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Titan Marine International Maritime Security Services Catalog (800) 779-0332

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2 Titan Marine International Maritime Security Services Catalog (800) 779-0332

3 Introduction: Titan Marine(TM) is a privately held, independent company providing integrated risk based security solutions and services to the international maritime industry. TM is a premier security integrator comprised of experienced and highly credentialed personnel. Our Team Includes: Experienced Former Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEALs) Research and Educational Consultants Marine Safety Specialists Security Infrastructure Intrusion Experts IT/Software Specialists (800) 779-0332

4 Security Services: Since 9/11, the demand for heightened security on our national and international waterways has been intense. TM was created to meet this need. Our comprehensive solutions are varied and flexible. Examples include protecting the physical security of your ship or port facility, system testing (mock intrusion teams), and integration of the latest technologies. We provide: Port and Ship Security Assessments & Audits ISPS/MTSA Compliance Training Criminal and Port Incident Investigation Safe Passage Comprehensive Security Integration (800) 779-0332

5 I.Port and Ship Security Assessments and Audits Our surveillance teams will discreetly document day-to-day activities to insure your personnel comply with the facility or ship security plan. This type of assessment can identify special problems to the site like criminal activity, negligence on the job, unsafe operations, and improper use of facilities. Our surveillance teams can be brought in to seek out specific or broad-spectrum issues. We use state-of-the-art risk management software to identify security vulnerabilities, threats, and consequences. (800) 779-0332

6 II.ISPS/MTSA Compliance Training TMO provides security training for your Ship or Port Facility Security Officers. Based on our assessment, we will help develop your Ship or Port Facility Security Plans. We will help prepare your ship or facility for USCG or other government entity inspections. TMO provides highly experienced and credentialed instructors for all IMO/MTSA courses. (800) 779-0332

7 III.Criminal and Port Incident Investigation Our investigators can be called upon to provide external examination of all criminal issues. We will focus on protecting your assets and interests from theft, importation of illegal drugs or other contraband, human trafficking, and stowaways. TMO will provide stop-loss training programs, employee screening, and random drug testing. (800) 779-0332

8 IV.Safe Passage Our TEST (To Ensure Safe Transit) program provides comprehensive anti-piracy protection for your high valued assets. Our ride-along counter-measure teams, comprised of former Navy Special Warfare Operators, provide the highest level of protection when transiting in unsafe waters. SERE (Survive, Escape, Resist, Evade) is a trademarked TM hostage self-rescue training service. When working in dangerous environments, your personnel deserve the very best training available. (800) 779-0332

9 V.Comprehensive Security Integration TMO teams with the very best intrusion protection experts in the world. Our state-of-the-art security technology includes high resolution, sonar equipped unmanned submersible systems; biometric security measures for access to sensitive ship and facility areas (TWIC); and intelligent video systems. Our comprehensive and fully integrated services provide a level of layered security that is unequaled in the industry. (800) 779-0332


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