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FDIC Money Smart Elaine M. Hunter Community Affairs Specialist

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1 FDIC Money Smart Elaine M. Hunter Community Affairs Specialist
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

2 Money Smart Money Smart is FDIC’s Financial Education Curriculum, developed in 2001 Over 2.75 million people reached Over 1,600 Organizations are Members of the Money Smart Alliance First curriculum developed for adults 2

3 Money Smart Curricula Adults Young Adults Elementary School Students
Young People Older Americans Small Business School

4 Money Smart Adults Modules
Module 2: Borrowing Basics Module 3: Check it Out Module 4: Money Matters Module 5: Pay Yourself First Module 6: Keep it Safe Module 1: Bank on It

5 Money Smart Adult Modules
Loan to Own Module 7: To Your Credit Module 10: Your Own Home Module 8: Charge it Right Module 11: Financial Recovery

6 MS Adult Instructor-Led Curriculum
Available in: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Haitian-Creole, Hmong & Russian Version for the Visually Impaired available

7 Money Smart for Young Adults
Targeted towards Teens &Young Adults, ages , Grades 7-12, first & second years of college Aligned with educational standards for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and the Virgin Islands, as well as Jump$tart financial education standards and National Council on Economic Education economic education standards Instructor-led and computer-based available 7

8 Money Smart for Young Adults
Bank On It Check It Out Setting Financial Goals Pay Yourself First Borrowing Basics Charge It Right Paying for College and Cars A Roof Over Your Head 8

9 Money Smart for Elementary Students
For ages 5 – 8 Instructor guides & participant guides (coloring activities) Available via download at

10 Money Smart for Elementary Students
Activity 1: Needs versus Wants Activity 2: My Spending Plan Activity 3: Savings Goal Activity 4: Savings Tips Activity 5: Grow Your Money Activity 6: Race to the Bank Maze Activity 7:: Money Smart Posters Money Smart Posters

11 Money Smart for Young People
FDIC is developing a new instructor-led Money Smart Curriculum series: Grades Pre-K - second grade (pre-pilot currently available) Educators’ and Parents’/Caregivers’ guides, teacher presentation slides and student handouts Available via download Available in early 2015 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9 -12

12 Money Smart for Small Business
In partnership with the Small Business Administration (SBA), the FDIC developed Money Smart curriculum for small businesses Purpose: to provide business owners or entrepreneurs considering establishing a small business with a basic understanding of the financial aspects of running a small business Instructor-led 12

13 Money Smart for Older Americans
Introduced in June 2013 in partnership with the CFPB Designed to raise awareness among older adults and their caregivers on how to prevent, identify and respond to elder financial exploitation, plan in advance for a secure financial future, and make informed financial decisions. PowerPoint slides, instructor guides & participant guides Available via download at

14 Common Types of Elder Financial Exploitation
Power of attorney or fiduciary abuse Abuse by caregivers and in-home helpers Investment fraud Lottery and sweepstakes scams Telephone scams Activity 1: Telephone Scams Identity Theft How to avoid identity theft What to do if you think you may be a victim Activity 2: Identity Theft Self-Check Medical Identity Theft What it is How to avoid it What to do if you are a victim Planning for Unexpected Life Events Preparing for possible future health problems Direct deposit of Social Security benefits How to Be Financially Prepared for Disasters What to have ready What to keep and where to keep it Activity 3: How Financially Prepared Are You? Scams that Target Homeowners Reverse mortgage proceeds fraud Contractor fraud and home improvement scams Mortgage assistance relief scams Scams Targeting Veterans Pension benefits filing scams Lump-sum payment for future benefits

15 Money Smart for Small Business Modules
Record Keeping Financial Management Prepare for common business financing needs, like start-up financing, working capital, & fixed asset loans Banking Services Credit Reporting Tax Planning & Reporting Time Management 15

16 Money Smart for Small Business Modules (con’t)
Insurance Selling a Small Business & Succession Planning Types of Organizations for Small Business & Their Advantages, Disadvantages and Other Impact on the Finances of Small Businesses

17 Money Smart for Small Business Instructors
Should have experience in the delivery of training, technical assistance or coaching to small businesses.  The FDIC recognizes select organizations that deliver the Money Smart for Small Business curriculum through the Money Smart Alliance Program. Potential Alliance Partners should be able to conduct and market the training in their community, provide follow-up training, referrals, or technical support to graduates of this training. Formal partner agreement with FDIC.

18 Money Smart Website

19 Commonality of all Money Smart Curricula
Instructor Guides (for modules & general guide) Participant Guides Icons and Prompts PowerPoint Presentations Evaluation Surveys Interactive Scenarios 20 19

20 Money Smart is Unique Easy to Teach Easy to Learn Flexible
Targeted to Cash Consumer Universal Appeal No Copyrights Multiple Media Multiple Languages FDIC Seal of Approval Free!!!


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