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Humane Injustice: the existence of hate Bobby Schuster.

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1 Humane Injustice: the existence of hate Bobby Schuster

2 Humane Injustice: the existence of hate If every human could live by Booker T Washington's words, then many of the world's problems would become obsolete. Washington said, "I shall never permit myself to stoop so low as to hate any man" ( Washington speaks about a great truth. Hate has proven deadly. In fact, history is beset by it. One would think that a troubling past filled with mass killings and genocide would teach future generations how not to act. However, this notion has yet to be proven.. Hate is the root of indentations that have plagued history. From the late 15 th Century with the Spanish Inquisition, to Hitler's reign in Germany, to modern terrorist attacks; hate has been the proven force behind all cataclysmic incidents. But, hate doesn't just appear out of thin air. Humans perpetuate its existence by passing hateful beliefs onto younger generations. This is why events such as the Holocaust, and hate crimes spurred from racial differences continue to occur. Humans are the answer to the question: When will humane injustice cease? The answer is in human action. In order to rid the world of destructive action, humans must cease to demonstrate hateful behavior to others. This is true because the hate that humans, sometimes unknowingly, perpetuate leads to destructive action in a physical form.

3 The hate expressed towards the non-Aryan people during the 1930's and 1940's lead to destructive action. Millions of people were forced into concentration camps, and most did not survive to ever live freely again. Prisoners received little, if any, food and water, and the living conditions of the disease filled camps were dreadful. This inhumane treatment resulted from the Nazi's hate towards the non-Aryan people. This hate ultimately caused the deaths of close to 15 million people; and the legacy of the Holocaust has affected millions more. Humane Injustice: the existence of hate

4 Racism is a large expression of hate, and often leads to murder and other physical violence. In Art Spiegelman’s Maus on page 98 of volume 2, Vladek demonstrates racism. The irony in Vladek’s racist views is disturbing. As a Holocaust survivor, Vladek experienced first hand the effects of hate. Hate took the lives of many of Vladek’s close friends and family members. He, of all people, should understand the consequences of hating another for racial differences. After all, he was the victim of this same problem. It shows that even humans who have experienced the effects of hate first hand still demonstrate hateful behavior. Humane Injustice: the existence of hate

5 America's democratic reputation proved hypocritical when its government forced people of Japanese ancestry into internment camps during World War Two. This may seem a little familiar, since America's decision to imprison Japanese- Americans can easily be related to Hitler's decision to imprison non-Aryan people. Both decisions stemmed from hate. At the time, Americans despised Japan and the Japanese people. Pearl Harbor and the Bataan Death March hurt Japan's reputation. Many Japanese-Americans found themselves harassed and stripped of their rights. Ultimately the United States government placed people of Japanese ancestry into internment camps -- a decision that resulted from the hate of the Japanese. Similar to the Holocaust, many Japanese people died while imprisoned in an internment camp. Living conditions were also sub-par. Humane Injustice: the existence of hate

6 To this day hate remains and continues to destroy countless lives. It has been over sixty years since the Holocaust, World War Two, and Japanese Internment. Yet, similar destructive actions can still be seen. On September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked and flew two planes into the World Trade Center. This was an act of hate against the American people. The FBI reported that 7,947 hate crime incidents were reported to local authorities in 1995 ( These crimes were carried out with hateful intentions. In the mid 1990's Slobodan Milosevic committed genocide against his own people. Milosevic's mass killings resulted from hate, because some of his own people were of different cultures. When will human beings realize that so much pain and suffering can be avoided when the cycle of hate is broken? Humane Injustice: the existence of hate


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