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An Infrastructure Proposal for – Ministry of Transport, Govt. of India Suvransu Basu Aug 20, 2014.

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1 An Infrastructure Proposal for – Ministry of Transport, Govt. of India Suvransu Basu Aug 20, 2014

2 Contents Objective Problem Statement Problems faced by citizens of India Proposed Solution Benefits of proposed solution

3 Objective To ensure that all Commercial and Private vehicles pay Road Tax once for lifetime during the purchase to obtain – Right to drive the vehicle across all the states in India Single Registration Number across all the states in India

4 Problem Statement Isn’t it possible to abolish the state specific Regional Transport Office (RTO) Model and establish a Central Vehicle Registration Database to save citizens from harassment and unnecessary expenditure?

5 Today’s Problems Vehicle Registration, particularly Transfer of Vehicles from one state to another is a messy affair in India Registration Charges of a new vehicle and Road TAX varies from state to state People end up paying state specific Road TAX twice or thrice for the same vehicle, depending on number of movements Due to excessive Road Tax applied on old vehicle, most people avoid paying the Road Tax Results in loss to exchequer Calculation of Road Tax for old vehicles is flawed In most cases the tax is based on some fictitious price that doesn’t even match with the depreciated value of insurer Citizens are unnecessarily harassed while transferring or re- registering vehicles Need to bribe touts or officials to get the things done

6 Proposed Solution The Proposed Solution is based on building a Central Database for Vehicle Registration Numbers This will connect the existing State RTO databases Will register both Commercial and Private vehicle Will implement One-India, One Registration fee and One Road- TAX Will implement One-India, One Registration Number Will connect all the vehicle manufacturing companies with the network Will provide connectivity to intelligence agencies for easier tracking of vehicles Ensure Single Window system for vehicle registration and transfer across the country Ensure easier tracking across the country in case of theft

7 Solution Implementation State1_RTO1 State2_RTO1 State3_RTO1State4_RTO1State n _RTO1 NVRS Db MARUTI Db Hyundai Db State1_PoliceIntelligence Agency Phase - I Phase - IIIPhase - II

8 System Implementation Phases The Implementation of NVRS can be done in three Phases: Phase I – Integration of existing State Specific RTO offices with the Cloud-based NVRS database Phase II – Integration with Automobile Manufacturers’ database Helps aggregation of Vehicle details in terms of Engine/Chasis number, Vehicle Make and Model, dealer details against each vehicle – reducing unnecessary, duplicate paperwork Phase III – Integration with the State Ploice Departments and other National Intelligence Agencies to aid tracking of missing/theft vehicle In addition at the later stage the suppliers of Vehicle Registration Number Plate can also be integrated for Auto Registration number generation

9 Benefits of NVRS Uniform Registration Charge and Road Tax across the country Connectivity with State RTO ensures the revenues earned by registering a vehicle can be part of the State’s revenue Plug revenue leakage – ensures registration sales Abolish vehicle transfer charges With changing times more people are purchasing cars and more car owners are moving around the country for jobs – why should one end up paying road tax multiple times at an exorbitant rate? End-to-End connectivity for tracking of vehicles Effective tracking and enhancement of national security

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