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Churchwardens Workshop November 2012. Chancel Repair Liability.

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1 Churchwardens Workshop November 2012

2 Chancel Repair Liability

3 Don’t Panic

4 But do act And act now as CRL must be registered by October 2013

5 Might there be a person or a body with CRL? No – No action Needed Yes – who?

6 How to find out DIY Hire of professional

7 You do not need to register CRL in all cases

8 Provided the PCC acts responsibly there is no need for concern.

9 Fees

10 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 Insurance Matters Churchwardens Workshop November 2012 Presented by Martin Barnard Insurance Consultant and Surveyor

11 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 11 Agenda Basis of settlement Overview of the insurance policy Discounts and options available General issues

12 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 12 Basis of settlement Buildings  Pre 1920 – repair and restoration  Post 1920 – reinstatement Contents  New for old

13 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 13 Buildings – repair and restoration

14 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 14 Cover Fire Storm Flood Malicious damage Accidental Damage Theft Earthquake

15 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 15 Cover continued Employers Liability at £10,000,000 – paid employees and volunteers Public and Products Liability at £7,500,000 – includes Church Trustee Indemnity Cover

16 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 16 Cover Continued Loss of money Personal Accident Legal Expenses

17 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 17 Exclusions - theft from unlocked outbuildings - general wear, tear and maintenance - theft of external metal when scaffolding is erected - theft of external metal is covered for £5000 any one period of insurance for the theft plus £5000 for any subsequent damage ie water ingress

18 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 18 Discounts  Protecting all stained glass  Fire alarm  Intruder alarm  If roof protected by an alarm theft of external metal cover is £10,000

19 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 19 Insurance Options Excess – higher excess means cheaper premium Level sum insured – no average clause means various levels of cover can be arranged – 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% Payment can be made via a one off payment or by an interest free payment plan spread over 12 months

20 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 20 General Issues No insurance implications if churches are left open during day Churches should be locked at night – if open during the night there is an additional charge SmartWater must be used and registered with signs on display to comply with policy condition Electrical installation must be inspected once every 5 years Fire extinguishers present and serviced annually.

21 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 21  Lightning conductors need to be tested at least once every 2 ½ years  Photographic records of the church features should be kept  Safe keys need to be kept off site  Health and Safety arrangements in place to include Risk Assessments  Consider risk assessments for lone working  Tower Tours – need to inform Ecclesiastical General Issues

22 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 22 General Issues  Theft of lead still a concern – lead sheets, flashings are taken as well as copper lightning conductor ribbons  Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out and documented in line with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety 2005) Order  Asbestos assessment must be carried out

23 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 23 Further Guidance local Insurance Consultant and Surveyor – currently carrying out resurvey programme Guidance Notes – Fire, Security, Church Functions and Health and Safety Church Matters website –

24 © Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc 2007 24 If you need any help or support or think we can help, please do contact us – our advice is free Call 0845 777 3322 Email Martin Barnard - Call: 07771 913230 Email: Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc. (EIO) Reg. No. 24869. Ecclesiastical Insurance Group plc. (EIG) Reg. No. 1718196. Ecclesiastical Life Ltd. (ELL) Reg. No. 243111. Ecclesiastical Group Asset Management Ltd. (EGAM) Reg. No. 2170213. Allchurches Investment Management Services Ltd. (AIMS) Reg. No. 2170173. Allchurches Mortgage Company Ltd. (AMC) Reg. No. 1974218. All companies are registered in England at Beaufort House, Brunswick Road, Gloucester GL1 1JZ UK. Tel: 01452 528533. EIO, ELL, EGAM & AIMS are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are members of the Financial Ombudsman Service. EIO & ELL are members of the Association of British Insurers and AIMS is a member of the Investment Management Association. Ecclesiastical Financial Advisory Services Ltd.. Reg. No. 2046087. A member of Ecclesiastical Insurance Group of companies and the Financial Ombudsman Service. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

25 A Review of the Diocesan Context

26 Good Things 315 Parishes 131 Stipendiary Parish Clergy 77 NSM Clergy 18 House for Duty 20 Chaplains 184 Readers 50 Ministry Teams Wardens,, Eucharistic Ministers, Open the Book……

27 Good Things 2149 Baptisms 1018 Weddings 2800 Funerals 53,000 Christmas Attendance 26,000 Easter Attendance

28 Good Things And on an Average Sunday 12,953 Adults and 1,768 Children in Church

29 Sharing the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ with people in and around Gloucestershire

30 Challenging Things Buildings Money People

31 Money

32 Over the past 50 years funding parish clergy has changed completely: 1960s2010s

33 Structural Deficit for the last 4 years of £800,000

34 What are we doing Cutting central costs £315,00 in 2013 and a further £200,000 in 2014/5

35 2013: 6 5 If Parish Share does not increase: 2014: 8 12 “Support”Priests 2015: 10 16

36 Total Voluntary Income to PCCs Gloucester 2006:£9.1m (PS; 57%) Gloucester 2010: £12.1m (PS; 46%) If Parish Share had increased the same as voluntary giving to parishes it would have been £6.9m National Context

37 We can make the future different

38 Effective Ministry in Every Parish Canon Andrew Braddock Diocesan Missioner

39 Changing Patterns of Ministry

40 How many multi-parish benefices are there? Churches perNumber of such multi-parish beneficebenefices in the diocese 122 215 320 411 512 68 73 89

41 How do we sustain the parish as a basic unit of mission and ministry?

42 Continue to grow the ministry of all Enable incumbents to provide strategic leadership and oversight Develop the role of ‘local ministers’ as a focus for the life of the local church

43 What is the role of a ‘local minister’? Working in collaboration with the incumbent and with local teams, a local minister will be: A recognised focus for the life of the local church An enabler of the whole church’s engagement with the wider community

44 What qualities would a local minister have? Local ministers will be: People of prayer Encouragers of others Community gatherers Mission-minded

45 Who might be a local minister? A self-supporting priest, or someone offering for this ministry A Reader, or someone offering for Reader ministry A retired priest People offering as part of a local representative team A church warden

46 What support will be given? Work with benefices in identifying ministry needs and opportunities Training for incumbents and local ministers adapted to local needs Support for nurturing gifts and vocations in the life of the whole church

47 Effective Ministry in Every Parish Working together to renew the mission and ministry of the local church

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