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Neighborhood Preservation Committee By Chief Russ Kerbow.

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1 Neighborhood Preservation Committee By Chief Russ Kerbow

2  Background  Crime Statistics  NRO/NET  Abatement Strategies

3  Background ◦ “Broken Windows” Theory – ignoring small but annoying problems can lead to larger ones. ◦ Neighborhood decline – takes from as few as 5 years for some “new” neighborhoods to begin decline  Rental Property Conversion  Infrastructure Appearance  Lack of Order  Presence of Crime  Fear of Safety

4  Crime Reporting - Background ◦ Incident Based Reporting System (IBRS) ◦ Most Reporting Electronic  Field-Based Reporting ◦ Crime Data Analysis  Crime Data Technician  Sky Watch Tower Placement  COMPSTAT Meeting ◦ Reporting Areas  Districts, Beats & Individual Reporting Areas (IRAs)


6  Neighborhood Nuisance Crimes: ◦ Burglary (Home, Auto, Sheds/Out Buildings) ◦ Criminal Mischief (Graffiti) ◦ Curfew Violations ◦ Drug Offenses ◦ Gang Activity ◦ Theft ◦ Robbery (Individual) ◦ Parking Violations (Facing Wrong Way, In Front of a Neighbor’s House, Blocking Sidewalk, In Front Yard)

7 Loud Noise  Ordinance amended and passed by Council on February 1, 2010  Amendments include: ◦ Defines ‘clearly audible’ while re-defining ‘daytime’ and ‘nighttime’ hours. ◦ Clearly audible shall mean sound that can be heard without the assistance of any device. ◦ Daytime redefined to 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday while extending hours on Friday and Saturday evening to 11:00 pm. A similar change to the definition of nighttime mirrors the definition change in daytime hours. ◦ Sections are reorganized to facilitate easier understanding of the ordinance and includes that violations of the article are indisputable; it also introduces the “reasonable and prudent” adult person standard for offensive acts along with creating a 100 foot distance from the noise source. ◦ Exempts city-operated or city sponsored events and athletic events conducted by LISD while authorizing council to grant variances to any noise restriction set forth in the article. ◦ Note: Loud or Barking Dogs are covered under a separate ordinance and are not governed by this ordinance.  Disorderly Conduct, 42.01 Texas Penal Code (makes unreasonable noise in a public place or in or near a private residence that he has no right to occupy) ◦ Presumed unreasonable if noise exceeds 85 decibels after being warned by a magistrate or peace officer.


9 Highlands Neighborhood (North of FM 407 – West of Garden Ridge)



12 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 04211 Burglary of Habitation 71510 5 Burglary of Vehicle 10 93417 Criminal Mischief 2536183319 City Ordinance Violation 9544543723 Drug Offense 11441 Robbery 00202 Theft 1742352324 T otal CFS for Area 15515213414292 Highlands Neighborhood

13 Fox Avenue to Bellaire Blvd-Old Orchard Ln to Valley Pkwy



16 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 20222 Burglary of Habitation 1719172423 Burglary of Vehicle 1519143227 Criminal Mischief 4267726037 City Ordinance Violation 12674546246 Drug Offense 69111214 Robbery 00011 Theft 2437263928 Total CFS for Area 232225196232178 Fox Ave to Bellaire Blvd – Old Orchard Ln to Valley Pkwy

17 Main Street to Fox Avenue-Valley Pkwy to Edmonds Lane



20 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 79201513 Burglary of Habitation 2021181938 Burglary of Vehicle 7659516852 Criminal Mischief 1001161249348 City Ordinance Violation 18312611012852 Drug Offense 4032312931 Robbery 26436 Theft 118121131152116 Total CFS for Area 546490489507356 Main Street to Fox Avenue – Valley Parkway to Edmonds Lane

21 North of Lake Park Road – East of Interstate 35E



24 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 39565 Burglary of Habitation 1920172220 Burglary of Vehicle 4245193449 Criminal Mischief 3463524828 City Ordinance Violation 8982638452 Drug Offense 1012151310 Robbery 03232 Theft 5852487269 Total CFS for Area 255286221282235 North of Lake Park Road – East of Interstate 35E

25 North of Main Street to Valley Ridge Blvd – Interstate 35E to Mill Street



28 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 2216121415 Burglary of Habitation 131561115 Burglary of Vehicle 1816101817 Criminal Mischief 4853353933 City Ordinance Violation 9948514926 Drug Offense 1089116 Robbery 51210 Theft 6759536340 Total CFS for Area 282216178206152 North of Main St to Valley Ridge Blvd – I35E to Mill St

29 Indian Oaks Neighborhood (Old Orchard Ln to Valley Pkwy – Corporate Dr to Round Grove Rd)



32 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 06220 Burglary of Habitation 10698 Burglary of Vehicle 13692027 Criminal Mischief 3220382318 City Ordinance Violation 3742381623 Drug Offense 13154 Robbery 00010 Theft 1612161824 Total CFS for Area 1099511393106 Indian Oaks Neighborhood (Old Orchard Ln to Valley Pkwy – Corporate Dr to Round Grove Rd. )

33 Castle Hills Area



36 20052006200720082009 Burglary of Building 297117 Burglary of Habitation 252221 27 Burglary of Vehicle 17113025 Criminal Mischief 3039464136 City Ordinance Violation 1387116 Drug Offense 68272 Robbery 00000 Theft 3945433830 Total CFS for Area 132142156154133 Castle Hills Area

37 Total Calls for Service per Year* 20052006200720082009 # of Calls95959420875791668238 *Calls for Service totals are for Complaint Types listed in tables on previous slides only 20052006200720082009 Highlands Neighborhood - North of FM 407 - West of Garden Ridge 15515213414292 Fox Ave to Bellaire Blvd - Old Orchard Ln to Valley Pkwy 232225196232178 Main St to Fox Ave - Valley Pkwy to Edmonds Ln 546490489507356 North of Lake Park Rd - East of Interstate 35E 255286221282235 N of Main St to Valley Ridge Blvd - Interstate 35 E to Mill St 282216178206152 Indian Oaks Neighborhood - Old Orchard Lane to Valley Pkwy - Corporate Dr to Round Grove Rd 1099511393106 Castle Hills Area 132142156154133 Total Calls for Service to Selected Areas 17111606148716161252

38  GANGS ◦ Who Are Gang Members?  Individuals who meet criteria set up in Chapter 61. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure  A Gang Intelligence database may be shared with others in criminal justice provided it meets the criteria set forth in statute (a provision of Texas statutes requires this database following Federal guidelines found in 28 CFR Section 23.1).

39  Gang Unit ◦ 2 Officers Assigned Full Time ◦ Gather Intelligence for Database  Must comply with state law ◦ “We’re All Gang Officers” mentality & “Zero Tolerance”

40 Gang Name1 st Qtr2 nd Qtr3 rd Qtr4 th Qtr South Side/SUR138193103121 North Side 1452616775 Bloods161720 Crips24252830 Gangsta Disciple1111 Vice Lord3333 Mara Salvatrucha (MS13)2222 Puro Tango Blast/PTB0011 Total Gang Members179202224253

41  Neighborhood Resource Officer Program (NRO) ◦ Four NRO Officers, each assigned to one of the Four Patrol Districts  Assignment includes working with neighbors to solve time-consuming issues or problems ◦ 2005-06 Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) Project ◦ Work closely with Code Enforcement dealing with nuisances & Quality of Life Issues

42  Available Intervention Strategies ◦ Traditional Law Enforcement  Can include creative solutions such as electronic or “eyes on” surveillance, bike/foot patrol, trash runs, etc. ◦ NRO Program ◦ “Close Patrol” for specific problems/locations ◦ Lawsuit to abate common and public nuisances, Ch.125 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code & 101.70 Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code  Particularly useful for gang abatement and can be applied to all types of property

43  Intervention Strategies – Future Consideration ◦ Project Days – concentrated effort for set time period ◦ Chronic Nuisance Ordinance  Creates an intermediary step prior to using the State’s nuisance abatement process  Typically triggers at 3 to 4 police responses to an address for an eligible offense ◦ Code Enforcement & NRO Combined (City of Irving)  Includes some cross training of staff ◦ Citizens on Patrol/Crime Watch Board Volunteers  Employ more “eyes and ears” in our neighborhoods ◦ Youth Programs  Identify “at risk” youths and involve them in after school activities (CISNT/Operation Peace of Mind)

44  Questions?

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