and perceived threat of Communism in America Lenin preached revolution all over the world Led to violations of rights in america

31 Versailles Treaty Ends WWI Russia and Italy upset (no invite) Harsh on Germany Reparations, no colonies, war guilt clause. They do start League of Nations Ironically U.S. is kept out.

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