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Howth in the 1940s – The Gem A closer look under the bridge – Gem is 2 storey house.

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2 Howth in the 1940s – The Gem

3 A closer look under the bridge – Gem is 2 storey house



6 The Cartoons

7 Period & Distribution

8 Possible fire damage



11 W T Cosgrave 21 Ernest Blythe 8 Eamon de Valera 5 Ramsay McDonald 17 Stanley Baldwin 14 Philip Snowden 7 Kevin O'Higgins 3 Lloyd George 4 Craigavon 16 Gandhi 4 King Alphonso 5 Mussolini 4 Hitler 1 Joe Devlin 2




15 The bather's death trap at Dollymount 21/9/1929 "The policy of the Dublin Corporation and the Port and Docks Board of shifting responsibility and shirking action, might be harmless enough if precious young lives were not being lost every year as a consequence"

16 Attention to detail – Martello No.1 North

17 Full Cartoons


19 A Wind Fall The post-war years have been a lean time for artists. Under the terms of the late Thomas Haverty's will, a sum of £750 will be available yearly for the purchase of Irish artists'pictures. 11/8/1928

20 No date

21 The Merrion St. distorting mirror 8/4/1926

22 Filth & obverse Don't look a gift horse in the hoof


24 The loathsome invader "President Cosgrave at the Cumann na nGaedheal Convention, announced that a Bill to deal with the evil literature peril would probably be brought before the Oireachtas within the next few months". 17/5/1928

25 The old age pensioner's treatment No date (budget 1924)

26 Hey presto 1/3/1928 "About 58,000 of the poorest old age pensioners in the Saorstat will learn with satisfaction that Mr Blythe has at last decided to come to their aid and by restoring that shilling which disappeared in 1924".

27 Not all plain sailing 6/8/1927 "It is not yet five years since the Saorstat Constitution was enacted; but it has already been amended half-a-dozen times... In contrast to this the Constitution of the United States has been changed only eight times in the last century and a quarter".

28 A hard hit No date Newspaper clipping: "Leading medical men in the Free State are unanimous in the opinion that the Government's decision to have a separate Medical Registrar for the Free State is likely to have cal......mitous results for the............sion and the medical......" Independent [Implementation of Treaty. First Act 1924. Second Act 1927.]

29 Friendly Warning 28/5/1927 People say what is the use of telling these old tales and raking up the bitter story... if we are to draw any lesson from our past we must know our past" - Mr Kevin O'Higgins Minister for Justice. [Assassinated 10 July 1927]


31 Keeping his pecker up 6/11/1930 "The latest fancy in Mayfair is having one's photograph taken while under the spell of music of one's own choosing".

32 “Sup-Chum” 1/11/1930 "Lord Salisbury's observation in the house of Lords, that the welfare of the country should not be bartered for a measure of electoral reform would, however, imply that satisfactory assurances have been given to the Liberals by labour"

33 Political racketeering 7/2/1931 "A few gunmen - The Liberals - were pressing their will on the community as represented by the Government. Mr Lloyd George had succeeded in applying the pressure of Al Capone" Sir Hilton Young (C). [Liberals supporting a minority Labour government].

34 The law is a hass 27/8/1932 Regarding the retention of the pictures of the Lane Bequest, Dr W.B.Yeats stated that "England has no defense whatever in the matter except the pure technicality of the law, England has no claim to these pictures and his statesmen know it"


36 Aren't I a lovable fellow 11/10/1928 "That powerful Government, entrenched in a position of privilege and power, now, and as far as he could see for all time, could not allow the minority to exist, or have an opinion or thought, or be allowed to speak." - Joseph Devlin M.P. in Northern Parliament.


38 Stirring times No date – No commentary

39 John to the rescue or “Hands across the sea” 22/5/1926

40 Laying the foundation stone 19/5/1928 "Under the Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Bill the Government retains the right to arrest and imprison without cause shown; if Ministers desire, papers can be compelled to suppress the publication of news to which exception is taken, and comment can be made a punishable offence".


42 Keeping his hand in 2/8/1926 [Wilhelm Marx – Chancellor ?]

43 Keeping his hand in - detail

44 Looking for a seat 26/8/1926

45 The big noise in Germany 25/9/1930 [note: In German federal elections on 14/9/1930 Nazis increased their Reichstag seats from 12 to 107 becoming the second largest party.]

46 Neighbours 5/4/1928 "The memory of of [sic] former partitions forces Poland to remain on the alert against any aggressive designs on the part of Germany or Russia or both. They have certain grievances against Poland".

47 One admirer 10/4/1930 "One would imagine that ourside Russia no Government would be found capable of perpetrating such injustice, and of penalising a large and important section of citizens on account of their religion".

48 Uncle Sam's Mexican policy 29/1/1927

49 A wrong setting 19/7/1930 "If the Mahatma (Gandhi) and his Lieutenants are to be induced to take part in the Round Table Conference, a necessary preliminary would seem to be that they should forthwith be set at liberty".

50 Strange as it seems 18/7/1931 "Gandhi is said to be coming to the Round Table Conference with a bill for £1,200,000,000 which goes back to the days of Queen Elizabeth when The East India Company first exploited the Uahatmas ancesters. The bill includes, over-taxation, illegal charges, and interest".


52 Labour relations

53 6/9/1913Evening Herald [Lockout: 26/8/1913 – 8/1/1914]

54 Magnetic attraction 8/5/1926

55 Things as they should be 13/5/1926

56 Things as they should be - detail

57 Returned with thanks 12/8/1926 [ Bishops, who were living off mining royalties, attempted to propose a four month monatorium ]

58 Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes

59 The coming draw – an expectant world 28/5/1931

60 The two voices 6/6/1931 " England drew 2,823 prizes in The Saorstat Hospitals Sweepstakes, the total value of the cash prizes being £238,375.

61 Commercial Advertising

62 He won't be happy till he gets it No date

63 Original Pears Ad






69 Royal hibernian academy Annual exhibiton 1916The tavern fire £6.6.0 The wayfarer£5.5.0 1917 The dead rebel £15.15.0 all the works from the 1916 exhibiton were Destroyed in fire during the easter rising

70 Thanks to Dr. Margarita Cappock of The Hugh Lane Gallery

71 Thanks to National Library of Ireland

72 20/2/1932 The election aftermath

73 The Grove 2014



76 Thanks to Erasmian Governors




80 Dedication Dolores Brewster


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