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1 2 32 25262728 18192021 11 4 121314 567 333435 39404142 293031 363738 1617 242322 3 15 98 1 10

2 Question 1 The new revivalism of the early 1880s rejected the traditional Calvinist idea of what? Only a chosen few were predestined for salvation

3 Question 2 Large numbers of Irish immigrants began leaving their homeland in 1845 because why? They were fleeing famine in Ireland

4 Question 3 Elizabeth Cady Stanton shocked others in the women’s movement by proposing that they focus on what? Gaining the right to vote

5 Question 4 Manifest Destiny was the idea that God had given the continent to Americans and what else? Wanted them to settle the western lands

6 Question 5 What belief was underlying prison reform? Rehabilitating prisoners rather than just locking them up

7 Question 6 According to Mexican law, did new immigrants have to speak Spanish? No

8 Question 7 The Second Bank of the U.S. played an important role in what? Keeping the money supply of the U.S. stable

9 Question 8 Abolitionists argued that enslaved African Americans should be what? Freed immediately, without compensation to former slave holders

10 Question 9 Romanticism did not emphasize what? Society over the individual

11 Question 10 Mountain men played a vital role in western settlement because why? They carved out several east- to-west trails that helped settlers move west

12 Question 11 Under the National Colonization Act, Mexico gave 26 empresarios large grants of land in exchange for a promise to do what? Fill the land with a number of settlers

13 Question 12 In the North, how did citizens view the abolitionist movement? They held a wide range of views

14 Question 13 In 1844 presidential race, candidate promised what? Annex Texas and Oregon, and buy California from Mexico

15 Question 14 Several states in the North passed “personal liberty laws” that did what? Restricted slave recapture

16 Question 15 Who told an audience that he was a thief and a robber because he stole this head, these limbs, this body from my master, and ran off with them? Frederick Douglas

17 Question 16 Tax supported elementary schools in rural areas did not spread as quickly as in urban areas because why? Children were needed to help with planting and harvesting

18 Question 17 Why did the first pioneers become known as squatters? They settled land they did not own

19 Question 18 After winning independence from Mexico, most Texans voted for what? Annexation to the U.S.

20 Question 19 Andrew Jackson supported the spoils system because he believed what? It opened up government to more ordinary people

21 Question 20 Which other country claimed part of Oregon? Great Britain

22 Question 21 The Preemption Act of 1830 allowed squatters to do what? Buy land from the government for the minimum price of $1.25 per acre

23 Question 22 Supporters of gradualism believed that the first step in ending slavery was what? Stop new slaves from being brought into the country

24 Question 23 What was the goal of the American Colonization Society? Move African Americans to Africa

25 Question 24 How much money did the U.S. pay Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? $15 million

26 Question 25 The Bear Flag Republic came to an end when naval forces of the U.S. took possession of what? California

27 Question 26 What kind of movement was the Second Great Society? Religious revival movement

28 Question 27 What did people who formed utopian communities believe? Society corrupted human nature

29 Question 28 Supporters of James K. Polk cried “Fifty-four Forty or Fight,” which meant what? Oregon to the 54 40 north latitude line

30 Question 29 How did the Donner Party try to survive? Resorting to cannibalism

31 Question 30 Seeking religious freedom, the Mormons traveled west settling in what is now where? Utah

32 Question 31 Mexico invited Americans and other foreigners to settle in Texas because why? Mexico could not persuade its own citizens to move to the frontier

33 Question 32 Why did the Mexican government imprison Stephen Austin? Treason

34 Question 33 In 1844 presidential race, former president Martin Van Buren lost his party’s nomination because why? He did not publicly take a stand on annexation

35 Question 34 An uprising by settlers in northern CA resulted in a victory for the settlers who did what? Declared the region an independent republic

36 Question 35 Why did President Polk replace Zachary Taylor with Winfield Scott as commander of the forces in Mexico? Polk saw Taylor as a potential rival in the 1848 election

37 Question 36 What did Mexico accept as the southern border of Texas in the treaty that ended the war between Mexico and the U.S.? The Rio Grande

38 Question 37

39 Question 38

40 Question 39

41 Question 40

42 Question 41

43 Question 42

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