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Scrap Metal Recycling: Theft, Facilities & the Law Walter Blackburn President Arkansas Recyclers Association.

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1 Scrap Metal Recycling: Theft, Facilities & the Law Walter Blackburn President Arkansas Recyclers Association

2 What material is being targeted by all scrap metal thieves?

3 Metal Property Theft Thieves target everything that can be stolen. Items that we commonly get theft calls include:

4 Click to edit the outline text format Second Outline Level  Third Outline Level Fourth Outline Level  Fifth Outline Level  Sixth Outline Level  Seventh Outline Level  Eighth Outline Level Ninth Outline LevelClick to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level Tougher Laws on Recycling Facilities All Arkansas Recyclers must: Record name of seller. Date material acquired. Physical address where acquired. Affirmation that seller is legal owner. Affirmation that seller is not a thief. Seller has permission to sell material. Maintain accurate sales records. Records must include: Transaction time/date stamp. Copy of sellers state issued ID. Seller’s thumbprint. Description of material purchased. Weight / quantity of material. Amount paid for material. License plate of seller’s vehicle. Time/Date stamped photographs must include: Photo of seller Photo of material Name of person purchasing material. Digital copy of thumbprint. Digital copy of identification. Recycler must file a daily electronic record of all purchases. Records shall be accessible to all law enforcement. All records shall be kept for one year. Recyclers can not purchase material from a minor (under 18 years old).

5 Metal Theft Continues…. Despite new laws being pushed through EVERY legislative session. WHY?

6 Map of Ark-lahoma Region

7 Area Recyclers as of 01/01/1994

8 Area Recyclers as of 01/01/2004

9 Area Recyclers as of 01/01/2014

10 The green dots represent compliant and legal recyclers. The red dots are recyclers that are not compliant / legal recyclers according to AR/OK state laws.

11 There are approximately 385 “Scrap Metal Recyclers” in Arkansas. Less than 50 are legal and compliant businesses.

12 2013 Legislative Session The Arkansas Recyclers Association worked diligently with state representatives to find real solutions to theft problems in our state. We encouraged law makers to pursue these illegal facilities across our state and demand legal compliance or be shut down.

13 New Laws Effective August 2013 Metal theft is now a felony subject to 5 years in prison. This also includes theft by receiving of stolen material. Additional time related to property damage. Up to $1,000 fine per violation for improper records and possible Class A misdemeanor. Improper records can result in Class D felony for business. Person convicted of theft is banned for life from selling scrap metals.

14 New Laws Effective August 2013 A license is required for all recyclers to be issued by the county sheriff. License fee is $250.00 and may be renewed annually for $25.00. In order to be issued a license the recycler must provide proof of the following:  A fixed physical location with full permanent utilities:  Water, Sewer, Electricity and Gas (if applicable).  A storm water permit (SWPPP) issued by the ADEQ.  The full ability to comply with online reporting. License may be suspended or revoked by a court if at any time the recycler fails to comply with requirements.

15 One year after new laws passed shutting down illegal recyclers…

16 Remember this map…

17 One year later it looks like this…

18 So What the Heck is going on?

19 Enforcement of the law is the complete responsibility of… LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES

20 So what can we do ourselves to help fight metal theft?

21 You can take the time to find out who you are doing business with. You can ask for permits, certificates and references. You can ask the Arkansas Recyclers Association for information. You can encourage local law enforcement to shut down these illegal facilities.

22 Please help the ARA fight metal theft. Thank you for your help and KEEP RECYCLING!

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