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Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4 100 200 400 300 400 300 200 400 200 100 500 100.

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3 Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4 100 200 400 300 400 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 How did people come to North America first? Following an Ice Age, an area of dry land was exposed between Asia and Alaska, and people followed animals they were hunting across it. Category 1 Question 1

5 When the Ice Age ended, what did early Americans do for food? Farmed corn and other plant crops. Category 1 Question 2

6 As a result of farming, Mesoamericans could now do What? Settle in one place and stop searching for food. Category 1 Question 3

7 The Olmec people farmed, but Lacked enough _______, so They built an economy based On this. What is raw materials and trade? Category 1 Question 4

8 The Toltec people held a Monopoly of obsidian, which Prevented their rivals from Making these. What are weapons? Category 1 Question 5

9 From A.D. 100 to A.D. 700, These people were located in the deserts on the coast of South America, so They built canals for irrigation To farm. Who are the Moche Category 2 Question 1

10 These people built the Biggest empire in the ancient Americas. Who are the Inca? Category 2 Question 2

11 These people were the first to permanately settle in what is today the SouthWest U.S. They were able to settle in such a dry, hot desert because of… Who are the Hohokam, and they built 500 miles of irrigation canals to being river waters to their farms. Category 2 Question 3

12 Describe Anasazi houses What is like huge apartment-like houses carved into cliffs, and held thousands of people? Category 2 Question 4

13 This is what Mayan and Aztec Temples were used for. What is a place for spiritual/religious worship and ceremonies, for the leader to address his people, and for human sacrifice. Category 2 Question 5

14 This word describes the Religions of the Maya, Aztec, And Inca people in terms of How many gods they Worshiped. What is polytheistic? Category 3 Question 1

15 This is what the Maya, Aztec, And Inca performed to honor their gods. What is human sacrifice? Category 3 Question 2

16 Where the Maya Empire is Located. What is Mexico and Central America? Category 3 Question 3

17 The Maya were advanced in Astronomy because they did These things. What is studied the stars and planets to create a calendar? Category 3 Question 4

18 Where the Aztec Empire Was located. What is present-day Mexico City? Category 3 Question 5

19 The name of the Aztec capital And where it was located. What is Tenochtitlan, located in the middle of a lake? Category 4 Question 1

20 The two types of power that Aztec and Inca leaders had. What is spiritual and political? Category 4 Question 2

21 What the Aztecs would do or Demand from those they Conquered. What is imprison, enslave, and demand tribute? Category 4 Question 3

22 Aztec boys were trained to be These two things. Aztec girls were trained to be These two things. Boys: What is hunters and warriors? Girls: What is mothers and cooks? Category 4 Question 4

23 Category 4 Question 5 Pachacuti was a great leader Of these people. Who are the Inca?

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