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Mastery Vocabulary lists. Vocabulary 1 Fascinate – to attract and hold interest Clever – showing skill or quick thinking Abandon – to leave or give up.

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1 Mastery Vocabulary lists

2 Vocabulary 1 Fascinate – to attract and hold interest Clever – showing skill or quick thinking Abandon – to leave or give up on entirely Unique – one of a kind Hoax – something intended to fool people Gullible – easily tricked or fooled Extraordinary – very unusual Deviate – to differ from the usual Baffle – to confuse Gruesome – horrible; shocking; disgusting

3 Vocabulary 2 Curious – eager to learn or know about Ironic – unexpected outcome Indispensable – absolutely necessary Ordeal – difficult or painful experience Endurance – the power to bear hardship Negotiate – to deal or bargain with Miraculous – something amazing Predicament – dilemma; complication Surmount – to overcome; conquer Intangible – not having a physical existence

4 Vocabulary 3 Confidence – trust or faith in oneself Demise – death; termination of existence Destiny – fate; unavoidable occurrence Determination – definite and firm purpose Mysterious – hard to explain Nuisance – someone/thing that annoys Offensive – unpleasant; disagreeable Reluctant – not willing Tedious – long and tiring; boring Urgent – needing immediate action or attention

5 Vocabulary 4 Conservative – against change or new ideas Elaborate – made with great care; detailed Enormous – much greater than the usual Envy – feeling of jealousy Fallacy – a false idea Obsession – overly concerned with a thought Ponder – to think deeply about something Sacrifice – giving up something desirable Treacherous – dangerous Triumphant – successful or victorious

6 Vocabulary 5 Ritual – an action performed regularly Tranquil – calm; peaceful; serene Integrity – honesty; high moral character Deceptive – misleading; intending to trick Propaganda – ideas spreading to influence others Resolve – to make up one’s mind to so something Tradition – a practice or custom passed through generations Adapt – adjust, conform, make suitable Coincidence – unplanned happening of two or more events Traumatic – shocking, stressful, causing pain

7 Vocabulary 6 Innovation – something newly introduced Transform – to change in form or appearance Appalling – horrifying; shocking Preserve – to keep and protect Compassion – a feeling of sharing another’s pain Hectic – intensely active or excited, rushed Analyze – to separate something into basic parts Acclaim – to welcome with strong approval Investigate – to search or inquire into; to explore Revolutionize – to change drastically or completely

8 Vocabulary 7 Resemblance – likeness in appearance Bias – a strong feeling for or against w/o good reason Heredity – the passing of traits from parents to children Complementary –completing something Random – by chance, no clear purpose Judicious – having good judgment; wise; sensible Misconception – a mistaken idea Subtle – indirect; not obvious Consensus – general agreement ; an opinion held by most of a group Reminisce – to remember and talk about the past

9 Vocabulary 8 Collapse – to fall in or break down suddenly Conspicuous – obvious; easily noticed Detract – to take away Discriminate – to see and note the differences Endeavor – to try hard; attempt Formulate – to state definitely Integrate – to combine or unite Mimic – to copy; imitate Potential – able to happen; possible Proposition – something offered; a proposal

10 Vocabulary 9 Averse – opposed; not willing Contribution – something given or donated Evolution – slow, gradual development Extinction – doing away with completely Agile – able to move quickly, nimble Occasional – happening from time to time; Predatory – living by preying upon others Primate – monkeys and apes Shimmer – a faint gleam or shine Extensive – large in space or amount

11 Vocabulary 10 Absurd – ridiculous; silly; foolish; crazy Elation – a feeling of great joy or pride Conclude – to bring or come to an end Culture – the ideas, skills, beliefs, arts, way of life of a people Designate – to mark or point out; show; name Hesitate – to stop or hold back; not sure Legend – an untrue story passed down to others Elite – being the finest or best; superior Precious – of high price or value; priceless Sustain – to keep something going; continue; maintain

12 Vocabulary 11 Malicious – spiteful; harmful on purpose Alien – foreign, strange; from another country Appeal – to be attractive or interesting Charity – the giving of money or help Devastate – to destroy completely; ruin, ravage Distinguished – different; set apart; Engage – to take attention or time of; occupy Independent – free; self-sufficient; separate Massive – very large and heavy; huge; vast Regret – to feel sorry about

13 Vocabulary 12 Impair – to damage; weaken; harm; mar Alter – to change; modify; vary Component – an essential part; factor Concession – a favor or a right; allowance Constrict – to make smaller; compress Diminish – to lessen; reduce; decrease Ecology – scientific study of environment Foresee – to see or know ahead of time; visualize Primitive – an early stage of growth or development Sensitive – easily affected or hurt; susceptible

14 Vocabulary 13 Accommodate – to do a favor for Acknowledge – to admit or to agree something is true Desperate – being in a situation without hope Enthusiasm – great interest/excitement Exceed – to go beyond; surpass; outdo Inhabitant – a person or animal that lives in a place Intolerant – disrespectful; impatient; bigoted Myth – a legend or story that explains nature Patron – a regular customer of a store or business Contrary – conflicting; totally different; opposite; counter

15 Vocabulary 14 Confine – to hold or keep; imprison, captivity Elusive – hard to describe or understand; evasive Extinguish – to put out, do away with; douse Longevity – long duration of life; long life Persistent – refusing to give up; determined Remote – far off in place or time; distant Astound – to fill with surprise or sudden wonder; amaze Spectacular – unusual or impressive; marvelous Taunt – to insult or ridicule; mock; razz Vital – necessary to be able to live; indispensable

16 Vocabulary 15 Admiration – a feeling of great respect, esteem Apprehensive – uneasy, feeling anxious, dread Bleak – without cheer, dreary, dismal, gloomy Defiance – bold refusal to obey Fictitious – imaginary, made up, fake Passive – not joining or taking part; unengaged Phenomenon – something observed that is extraordinary Philosophy – a person’s principles or beliefs Tremendous – extraordinarily in size, amount Charisma – greatly popular, charm, appeal, magnetism

17 Vocabulary 16 Commotion – a noisy activity; confusion; clamor Emerge – to rise up or come forth; appear Crisis – a time of danger or difficulty; juncture Humane – marked by compassion, sympathy, charitable Plight – an unfavorable condition; dilemma Prevail – triumph, conquer, overcome Robust – full of health and strength, sturdy, strong Scandal – a wrong or immoral action that shocks people; defamation Tactic – a strategy for accomplishing a goal, plan, blueprint Thrive – to be successful; do well; prosper; flourish

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