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Ted Polensky Director of Loss Prevention BODDIE-NOELL ENTERPRISES.

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1 Ted Polensky Director of Loss Prevention BODDIE-NOELL ENTERPRISES

2 Pre-Employment Screening
“Screening Out the Problem”

3 12,000 PEOPLE 370 LOCATIONS 5 STATES Multiple Concepts

4 Recognizing the Importance Selecting Quality Candidates
Hiring Challenges Selecting Quality Candidates High Cost of Turnover

5 Our Past Basic Recruitment Face-to-Face interviews
Pre-Employment Assessment TeleScreen Reference Checks Background Checks (Criminal/Credit) & Drug Test Management only Our Past

6 New Direction 2006 Recognized Need for Change
Hiring of Full-time recruiter Strategic Markets Criminal Background Test All Hires FT & PT 5 Restaurants New Direction

7 Where are we today? Two Fulltime Recruiters
Telephonic / Web-Based Interview Enhance Training for GMs on Face-to-Face Interviews Retail Theft Contributory Database Criminal Background Checks for all Positions


9 Telephonic Web-based Interview
TeleScreen 91 Questions Focused on: BNE Values Customers Service Attitudes Theft Drugs Telephonic Web-based Interview


11 Esteem Retail Theft Database Retail Theft Contributory Database
Became Subscriber 2011 Database for Admitted Theft Incident involves theft of merchandise, cash, company or personal property valued at $5 or more Person who committed theft is 16 or older Signed admission of guilt Must contribute to participate Real time Retail Theft Database

12 3% Hit rate


14 Criminal Background Checks
2007 Began Checks for all positions Progressive model Stages More Extensive for Management Including MVR Check Adjudication Model Convictions Only Eligible, Ineligible, Decisional All Decisionals Scored by Dir of LP Criminal Background Checks

15 Process is a “Living” Document
April 2012 EEOC issued new Enforcement Guidelines No Opportunity for Public Input/Discussion Main Concern - Disparate Impact Must Consider: Nature & Gravity of Offense The Time since the Offense The Nature of the Job Sought

16 Individualized Assessment
Notification Pre-Adverse Action Letter Opportunity to Explain Relevant Individualized Evidence Facts/Circumstances Similar Job Held Post conviction Rehabilitation Efforts

17 Criminal Background Test video PLACEHOLDER

18 turnover Results CREW 2009 99% 2010 92% 2011 89% Annualized for 2012
86% turnover CREW

19 turnover Results GENERAL MANAGER 2009 12% 2010 7% 2011 10%
Annualized for 2012 turnover GENERAL MANAGER

20 Cost of Turnover 2006 “People Report” Unit Level Managers $19,028
Unit Level Hourly $2,228 Cost of Turnover

21 Results 2009 1.14% 2010 1.01% 2011 .97% YTD for 2012 .76% GAP

22 increases Results SALES 2009 1.1% 2010 3.4% 2011 5.0% YTD for 2012
5.6% increases SALES


24 Administrative Assistant
prevention LOSS TED POLENSKY CURT WAINWRIGHT DIRECTOR MANAGER Holly Kea Administrative Assistant

25 Questions?

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