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2 WHAT IS RURAL CRIME? Any crime that affects those living, working or visiting rural areas of Nottinghamshire Including:- Burglary of farms, homes and business premises Theft of machinery, vehicles, heating oil, metal, diesel and pesticides Theft of livestock Illegal waste sites and dumping Drug dealing and cannabis cultivation Heritage Crime including Theft from churches and damage to graveyards and monuments Wildlife Crime including Poaching, Hare-coursing and cruelty to animals. Arson or criminal damage to fences and crops

PREPARE Force Leads identified Meeting structure in place Partnership working is being strengthened - Multi agency delivery plan Devise internal framework to measure, manage and monitor rural crimes and intelligence both Home Office recordable and non crimes Increase awareness through media campaigns both internally and externally PREVENT Linking in with National ACPO lead and being part of the East Midlands Wildlife Working Group Recruitment of 10 rural crime special constables is underway with training programme agreed Increase community intelligence submissions Pocket guides developed for front line staff as officers don’t routinely received training in rural crimes Improved joint working with other rural crime enforcement bodies PROTECT Ensure effective target hardening Embed multi agency processes Strengthen support to victims working with partners Improved confidence in reporting PURSUE Develop specialist support in the Force Disrupt criminal activity Identify specialist CPS support within the region Target asset recovery

4 LOCAL INITIATIVES Rural crime Working group Property marking scheme
Yearly Rural Crime Conference Recruitment of Rural Specials Rural Crime/Wildlife Crime training days for Officers and staff Rural Crime survey – improvement in Communications Nott's Police external Rural Crime web page Internal Web page for all staff including training documents, law guides and links to other agencies. Communication Strategy – raising awareness of Rural Crime issues, Crime prevention advice, good news stories.

5 OPERATION JACOBEAN Cross Border liaison with surrounding Force areas Organised Burglaries and thefts in Rural locations Sharing Intelligence and tactics Maximising prevention and detection Serious and Organised Crime Impact Rurally Significant disruption of offending in rural communities Use of Asset Recovery Legislation

6 Police rural crime clampdown sees offenders jailed for 85 years
An operation clamping down on cross-county criminals has netted 85 years in total prison sentences in just a year. A team of Notts Police officers and staff working on Operation Jacobean has seen its work result in nearly 20 criminals being locked up. With support from neighbouring forces the team has been targeting offenders travelling across Notts and the surrounding area to commit burglaries, robberies and thefts. DCI Caroline Racher, who oversaw Operation Jacobean, said: “Initially we began focusing on burglaries in Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood, reviewing patterns in the way the break-ins happened, locations and times. “It soon followed that other offences were happening that bordered the area and we liaised with other forces to ensure intelligence was quickly acted upon. “Offenders don’t care about county borders, or who their victims are – they just act to benefit from whatever they can. “Op Jacobean has meant that we have been able to send some of these people to prison for a long time, preventing them from committing offences in several counties. “Those thinking of coming to Nottinghamshire to commit crime should think again. We will be looking to piece together your movements and will use the necessary resources to ensure you can’t simply do what you want whenever you want to, commit crime and expect to be caught and put before the courts.”

7 NATIONAL INITIATIVES National Rural Crime Conference April 2015 – Bringing a host of Police Forces and organisations from around the country together National Wildlife Unit Regional Wildlife/Countryside approach to be hosted by Nottinghamshire Police April 2015 National Rural Crime Network soon to be launched.

8 THE FUTURE ANPR -Expanding the network to cover rural communities Rural Crime Specials Delivering The Future - Neighbourhood Offer Preventative Approach- Nottingham University Rural Crime Survey Results Better Understanding of issues through informed analysis. Improved Local Information & signposting National Best Practice.

9 THE FUTURE Delivering an excellent public service and the financial implications….
Over the next comprehensive spending review (CSR) period ( ) we expect a funding shortfall of over £30m (16% reduction in funding)… …….by delivering the new policing model and effective financial management, we will deliver a balanced budget over this period ( ) £211.7m £193.8m (£17.9m) £30.4m £181.3m Expected Cost Increase Funding Gap addressed by the new operating model Today it costs £193.8m to deliver a service If everything stays the same, and adding inflation, the cost to provide the same service would be £211.7m by 2020 However we anticipate funding over the same time period to reduce to £181.3m, Therefore leaving a £30.4m gap. The new policing model will deliver an improved quality of service as well as addressing the funding gap


11 First point of contact Staff fully trained in the use of the National Decision Making Model to effectively resolve calls swiftly Contact Resolution Incident Management (CRIM) is a new way of working in the control room. Response teams focusing on responding to emergencies and high priority calls More than 30% of all crime will be dealt with by trained investigators over the telephone. Reduce demand on front line officers and staff by resolving calls at first point of contact Telephone Investigators can call upon other resources to assist with investigations Working with key partners to establish a “Multi Agency Hub” Based on the experience of other forces; 80,000 callers will receive a swifter and more effective service.

12 Investigations What matters to a victim of crime is how we treat them as an individual, keep them updated on the progress of an investigation and support them throughout the inquiry and court process. We are modernising the way in which we work. We will have a mix of specialist staff and officers in investigation teams such as statement takers, civilian investigators, case builders, telephone liaison officers and office support. These roles will conduct the investigations allowing more officers to be in the community following active lines of enquiry.

13 Delivering the future of your local policing
Visible policing in a one team approach with partners i.e. environmental health, licensing, DVLA, housing, Trading Standards Advice and support 24 hours a day by website, e-portal, phone, , local officer, social media You will see and hear about prevention work in partnership You will see more volunteers working with the police in your local area and have the opportunity to get involved yourself Your area will have a named officer Reassurance that highly skilled officers and specialist teams are dealing with serious crime to keep you safe You can visit a police station front counter, a Shared Service front counter or use e-portal

14 Special Constabulary RURAL Special Constable Proactive RURAL team
2 teams 1 x County Division& 1 x City Division Review RURAL crime / intelligence patterns Provide bespoke. Engagement, reassurance, problem solving and enforcement interventions RURAL Special Constable Deployed into key RUAL & OPEN SPACE locations Dedicated officers Building RURAL community contacts, identifying local issues and coordinating accessible resources to resolve those issues.



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