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Andy Rowland Head of Propositions BT Global Services January 2010 IRSE Seminar - Fibre Acoustic Monitoring.

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1 Andy Rowland Head of Propositions BT Global Services January 2010 IRSE Seminar - Fibre Acoustic Monitoring

2 Business Applications Copper Cable Theft Train Tracking TOA for Level Crossings Bridge Collision Warning Proof of Attendance Points Monitoring Flat Wheel Detection Damage to networks Integrity Monitoring

3 Distributed Acoustic Sensing using Fibre Coherent Light Coherent Phase-Modulated Light Stress Force Caused by Acoustic Wave Strain

4 The fibre is the sensor Standard multi- or single-mode optical fibre 1m pulse of light Backscattered light provides measurement point every 1m T 9,999 T 9,998 T 9,997 T 9,996 T 9,995 T 1 T 2 T 3 T 4 ………. Measurements all along a 10km fibre = 10,000 sensors!! How the Fibre Sensor Works

5 Classification of Sounds Detect event exceeds threshold Use Geo-Fence to exclude legitimate activity Use algorithms to classify sounds – based on self organizing neural networks, also known as Kohonen Maps. Examples of classification: Trains Cable handling Lifting of lids Walking on track ballast

6 Evolution of Fibre Sensing Lid On Tap Van Horn Resilience Test with Jet Engine Lid Off Initial Tests with UK Water Company BT Engineers Tracing Fibre Underground

7 Initial Testing with Rail Commuter train leaving on welded rail approaching viaduct crossing the viaduct, then crossing points. Sound file of express train possibly crossing a point or rail gap. 1.6m 20m If train speed is ≈144km/hr or 40m/sec then the following distances apply Train length is 8 carriages + engine 12m 182m 1.5m over 50km

8 Initial Implementation for Rail – Copper Cable Theft Major Operational delays as a result of stolen Infrastructure Increased delay minutes Millions of Pounds lost by replacement of stolen Copper Cable Punitive penalties relating to operational delays Substantive resource tied up in preventative operations Safety implications both passengers and trackside

9 CCT Deployment for Major European Rail Operator BT intranet Control Room Staff

10 BT detected and logged CCT activity on 5th Sep 21.46. Alarm raised. Theft preparation activity detected 6-Sept at 21.57. Alarm raised. Theft preparation activity detected 7-Sept at 21.57. Alarm raised. Theft activity events detected 8-Sept 04:30. Large number of events logged between 4:30 and 6:30. Cable cut event 6:34. Client detected signal and power failure at 6:40 BT detected cable being removed from site till 7:04 direction of travel away from level crossing Last theft activity detected at 7.21. Client onsite activity detected commencing at 08:40. Client called BTP at 8:55 to report theft. Client & BTP activity logged until 10:40.onsite CCT Portal View

11 Collaborative Innovation – Level Crossing Monitoring Visibility of trains actual positions, speed and direction to signal box staff independently of signalling system infrastructure Countdown predictions in real-time of The ‘Time Of Arrival’ (TOA) at User Worker Crossing (UWC) Timing gaps between trains arriving User Worker Crossing (UWC) Categorize train movement predictions by train type Express, local, freight Detection of stopped trains location Categorize train arrivals based on route Categorize train arrivals based service identity and timetable information

12 Track Tracking and Level Crossing Monitoring Distance Time Speed Meters Seconds Change in speed = acceleration Cable reel 12.75-13.00 Direction – to sensor Direction- from Sensor Level Crossing T1 T2 T3 T5 T4 ToA 4 ToA 3 ToA 5 ToA 2 Sensor

13 Key Differentiators Technology We use two world class sensing technologies Competitors can provide specific elements only BT can provide an end to end solution BT can provide 11 different sensor technologies, to help eliminate false positives World class GIS mapping to provide accurate location of problem Highly developed classification software to identify accurately incidents Protected by multiple Patents Credibility & Experience BT has one of the biggest fibre network in the world as part of it’s 21CN programme We have the only deployment working in a hostile trackside environment, covering 24 sensors and 504km. Our current rail customer is sufficiently pleased with the solution that we are now being pressed to add additional applications.

14 Offices worldwide Telecommunications services described are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc's respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2010 Thank you

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