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Identity Theft By: Nakeisha Barnett Thursday 2-3:15 3/4/06.

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1 Identity Theft By: Nakeisha Barnett Thursday 2-3:15 3/4/06

2 What is identity theft? Identity theft is when a person gathers personal information to assume the identity of another person for illicit reasons.

3 Phising Phishing is another form of identity theft. What is Phishing? –When an e-mail is sent to a user that claims to be a legitimate enterprise in order to trick the user into giving up important information that will be used in identity theft.

4 Why Is It Done? An individual’s identity is stolen in order for the criminal to: –Get credit cards. –Steal money from the victim’s account. –Rent an apartment. –Apply for loans. –Obtain a job with the victim’s identity. –File for bankruptcy.

5 How Is It Done? The criminal obtains the victim’s social security number, birth date, address, or phone number. Then the criminal uses a false driver’s license with their picture and victim’s information to begin their crime. –T–The criminal tends to claim they moved and provide their own address

6 Where Can Criminal Get Information? From your doctor or dentist accountant or lawyer school place of work health insurance carrier incorrect disposal of personal information found in the trash.

7 What Happens to the Victim of Identity Theft? They get little help from the authorities who informed them of their condition The police don’t investigate such crimes There is emotional scarring They sustain abuse from collection agencies It takes them a long time to clean up their credit Some victims report ineffective help from banks, CRAs, and credit grantors

8 Some Preventative Methods Get a locked mailbox or a post office box Do not place social security number on checks or credit card receipts ***Don’t put social security number on the net*** ***Monitor all bank statements from every credit card every month*** Shred all important information and pre- approved credit card applications Obtain photo id on credit and business

9 What to do If You Become A Victim Contact the Federal Trade Commission Local Postal inspection service Social Security administration Internal Revenue Service Three companies that can help –Equifax –Experian –Trans Union

10 Two Examples of Id Theft In 2005 an anonymous victim found out that someone was renting out his house to tenants from his realtor while he was away from the United States for 4 years. Linda Foley’s identity was stolen by her employer Bari Nessel who used her identity to purchase credit cards and advertisements from a firm she currently worked for.

11 Sources /fraud/idtheft.html

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