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World Pass, Unit 7 Does Crime Pay? Key Vocabulary Review.

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1 World Pass, Unit 7 Does Crime Pay? Key Vocabulary Review

2 to put someone behind bars  To imprison  To lock someone up

3 colleague  Co-worker  Person who works with you.

4 fundamental  basic

5 get away with  To not get caught or punished in any way.

6 illegal  Not legal; against the law

7 imprison  Prisoner  Prison  imprisonment  To put someone behind bars; to put someone in jail or prison.

8 legitimate  A legitimate job  A legitimate excuse  legal; allowed; acceptable; real (not fake)

9 offense  offender (a legal term for someone who has committed a crime)  offend  An illegal act

10 outrageous  It’s outrageous that someone could…  Unbelievable; crazy

11 punish  punishment  To do something bad to someone because of something he/she did wrong.

12 a real gray area  Not ‘black and white’; having both pros and cons, good aspects and bad aspects

13 a red alert  a security alert; a warning of possible danger

14 as white as a sheet  Scared – pale due to fear

15 on the black market  bought or sold illegally

16 the black sheep of the family  A family member who doesn’t follow the accepted social or moral rules of the family.

17 pickpocket  A person who takes something out of your wallet or purse – usually without your noticing it.

18 see red  Get angry

19 abduct  Abduction  abductor  To kidnap

20 accomplice  Someone who helps a criminal

21 arson  arsonist  The crime of starting a fire that damages property

22 apprehend  to catch a criminal (by a law enforcement official, usually)

23 capture  To apprehend; to catch a criminal (by a law enforcement official, usually)  To catch an animal

24 charge  To official accuse someone of a crime

25 conduct an investigation  To investigate  An investigator  To do research to try to find a criminal

26 disorderly conduct  To do something that ‘disturbs the peace’ – that bothers other citizens

27 hold up  A hold-up  To hold up a supermarket  To hold up a convenience store  To hold up a bank  To rob – often with a gun

28 kidnap  Kidnapper  kidnapping  To abduct; to illegally capture another person

29 Law enforcement officials  To enforce the law  Police officers, security guards, or others who enforce the law

30 mastermind  The initiator or leader of a plan – often an illegal one

31 prankster  A prank  To play a prank on someone  One who does a joke or trick that bothers others

32 rob  robber (a thief)  Robbery (a crime)  To steal

33 terrorize  Terror  terrorist  To do something that causes others to feel fear

34 troublemaker  Trouble  To cause trouble  To make trouble  Someone who causes or makes trouble.  A person who does things that bother other people – similar to a ‘prankster’ – but a bit less serious

35 accident  A sudden, negative, and unintentional event.

36 incident  A neutral word for any kind of event

37 criminal  Crook – an informal word for criminal that can also refer to a dishonest person  A person who commits a crime.

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