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Telesom Group of Companies Driving Somaliland Economy.

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1 Telesom Group of Companies Driving Somaliland Economy

2 Telesom Head Quarter Hargeisa, Somaliland

3 Telesom in Summary Established in 2001 Over 1500 Shareholders A big employer over 1500 employees Covers 90% of the country First GSM Operator First Internet Service Provider First Mobile Financial Service Provider (ZAAD) First Green Energy Provider (SOMGAS) The fourth operator to invent the Mobile Money, “Zaad” Services, just after Smart (Philiphine), which stared in 2000 and Safaricom, M-Pesa (Kenya) in 2007. MTN and Zain started their MMT services in 2009, the same year.

4 Covering Somaliland with service and assistance Services provided in all major cities and towns as well as 84 villages throughout Somaliland, Over thousand kilometers of microwave links. Road Coverage State of the art Data Centers in all major cities GSMGPRS 3G (UMTS) 4G (LTE) Mobile Technology milestones and achievements

5 Microwave Infrastructure FibeAir IP AccessTrunkAggregation Long HaulShort Haul Network Management System Highly cost effective Rapidly deployed No leasing conflict Capital intensive Limited availability Sourced from competitors Fiber Wireless


7 The Largest GSM/3G Network Infrastructure in Somaliland

8 ZAAD in a nutshell Deposits and Withdrawals Bill Payments Send Money (B2B, P2B, P2P) Recharge (Family/friends or self top up services) Integration with Bank (Kaafi Service) International Money Transfer (Hawala) Key benefits 1.Economic Growth: Mobile Money encouraged business transactions. 2.Security: By converting cash carried by people to electronic money protected by password  Theft is more difficult and money movement is made easier and securer. 3.Compliant KYC systems. 4.Lowest transfer charges in the world.

9 Dara Salaam Bank

10 The Bank was established in Somaliland by the year of 2010, as Financial Institution Services. Account Services Personal (current and saving accounts) Business banking (current accounts and bank guarantees and letter of credit) Investment Services Musharaka Murabaha mudaraba Other services including: KAAFI Services (Integration between DSB & ZAAD) E-Deposit (Depositing DSB Accounts through ZAAD) E-Banking (Checking your account activity online)

11 First ATM machines ever Jawan & Soram with Kaafi

12 Established in 2009 to introduce an alternative energy. Providing Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), also known Propane gas in Somaliland. Preserving the environment by minimizing the use of charcoal and firewood. Investing heavily on GAS terminal infrastructure in Berbera. Securing a sustainable Supply Chain for a cheap GAS. Environmentally responsible alternative

13 charcoal distraction to the environment

14 Lying pipes in Berbera GAS Terminal

15 SOMGAS Terminal Tanks (Berbera)

16 GAS Terminal Construction Team Thank You

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