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Hello everybody, my name is Diane Elshout,. I am part of the TRIP module,

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1 Hello everybody, my name is Diane Elshout,

2 I am part of the TRIP module,

3 My research question has been: “How do you keep yourself together”

4 I came to this question through my fascination with Identity Theft

5 and more specific with an Identity Theft Protection Kit


7 Identity theft concernes the loss of citizinship, bank and social security numbers

8 and internet-identities.

9 It is a crime that has become serious business.

10 It affects in America alone: 13.3 persons per minute,

11 799 per hour, 19,178 per day

12 creating on a years basis: 9.3 million Victims:

13 $52.6 billion of loss to businesses

14 $5 billions of loss to individual victims

15 297 million hours spent by victims resolving their problems

16 It is a fast developing crime as we see on this chart, showing the victims world wide.


18 Breaking them down in to age groups like shown on this statistic.


20 The information of this statistic has been provided by the company Identity Theft 9 11.

21 How does a victim of identity theft look like?



24 And these are some famous identity theft cases:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt  Steven Spielberg  Barry Bonds  Ted Turner  Mayor Michael Bloomberg  Robert De Niro  Will Smith

25 And this is how the criminals look like.


27 The 'Bonnie and Clyde' of identity theft:

28 Jocelyn Kirsch, 22, and Edward Anderton, 25.

29 Living the high life on stolen cash...


31 I will now give a short overview of the companies that provide the identity survival kits




35 The identity theft protection kits that are offered,

36 depart form the fact that there is one identity that can be stolen from you.

37 As a result this one and only identity can be protected with a fit all protection kit.



40 As if the identity is that coherent,

41 as if your identity and the reality you function in can be controlled

42 I could conclude that these companies are dealing with identity theft in a modernist way

43 Modernism is “an expression of confidence that humankind can learn to understand, and then master,

44 nature and natural forces, that we can grasp the nature of the universe,

45 and even shape our individual destinies and the future of the world.”

46 But this view on life we have left behind us.

47 As we see in the painting “Suiside by modernism”


49 Nowadays a person's sense of identity is a composite …

50 constructed by the forces of and the interaction with the surrounding culture.

51 This post modernistic view, in stark contrast to modernism,

52 is about the dissolving of the self.

53 “We should not think of ourselves as unique, unified, self- conscious, autonomous persons”.

54 If we apply this knowledge to an identity survival kit,

55 we come to a much more confusing point of departure.

56 If my identity changes per minute, contact and circumstance

57 what can I hold together?

58 And how can I create an identity theft tool kit with this notion?

59 If anybody that knows me, it is me!

60 I am my own expert about my daily identity!

61 I am the one that tries to keep myself together,

62 whatever that may be and however this may look like!

63 So, before I go on,

64 just to get it right,

65 I want to have a brief look at my post modern self with

66 my body


68 that is made up of 100 trillion cells


70 my fluids


72 my intelectual capacities


74 my spirit


76 my social interaction


78 my culture


80 and my history


82 this all makes up ME me, myself and my identity.


84 We are not as stable as we thought


86 In the 21 century, our identity is fluid


88 Fluid Identity “ a concept that identity is not rigid, but can and does change”.

89 As we see in our existence on this planet

90 and in our digital worlds.

91 We worked with the idea of multiple entrances of our fluid identity with our sub group.

92 in order to construct an Identity Theft Tool Kit.

93 And they came up with


95 Cloning themselves

96 and

97 cloning others


99 and


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