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2010/2011 NetIS™ Presentation The Complete ePublishing Platform Designed for the 21 st Century.

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1 2010/2011 NetIS™ Presentation The Complete ePublishing Platform Designed for the 21 st Century

2 2 Brief Introduction An integrated e-publishing platform that focuses on: Effective and secure distribution of content Sales of premium and sensitive content Sophisticated and sales oriented DRM module Advanced content management Enabling a broad range of distribution, and sales scenarios Powerful proprietary search engine NetIS™

3 3 Main Modules Content management SecurityE-CommerceDistributionMonitoring Import content Manage content Full text search User groups / individuals Login / password IP addresses / IP range(s) Identify computer (single sign on) Control concurrent usage AuthenticationDRM Permissions User authorization Protect content Record usage Customers Permissions Product catalog Online store Web applications Mobiles devices CD / DVD RSS channels SEO Event log Purchases Dashboard Reports 12345 Convergence of five technologies: Digital Rights Management (DRM) Web Content Management (WCM) E-commerce Tools Search and Navigation SEO 6 Unified API

4 Apply DRM profiles and your business rules to the PDFs. Access control include expiration, concurrent-usage limitations, copying, saving and printing restrictions. Integrate seamlessly with your firewall, workflows and web based application. Digital Rights Management (Back Office)

5 Upload content into the system and manage it. Add metadata to documents. Manage content history and versions. Apply DRM to content (single documents or a group of documents) Content Management (Back Office)

6 Marketing Management (Back Office) Add and modify users account Grant or deny access to documents View reports on users activities Search users database

7 7 Concurrent usage monitoring Customer activities Product/Customer slicing Online up to date audit information Sales statistics And more… Auditing, Reporting and Monitoring (Back Office) Royalties Management

8 8 API Integration End User Search, RSS, SEO E-commerce Print, Export, Mail merge … COM and.NET APIWeb Services CRM, Content, Sales Administration CustomersData MetadataE-com DRM Authentication, Authorization Retrieve documents Enforce permissions … Monitoring, Reporting,... API Services SQL & File system API API LayersSystem Modules Billing E-com RSS …

9 9 User Authentication (Front End) User name/Password IP range(s) and Networks Concurrent Users. Software PC lock Hardware lock: USB plugs Non-Authenticated guests (with limited secured rights) Frequent re-authentication

10 10 Print Save Screen Capture Copy and Paste DRM: Digital Rights Management (Front End) Full control over users activity Prevent or Allow:

11 11 Restricted Access Limited Preview time Usage counters DRM: Advanced Access Control (Front End) Cumulative Volume Cumulative Time Granular DRM Read-only format Absolute flexibility Offline protection

12 Sophisticated Full Text and Fielded search Pinpoint navigation & highlighting. Fast, Robust &Ingenious TOC; Wordlists and Thesauruses; Zoom in/out. Search, Retrieval and smart Pre-Process (Front End) Open API for integration with external solutions, such as Geographical layers. Smart pre-processing and Cross-links.

13 13 Preview time and Teasers Flexible Products in E-shop – Time based (Cumulative) Volume based (Cumulative) Counter based (Times) Usage based Context based External billing support Instant granting of rights eCommerce (Front End) Real time Monitoring and Auditing of usage Real time Anti-theft monitoring

14 14 The only platform that seamlessly integrates all the essential modules and features for the secure distribution of premium and sensitive content In Conclusion We would be happy to arrange a web conference tour of our platform – please click herehere

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