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Welcome R.R.H.A. from the Bryan Police Department

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1 Welcome R.R.H.A. from the Bryan Police Department
I am Officer Will Holt Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET) Master of Arts – Criminology ‘03 (SHSU) Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice ‘01 (SHSU) 7 years with Bryan Police Department Helped create NET unit in January 2008 Oversee southwest quadrant of Bryan, TX

2 Objectives Problem Solving for Repetitive Crimes
Pre-Screening & Lease Violations Use Law Enforcement at Eviction Hearings Drug Identification Smell, Visual, Components, Paraphernalia, Precursors Identifying Drug Transactions Drug Use vs. Drug Dealing Human Behaviors & Actions *Sociology – study of groups, not individuals*

3 What is N.E.T.? Specialized unit of 4 officers & 1 sergeant
Problem-Oriented Policing Community-Oriented Policing Focus on repetitive criminal issues Focus on quality of life concerns of citizens Crime Prevention using Crime Triangle

4 Crime Triangle ? 10% of Offenders = 55% of crimes
10% of Victims = 42% of victimization 10% of Locations = 60% of calls Source: U.S. Department of Justice Offender Source: U.S. Department of Justice. If we focus our effort on the 10% of habitual offenders we will have the greatest impact of reducing crime. Victim Location

5 Problem Solving Eliminate the Problem
Evict/Displace - Be your own “fix” Arrest/Imprison Positive Peer-Pressure Into Compliance Refer Problem to Proper Authority Civil Lease Violations: Managers & Owners Another Law Enforcement/Regulatory Agency HUD / Housing Authority / Health & Human Services

6 Criminal Trespass Affidavit
Ask your law enforcement (L.E.) agency to let you sign an affidavit. Gives permission for L.E. to officially warn, in writing, criminals and the like. *Powerful tool!!!

7 Pre-Screening Potential Tenants
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin Saves $$$ when turning units/interior damage Saves headaches for managers Complete the following background checks: Criminal/Warrant Credit Rental

8 Criminal Background Check
Criminals are not a protected class!!!! What is protected? gender, race, religion, age, handicap, color, national origin, etc. You can deny someone based off their arrest or criminal history. In TX, set your standards and go by them. Felonies vs. Misdemeanors Traffic ticket arrest warrants-$$ responsibility

9 Credit History Check If someone can’t pay past bills, why would you GAMBLE on them paying you!?!?!?!? Rental properties are no place for charity. You are operating a business. Criminals and Bad Neighbors Negatively Effect More than just your rental property. Two-thirds (2/3) of past and current debt should be paid off or up to date. No credit is also grounds for denial.

10 Rental Reference Check
VERIFY! VERIFY! VERIFY! You will be lied to! You have been lied to! “No rental history” or a lack of rental history is also grounds for denial. Co-signer or Guarantor Alternative People move for a reason. It’s generally good or bad. Detect which one! The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

11 Online Web Group In Bryan, we have a Yahoo Group made up of rental property owners and landlords. They communicate via one address that currently goes to 140 people. Your law enforcement agency should participate. Share information about common problems & common solutions. Share information about evictions/skips/etc.

12 Your Lease is the KEY Don’t reinvent the wheel.
Use a standard lease from the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) or the like. No hand-written leases. No leases from the do-it-yourself store! Be professional, and you will achieve professional results. “… a man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6 Verse 7 NIV

13 Rental Lease Continued…
A strong lease tailored to the advantage of the landlord/owner is a must. This leads to easy notices to vacate. Eviction Court – A standard, professional lease wins every time. If lease violations resulted from a police response, then take law enforcement with you to the eviction hearing….details!!!!

14 Drug Identification Methamphetamine – aka Meth, Speed, Crystal Meth, Ice, etc. Most addictive drug Widespread in RURAL areas Meth labs can be highly explosive. Meth labs can be contained in a car or even a large suitcase. Nothing but chemicals and pills

15 Methamphetamine Got Ammonia??? (Anhydrous)
Dealers and Makers of Meth store this in propane tanks, causing the valve to turn green and weaken. Weakened valves can cause fire ball explosions.

16 Shake ‘N Bake Meth Recipe
Also known as “One Pot” for literal reasons Requires Pseudoephedrine Pills, but not as many as older, traditional Meth recipes. Only need about ½ ounce of pills

17 Shake ‘N Bake Meth Recipe
Lithium strips from inside batteries

18 Shake ‘N Bake Meth Recipe
Solvent - Coleman fuel, HEET, camping fuel, ether, acetone

19 Shake ‘N Bake Meth Recipe
Ammonium Nitrate / Fertilizer / Cold Packs

20 SAFETY Around Meth Don’t pick up plastic bottles and examine. This can reinitiate the chemical reaction of the left over ingredients, causing an explosion or inhalation of toxic gases. A lot of the bottles, once used to mix the chemicals are just being thrown out in bar ditches or vacant lots.  Used coffee filter paper with colored residue in them. Don’t smell the filters for coffee smell . For each pound of Meth made, 5 to 6 pounds of excess toxic chemicals are produced. Where are they? 

21 Meth remnants / paraphernalia
Meth Can Be Injected by Syringes

22 Meth Pipe for Inhalation along with Methamphetamine

23 Meth Does A Body Good

24 Cocaine Packaged For Sale – Notice the Digital Scales
Large quantities of powder cocaine will emit a chemical smell without holding it to your nose!


26 Powder Cocaine – User Amount

27 Marijuana Buds – Smell of burned marijuana vs. unburned ?

28 Marijuana Plants

29 Crack-Cocaine unburned crack smells like soy beans

30 Crack-Pipes

31 Drug Addict Behaviors What is normal for you and me? Begging for money
Paranoia Physical body changes: Weight loss – Sunken Faces – Burned Fingers & Lips – Generally Unkempt – Layered Clothes Always have an emergency – SCAM Lots of loitering & soliciting

32 Drug Dealing Red Flags From A Residence
Lots of come and go traffic – few minutes People walking in and out Cars coming and going afternoons & nights Look at visitors: What do they have in common? Addicts vs. Lower-Level Dealers Tenants will try to lay low & be very private Tin-Foil on windows Tenants will be paranoid & intimidating

33 Physical Human Clues Hand-To-Hand trade offs (money for dope)
Dope for stolen property – electronic items, etc. You may not see actual drugs, but you will see actual transactions. Lots of people getting items out of trunks or unknown items wrapped up, bagged up, stored in plastic cups, styrofoam cups, etc. Do your tenants work? What keeps them busy? How do they make $$$ ?

34 Signs of Tenant Dealing From Car
Tenant or Guests will constantly be leaving residence and arriving back to home within a few minutes. May see them do same habits every time May store drugs outside apt or in vehicle Changed Door Locks / Tin-Foil on Windows Tenants will be paranoid / will intimidate Stare down other tenants/prospective tenants

35 Drug Dealing/Using & Crime
Disturbances, Assaults, Disorderly Conduct will increase on & around property Thefts & Burglary will increase Tenant complaints to you will increase Vandalism will increase Curb appeal will decrease Litter/Trash will increase Broken Windows Theory of Crime

36 “Broken Windows” & Crime Prevention
If you care, others will care. Small quality of life issues lead to large criminal issues. Broken windows  Squatters Vandalism of Vacant Units  Marijuana Smoking  Prostitution Shack  Crack House  Gang Turf / Violent Crime YOU MUST TAKE OWNERSHIP

37 Contact Information Officer Will Holt Bryan Police Department Neighborhood Enforcement Team (979) – Direct Extension (979) – Cell

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