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By Miguel Torres, Security Programs Manager

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1 By Miguel Torres, Security Programs Manager
DeCA Security 101 By Miguel Torres, Security Programs Manager

2 What we will cover Authority for DeCA’s Security Program
Source of Authority Crime Threats Terrorism Threats Security Basics Issue Hunt


4 Authority to Create a Security Program
DoD , Defense Commissary Agency Established the DeCA as a DoD Agency Delegated authority to the DeCA Director to: Designate Position Sensitivity for each position within the Agency; and Promulgate the necessary security regulations for the protection of property and places under the jurisdiction of the Director, DeCA

FORCE PROTECTION LOSS PREVENTION ADMINISTRATIVE SECURITY Antiterrorism (AT) AT Construction Criteria AT Planning AT Training and Exercises AT Resource Application AT Program Reviews Force Protection Condition Measures Risk Management Traveler Security Counter Intelligence (CI) Collect & Analyze Threat Information Disseminate Threat Information Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Infrastructure & Asset Identification Infrastructure & Asset Prioritization CIP Threat Dissemination Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) CBRNE Awareness Training Sheltering Plan Food Security/Food Defense Crime Prevention Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Fraud Prevention Identity Theft Prevention Personal Crime Prevention Physical Security Access Control Bomb Threat Management Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Key, Lock & Seal Control Security Lighting Retail Security Antirobbery Procedures Counterfeit Currency Employee Theft Funds Protection Internal Controls Shoplifting Procedures Information Security Access & Dissemination Accountability Classification Management Disposal & Destruction of Classified Emergency Planning Information Security Training Safekeeping & Storage Security Deviations & Compromise Transmission of Classified Material Operations Security (OPSEC) Essential Elements of Critical Information Personnel Security Background Investigations Continual Monitorship Program Contractor Adjudications Foreign Travel Briefings Security Clearances Security Education & Motivation Training MISCELLANIOUS DeCA Interest Reports (DIReps) Contractor Verification System (CVS)

6 Why do you kneed to know security?
As a Store Director, you are responsible for your store! It protects your people (patrons, employees, etc.)! It protects your inventory! It protects your store’s reputation! It instills confidence in your customers (improves sales)! It protects you from personal liability!

7 Crime Threats WORKPLACE VIOLENCE Vandalism Murder Arson Kidnapping
Rape Assault Product Tampering Vandalism Arson Harassment (Verbal, Stalking, etc.)

8 Crime Threats Theft (Includes Burglary and Robbery) Merchandise Funds
Equipment Supplies Information Identity Time


10 “There is no better terrorist target than a DoD Dependent School, Exchange or Commissary . . .”
BGen. James Dozier November 3, 1983

11 Commissary Vulnerabilities
Robberies, burglaries, product diversions and van hijackings to help finance terrorist operations. (NPA, Philippines 1975 – 1989) Assassination and kidnapping of senior officers or their spouses that may be shopping or otherwise present within a commissary. Random acts of violence such as drive-by shootings and bombings aimed at disrupting the quality of life, inciting fear and publicity. (Ankara Turkey; Ramstein AB, Germany)

12 Commissary Vulnerabilities, Cont.
Intentional contamination of food products with chemical or biological agents. Use of DeCA bound delivery vehicles, shipping containers or other transportation/ shipping mediums to smuggle contraband, weapons, or explosives across international boundaries or onto military installations. (CDC delivery, Turkish Boarder, 1993)

13 Commissary Vulnerabilities, Cont.
As collateral damage resulting from an attack or event on a host installation. Use of DeCA affiliation to gain sponsorship onto otherwise secure military installations for nefarious activities (to commit espionage, crime, terrorism, etc).


15 Mitigating Threats Anticipate the threat. Plan for the threat.
Construct/Renovate for the threat. Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings Train/Exercise for the threat.

16 Physical Security Basics
PURPOSE.  Physical security is primarily directed at the prevention of losses resulting from forced or unauthorized entry. The degree of protection required varies depending upon location, structural design of the facility, value of commissary resources, and periods when the premises are unmanned or unguarded.

17 “Security-in-Depth”

18 Fort Anywhere

19 Off Base “Civilian” Police

20 Fence line

21 Gate Guards

22 Law Enforcement/MP Patrols

23 Security Patrols

24 Military Working Dogs

25 With All that Security, Why Do We Have Losses?

26 The Insider Threat


28 Personnel Security Program

29 Personnel Security Program
Because you never quite know who your going to get!

30 DeCA Security Programs
Personnel Security Your first opportunity to protect your accountability from employee theft! If they stole at their last employer, what makes you think they won’t steal from you??

31 Background Investigations
National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) MINIMUM investigation for ALL Civil Service Employees working within DoD. Criminal History Check FBI Fingerprint Check Credit Check Reference/Former Employer/Education Checks

32 ~85% of all losses are due to theft
~48% is cased by employees and other store workers ~33% is caused by shoplifters

33 According to the National Crime Prevention Institute:
10% of store workers & patrons will never steal regardless of the temptation. $

34 10% of employees and patrons will steal without regard for the security controls in place.

35 The key to good security is knowing that:
80% of store workers & patrons will not steal from you unless: They think they wont get caught. They rationalize that “DeCA owes them.” They “need” the money/merchandise. They feel they’re being treated unfairly. They perceive “Everyone's doing it.”

36 How does theft happen? Lax internal controls.
Feeling of “It can’t happen to me!” Bypassing internal controls for “convenience.” Theft is a crime of opportunity!

37 DeCA Physical Security Programs Include
Shoplifting Prevention Security Lighting Physical Security Access Control Anti-Robbery CCTV Funds Protection Internal Security Key & Lock Control Commissary

38 Physical Security Accessible Openings Access Control
Protective Lighting Opening and Closing Procedures Vendor Stocker Control Vendor Control Visitor Control Contractor Control Key, Lock and Seal Control Cargo Vehicles

39 ACCESSIBLE OPENINGS.  An accessible opening is any window, door, vent, etc., which could be used to gain entry into a facility.

40 Physical Security Element Access Control Problems Identified
Doors left open and unmonitored Badges not used/controlled Badges not secured ID’s issued to unauthorized Persons Alarmed door IDS warning signs not used

41 External Entrance Doors
Intent – All entrance/exit to a Commissary Facility is monitored and controlled. After hours, Commissary Employee MUST authorize/monitor entry/exit of ALL! Double-Cylinder Locking Device Panic Hardware on designated fire exits Intrusion Detection System

42 Panic Hardware

43 Element Problems Identified
Internal Security Problems Identified Personal Property Backup storage area Processing areas Food & drink not controlled Grazing Sweethearting Spot-checks

44 Physical Security Element Key & Lock Control Problems Identified
Keys passed from person to person Keys left in locks Supervisors key left unsecured Padlocks left with hasp open Security hardware easily removed with wrench or screwdriver

45 Some strategies to reduce losses
Keep high pilferage items in “Sensitive Storage.” Keep the backup storage are “clean.” Locate high pilferage items in the store in an area in which they can be “seen.” Look for vulnerabilities. Understand why people steal. Spot check receivers. Be concerned.

46 Issue Hunt


48 Sensitive Storage Area
Sales Floor


50 Twist on key rings defeats purpose of Electronic Key boxes


52 Pin Number Entry Easily Compromised


54 Keys left unsecured in door






















76 Call me or any of our security specialist if you need help!

77 Contact Information Miguel Torres Cell Phone Fax DSN DeCA WEST Security Back Up Staff Mr. Tony Taylor Office Mr. James Grant Office

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