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Red Rock Job Corps. Center

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1 Red Rock Job Corps. Center
Erick Miranda-SGA Executive President Joe Bland-SGA Executive Vice President Henry Hercules-SGA Executive Secretary Rich Payne-SGA Executive Treasurer Chancellor Johnson-SGA Executive Chief Justice Tamara West-SGA Executive Sergeant at Arms Giovanino Gioppetro-SGA Executive Assistant Introducing your center and team.

2 There is a lot of theft occurring on center.
Express your concern in a clear statement.

3 Together we can prevent theft on center!
Theft is a matter of personal accountability, as well as being employable. Reword your concern as a challenge or goal, and why this is important to accomplish.

4 Steps to Accomplish Task
Theft Prevention Steps to Accomplish Task Person Responsible Due Date Talk to Center Director about taking action on our concern. Erick Miranda April 23, 2014 Talk to Center Standards Initiative Officer (CSIO) about disciplinary action that can be taken. Chancellor Johnson To be announced. Form an independent focus group to advertise presentation and recruit help Joe Bland & Giovanino Gioppetro Present presentation Student Government Association Focus Group List your solutions here. What is the task, who is responsible to fulfill this task and what is the due date for completion of the task. Use additional pages if needed to include all tasks and/or persons responsible.

5 There is a lot of theft occurring on center.
In Conclusion There is a lot of theft occurring on center. During the SGA Executive term, the Student Government Association (SGA) at Red Rock Job Corps. Center will prevent theft in our community by complying to center standards, demonstrating what can be done to stop theft and how to respond to it. This will provide a better student body for Red Rock Job Corps. Center.

6 How will we know we have accomplished our goal?
We will know that our plan has worked by recording stolen goods and comparing it to past records

7 Thank You! We appreciate your understanding of this issue that affects every Job Corps Center around the country. We hope that this action can be used to influence others as well.

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