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Managing PO operating environment Guidelines 1.5.1.

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1 Managing PO operating environment Guidelines 1.5.1

2 DMSL and MDW 1.5.2

3 DMSL Due mail and sorting list shows – The due mail lists of receipt and despatch of bags Indicating the hours of receipt and despatch – Letter mail sorting list – Registered and parcel mail sorting list Prepared in form M-9 The mails branch is guided by the Due mail list in preparing the mail bags and receipt thereof DMSL should be kept up to date – changes required to be communicated immediately to supplying authority for corrections 1.5.3

4 Discussion Study the sample DMSL given Discuss the role of PO in preparation of mail list correctly with reference to due mail list Discuss the sorting pattern in view of the changes brought in by L1 and L2 concept 1.5.4

5 MDW Memo of distribution of work – Prepared for offices with more than one assistant – Shows The designation of officials employed in each branch Hours of attendance Duties assigned Postmaster prepares and the Divisional head approves Should be kept in prominent place and brought to the notice of concerned Distribution should be strictly adhered to In computerised offices, the tasks to be performed on computers should also be incorporated Should be kept up to date; – whenever changes are required, revised memorandum to be submitted for approval 1.5.5

6 Group exercise Working in groups draft the MDW for a LSG computerised office – Group 1 – prepare the MDW for the Point of sale counter including IMTS, epayment(one counter only) – Group 2 – Prepare the MDW for the Sanchay Post counter(1 counter) – Group 3 – MDW for Delivery branch using Postman module and eMO – Group 4 – MDW for sub accounts and treasury branch – Group 5 – MDW for the supervisor(Postmaster) indicating supervisor’s role in all module 1.5.6

7 Stock register 1.5.7

8 General Head of the office is personally responsible for correct maintenance of stock General stock maintained in form SK 1 Stock book of forms, books and petty articles maintained in form SK 1(b) (except passbooks – separate register prescribed) Stock books should be updated with all the events – Receipt of stock whether supplied by PSD or otherwise or through local purchase – Retirement Indents for articles of stock to be made in SK2 and countersigned by Divisional office 1.5.8

9 Materials required Forms and publications General stationeries and uniforms Stamps and seals Postal stationery and Postage stamps 1.5.9

10 Supply Supply of forms to POs is standardised based on the status on a six monthly schedule Automatic supply is made on the basis of this by PSDs Supplementary indents can be made when required For general stores indents can be sent by POs Uniforms – PSD works out and supplies with reference to information received from POs Stamps and seals – PSD Aligarh supplies based on indents Postal stamps and stationery – CSD supplies to HOs based on weekly indents; HOs supply to SOs 1.5.10

11 Storage Materials procured to be stored safely First in first out method to be followed for supply Protection against theft to be ensured through proper locking and custody as prescribed Protection against fire to be ensured through fire prevention systems Unserviceable items to be destroyed by fire in the presence of SP/SSP at the time of inspection 1.5.11

12 Stock of computers and peripherals History sheet to be maintained in the form prescribed Stock of all computers, equipment and peripherals should be maintained and history sheet available for each; History sheet to be updated with all events Up to date list of all the equipments to be available 1.5.12

13 Discussion Study the history sheet of computers and peripherals given Discuss the issues involved in correct maintenance of stock Faculty will facilitate the discussion and moderate 1.5.13

14 Establishment review 1.5.14

15 Periodical review of estt Periodical review is carried out at prescribed intervals as below to assess worload – All GPOs/HOs/MDGs – Every year – All types of SOs – Every 3 years – Branch offices – Every 3 years Statistics is maintained on the working of various branches Submitted to DO in prescribed proforma (EST- 2) 1.5.15

16 EST 6(a) Drawn up in connection with proposals for – Opening, retention, permanency and closure of experimental Post Offices – Revision of establishment of BOs, EDSOs and Class III SOs – Upgrading branch offices – Increase cost of mail lines that affect branch offices only For assessing the income of a non delivery Post office 1.5.16

17 Exercise on compilation of data Attempt exercise with given data 1.5.17

18 Discussion on EST-2 Obtain the proforma of EST-2 from instructor and study the same Each group has to present the process and care to be taken in collecting statistics of various branches – Group 1 – Ordinary mail – Group 2 – Registered and speed post – Group 3 – Money orders – Group 4 – Savings branch – Group 5 - Treasury 1.5.18

19 Action in case of loss/theft 1.5.19

20 Case where required Burglary/theft/Loss in Post office – Cases of break open overnight or otherwise – Immediate complaint(FIR) to be lodged with jurisdictional police – Also to be reported to the divisional head at once – Staff not to enter the office or touch any article at the scene of crime till police investigation commences – Full co-operation with Police 1.5.20

21 Action to be taken Quantify loss of cash and stamps and charge to UCP in day’s account Trace if loss of certificates/IPOs are lost and report to investigating IP/ASP for further action Secure the records (stock book, invoice through which received and other relevant materials) Get all the locks replaced and repair doors, if required Loss of date stamps, oblong stamps or round MO stamps to be reported 1.5.21

22 Exercise Draft a police complaint to report instance of theft of the PO on the night of 10/02/2014 at Model PO with following inputs – The PO is a LSG quartered SO in account with Training HO – SPM is staying in the quarters but on 10/02/14 he had gone to his native with permission – Theft noticed at 0700 hours on 11/02 by SPM when he came to open office – The cash chest is opened and valuables stolen – Inventory preparation after initial investigation by Police shows loss of cash of Rs. 30000/-; No other items are lost – Imagine other facts 1.5.22

23 Discipline functions 1.5.23

24 Involves Identifying the lapses prima facie Need for prosecution Need for suspension Disciplinary action 1.5.24

25 Need for prosecution This will be examined by the divisional head 1.5.25

26 Initial investigation Based on vigilance of fraud or loss or theft Assess the loss based on the vigilance or complaint received Identify the person/s responsible, if possible Collect the relevant material exhibits immediately and preserve in safe custody Submit immediate report to the head of the division 1.5.26

27 Disciplinary action Disciplinary proceedings on Government servants to award penalties listed in Rule 11 of CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965 Penalties classified into minor and major penalties Appropriate disciplinary authority to initiate proceedings Proceedings under Rule 16 of CCS(CCA) Rules, 1965 for minor penalties Proceedings under Rule 14 ibid for major penalties 1.5.27

28 Safeguard under constitution Article 311 of constitution of India requires that – No dismissal or removal by an authority lower than the appointing authority – No dismissal or removal or reduction without giving reasonable opportunity – …..subject to certain exceptions 1.5.28

29 Thank you 1.5.29

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