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NC DMV License and Theft Bureau

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1 NC DMV License and Theft Bureau

2 NC DMV License and Theft Bureau
Oldest State Law Enforcement Agency originating in 1921. Its mission is to enforce all State and Federal laws that regulate motor vehicle operations, sales, inspection maintenance and auto theft, and to conduct investigations that prevent frauds, impositions, and other abuses upon the citizens of North Carolina.

3 License and Theft Fraud Lab

4 Lab Workstation

5 Identity Verification

6 Identity Management

7 Search

8 Jimmy’s Transformation into Carmen
Age 21 Age 22 Age 24

9 Identity Verification

10 How it works Much the same as working with fingerprints
Fingerprints are unique, and so are facial measurements “Automated fingerprint identification system” for faces In a manner similar to the comparison of a fingerprint card to a repository of fingerprint cards, FR is an “automated fingerprint identification system for faces.”

11 Enrollment Process FR Value Facial Recognition JPG, GIF, etc. Database
FR Value

12 Details of FR technology…
Computer software uses biometrics to define distinguishable landmarks of the face Facial landmarks are measured and assigned a numerical value that represents the “face print” Distance between eyes Width of nose Depth of eye sockets Shape of cheek bones Location of chin Length of the jaw line

13 Image Quality Surveillance Lighting Sharpness Pose Enrolled Images

14 Other Problem Examples

15 Points of Emphasis Facial recognition is sensitive to environmental conditions (focus, lighting, picture background) Requires human interaction to identify a match An investigative tool, not a means of definitive identification Properly used, can help solve cases (including missing persons cases) and save lives

16 41 Different Identities

17 Victim of Identity Theft Mrs. Tyson

18 Jean Malinowski AKA Mrs. Tyson

19 Comparison Mrs. Tyson Mrs. Malinowski

20 Reason for new identity

21 Identity Confirmation

22 Search Results

23 Counterfeit License

24 Captured Image

25 Results

26 Captured Burlington Police had attempted to cash a counterfeit check with an unknown suspect using a counterfeit North Carolina Driver’s License.

27 Video Images

28 Image Capture

29 Results

30 Results Continued ctive with the Salisbury Police Department contacted the License and Theft Bureau Fraud Lab with the above surveillance video screen shot. The suspect in the above photos had gone to a local department store with a stolen credit card and used it to purchase several items. The photos were imported into facial recognition system. By the identification of this suspect the police were able to arrest an organized group of criminals engaged in fraud among other activities.

31 Social Media

32 Results

33 Results Continued

34 Identification of the unknown

35 Enrollment

36 Results

37 Zahra Baker

38 Interview Elisa Baker

39 Elisa Baker or Dawn Church

40 Results

41 America’s Most Wanted Fugitive - Jack Allen Poteat

42 Comparison Deputy Cannon Jack Poteat

43 America’s Most Wanted Fugitive - Poteat Florida DL 2000
In August of 2008, Poteat’s driver’s license photo was discovered in the State of Florida… under the alias Dwayne Phillip Cannon. While not a direct result of a Facial Recognition Probe, his alias was discovered through the Facial Recognition Fugitive Project. Florida DL 2000 Florida DL 2006

44 Photo Progression – AMW Fugitive Capture 1142 – Jack Allen Poteat
Jack Allen Poteat aka Dwayne Phillip Cannon FLDL 2000 Jack Allen Poteat aka Dwayne Phillip Cannon FLDL 2006 Jack Allen Poteat NCDL 1998 As a result of being a featured fugitive on America’s Most Wanted on January 22, 2011, 39 Tips were received in the first 48 hours. Two of those tips put Poteat, living under the alias Jonmarc Phillips, in the State of Texas. On January 25th, following a car chase and crash, Poteat was captured attempting to flee from the residence of his in-laws. Tipsters, with a 100 “level of surety”, told the FBI that the fugitive looked exactly like his Florida Driver’s License photo. Jack Allen Poteat aka Dwayne Phillip Cannon aka Jonmarc Phillips Hospital Photo January 28, 2011 Jack Allen Poteat aka Dwayne Phillip Cannon aka Jonmarc Phillips Post Crash Photo January 25, 2011

45 Captured

46 Federal Fugitive Corrales

47 Corales Facial Recognition Results

48 Corrales Continued

49 Captured

50 Contact information for ID/Fraud Unit Inter-State only Local Fax DCI Terminal: DME or ORI: NCDMV0000

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